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Tomorrow is a big day. It’s Have Fun at Work Day! Now, maybe you’re saying, “Hey, I have fun every day.” :) Even so, tomorrow’s your chance to make work extra entertaining. To make sure you don’t miss it, set a reminder by tapping the mic on the Google Search App ( and saying, “Set a reminder to go out for a team lunch tomorrow” or “Set a reminder to tinfoil Alex’s desk tonight.” (If you’re not sure what tinfoiling is all about, ask Google: “Show me pictures of tinfoiled desks.” It’s a long and proud tradition.) We’re planning on having our team meeting tomorrow...on a bike. The possibilities are endless. Have fun! 
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wow - what an awesome bicycle!
Osman Syt
I would have more fun if I work at Google. 
Michael L
Can you please tell my boss.
Quite interesting
.thx for sharing with us truelove(google+)
It's my dream to work at google one day I have some great design ideas for software and android phones
Európsky týždeň mobility  this is our prime minister and his people in government on that bike. 
but he is going to be president. i wonder if bear grylls can show us some survival tricks, or we will die in that fking country :D 
Why is google not celebrating Mozart's bday?
We have bigger versions in Portland Or. I call them drunk wagons,  because they haul the drunks  from bar to bar
this just in:  your boss doesnt care if its have fun at work day, so dont do anything irrational in the name of fun.
Cool! Are you guys hiring? :D
BTW, is that a septacycle? #ingress 
Jenny B
My name is Ms. Google
Life is obviously good at google, maybe they can spread a little love back to the small businesses! :-)
Reminds me of the beer bike in NYC.
Nice, haven't scene a conference bike in years...
Wait, what beer bike in NYC? I thought they only had those in Germany 
Conference bicycle. There's one in Seattle.
Google's definition of fun is more extreme then ours. To us, they have Fun every day. To them, it's just another day.
I wish I worked at Google, then maybe I could " have fun at work day" too 😭
Why are you making 5 person bikes instead of fixing hangouts?
Yeah!!! -50 wind chill for Wisconsin!!!! Work will be so much fun!!! (I'm being sarcastic)
My dream is to work at Google as a Doctor! Anyone else who lovs to work at Google?
bevy :3
wow where can i get that
Hey,  It’s Have Fun at Work Day!   I have as much enthusiasm for that as I do for watching a bunch of winter sports right now. 
google you are crazy awesome, enjoy  hahahahaha :)
nice bi/tricycle , Enhance teamwork :) very good idea
yeah I can dig that make sense wish was Friday, and be like a3 day weekend + you get paid for one!!
The latest on the autonomous vehicle development, oh wait!
They have definitely fun what I see here, if the rest people having fun at work this is the good questions... 
Why does everyone seem to assume the whole world works in an office ?
 Where I work 'having fun' is termed horseplay and is a sackable offence. So I'll wait till I get home and have fun with my girlfriend !
Logan O
check out my channel called bethany hook
Amr O
It's enough to get a chair at Google ... it's most entertainment for a computer geek.
Nothing like having fun with friends.
Hey,I saw a red bike in hawaii cool
Gurita de la tine iubirea mea
 viu forsa e que n falta ne so querover na subina  cera que tei freio
.. weid invention.. all directions motor force on human making as bike.. but.. where the noce and where the tail?.. where does it goes to?..
El mejor imbento entre amigos y pasiando
If that's a democracy your all in trouble.
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