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Books have arrived to +Google Play in Italy. You can choose from thousands of Italian titles, including bestsellers and free classic novels. Get started at and don't forget to follow +Google Italia for ongoing news from Google in Italy.
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Any roadmap for other countries? Especially Poland ;-)
When will it come to Vietnam?
You're late to the game, Google.
If you allow users to access their currently-owned eBooks, they'll be that much more willing to make the jump to Play Books.
Greece too! The whole world is thirsty for a complete G Play! :)
Does anyone know whether I can use an eBook reader (e.g. Sony) to read downloaded ebooks from Google even if they are DRM protected?
So is Books fixed now?
Had to roll back to the 'original' version on my Galaxy S2 ICS due to force close issues ...
Austria still miss Google music. Fu**ing GEMA and EMI
Make it available in Singapore as well. Been waiting for it.
With this release you've made me greedy. Please release also Music in Italy! :-)
Singaporeans have widespread Myopia for a reason! Pls come soon.
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