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Today you can download the new Google+ app for Android, which is faster and more beautiful to look at—plus it lets you start a hangout right from your phone. Read Vic's full post for details, and download the app from +Google Play:
New Google+ for Android: polish and performance

We continue to work toward a simpler, more beautiful Google, and today we're accelerating these efforts with a new Google+ app for Android phones. The update includes lots of highly-requested features—like the ability to start a hangout on the go, and to edit posts inline—as well as a stream that celebrates the rich content shared across Google+. In all cases we're building for a mobile future, and we're excited about what's ahead.

Start a hangout from anywhere, and ring the folks that matter most

With Hangouts we want to help people connect face-to-face-to-face—at any time, from anywhere. Of course, there's really only one device that's always by your side—your phone—so we've invested in mobile hangouts since early on. Today we're adding another important feature to the mix: the ability to start a hangout directly from your mobile device.

To get started, tap “Hangout” in the (new) navigation ribbon, add some friends and tap “Start.” We'll ring their phones (if you want), and if someone misses the hangout, they can ring you back with a single tap.

Share your favorites, and feel awesome afterward

When you share with your circles, we owe you an experience that's both intimate and immersive. Your time and your relationships are precious, after all, so your posts should make you feel proud. Today's new Android app takes this to heart, with full-screen media in the stream, conversations that fade into view and instantly-touchable actions like +1.

Do more, in less time

We think you’ll find today’s app nicer to look at, but we’re also making it easier to use. Improvements include:

A navigation ribbon that slides in and out, providing quick access to just about everything.

The ability to download photos directly from Google+, and turn them into wallpaper.

The chance to edit posts inline, in case you make any mistakes while on the go.

The update is available now from Google Play (version 2.6), so we invite you to download Google+, and let us know what you think!

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Me Be
I have a question, how do I upgrade my firmware?
Great stuff. Now I'm just waiting on support for pages.
Awesome, was waiting for hangout from phone.
why... why do you bug us with this hipster apple design crap? i liked the clean, simple, white, android google design!
I hope the instant upload bug got fixed too, my Picasa web albums are getting clogged with dozens of Instant Uploads albums :/
looks very messy on my Galaxy Note! Picture over a picture in a picture in some instances... and streched images!
it run much smoother now!
But.. still a lack of page management >_>
+Yusuf Kaka youu could do hangouts on the phone before this, did one earlier this week. you just had to go through messaging and it was a hassle
It is indeed a fabulous app! Well done
guys :)
We need the page editing on the #android app too!!!
The same update of the Apple release, but later than Apple. mmm it seem's also for Google Android isn't a priority.
Got it... But out of standard.. Google, keep the standard.. White background is better..
Slower. Pictures deformed. Crashes. Meh (Galaxy Note)
Yeah, this post itself has a messed up image??
Nice, nice! Hey hangout works now on my i9000 (Samsung Galaxy S) incl. Video!
Huge lags in stream :/ Horrible scaling (fitXY). How to downgrade Google+?
Dear Google
You have created many apps for android iPhone, iPad but what about users of java mobile.

We are still waiting here.
You have even stopped giving gmail for java mobile.
Why are you ending support for us.

If you have a beta version or any other unstable version then please contact me. Even if you have the gmail app then please contact me.

And please create an app for java mobile please.
But still clearly designed for a phone! Okay in portrait on a tablet, but awkward in landscape. When do we get a real tablet version?
+Krystian Kamiński , I found that the app was a little slow right after updating and starting up for the first time. Give it a minute, is running smooth now
It's looking good on my Asus Transforms TF300. I mean, it still needs to be a little bit more polished, but it's a start.
when people share a post by someone else, it overlaps a little bit, otherwise i am currently in loveeeeeeeee. great job Google, this is why i love you
+Google previous version was blazing fast, and the new one is a little laggy. I hope you'll make it as awesome in performance as previous and, pretty much, any other app you have there :). Waiting for update + Cheers!
And still that ridiculous photo picker that NEVER works. why do you not use the Gallery app like all other Android apps that need pics do???
It's a nice needed update, but unfortunately I still appear upside down while using my Evo 4g in a hangout. It'd be nice to see an option to flip the video within a hangout.
yay, i was hoping to get this update :D
i appear to be the only one that liked the old version.
Ummm white background with light gray text... hidious black space... great design google


Not to mention spellheck still doesnt work on droid3/physical keyboard
honestly, a step back in my opinion. looks ok in portrait mode on the tablet, but absolutely not good in landscape mode.
i hope there will be some adaptions in the near future.
It's certainly colorful, but messy on my Samsung Galaxy S2. Text is hard to read over pictures, and pictures are stretched.
+Scott Peters what black space??? those are pictures loading...
i don't hate the grey text although black would be better.
and do you realllyyyy need spell check, cause i thought that's what school was for lol.
+Brian Schlitt i loved the old version too, this is just better lol
it is a big change but it's for the better :D
Love the new look, but the image scaling algorithm is off. Also, as commented by others, some overlap is happening with posts. The latter is distracting, but the former takes this beautiful redesign down a notch or three...
does not look good in landscape mode on my Prime...
Ironically the iPhone app is still better lol
Agreed... Horrible looking on Galaxy Nexus
Looks perfect on my Galaxy Nexus!
the update works perfectly on my Droid Rezound, especially also because i'm running ICS
I need to say I don't think the large pictures on the stream on improvement. They make it impossible to read the text in comments which in my opinion are the main point.
Not a big fan of the new stream layout. I loved the clean interface and now it feels very cluttered and hard to read. I'm also seeing a hit in performance. HTC Rezound.
WOW!!! Looking freaking Awesome on my Galaxy Nexus!! #EpicUpgrade
Beautiful! I hate to add anything negative but, could we please get the app to not jump to the newest item after being open a few seconds and I have begun to read the post that was the top one? It's a pain to then have to search to find the one I was reading.
There are mistakes in the Turkish translation. Turkish words for Circles, Photos, and Hangouts are mixed up.
The iPhone's looks better, and the bar they have for navigation is more efficient than the sliding in Android, especially if you have a lot of circles.
I agree with some others here. I keep looking for the "hipster Instagram app" logo in Google+ now. The old design was much more functional and easier to read.

Good thing there's Titanium Backup.

"We continue to work toward a simpler Google..." What was so difficult about the old app?
This might be a good update for tablets, but its a bit busy on phones.
Is amazing increidable is very plus... :D
It's broken, the images are just a big blur. The stream view looks like a melting pot.
Notification is worse.. i even had to help some too install the Old apk version.
I take back what I said. If you're having issues with the new app completely uninstall it and download it again. I guess it doesn't like being updated.
I like the idea of the new update. I think there's still some issues with it though. As I'm scrolling down in portrait mode on my Galaxy Nexus, there's a couple overlapping images. Something needs done about the landscape mode too. This post itself has a messed up image. The words cut off the bottom portion of Google's banner picture. Like I said, I love the rich visuals and the whole new concept. Just a few bugs. Keep up the good work! Heil Android!
Amer C
Initiating Hangouts from phone + ability to ring is great
Crappppppp! Looks very bad on my ray. Pls an option to restore old view!
"The ability to download photos directly from Google+, and turn them into wallpaper." - That used to be a feature, and I'd noticed recently that they'd taken it away. Glad to hear it's been reinstated!
+Stefanescu Liviu

You can uninstall the updates
Menu > Settings > Manage Apps
Choose Google+ and uninstall the updates to restore the old app
My eyes explode. Everything is ridiculously huge and overlapping. Could it be made smaller? I use htc Desire hd.
#Google I don't have hangout available yet. Why? Also the pictures get too stretched in the posts making it even worse. Text on the photos isn't a good idea and white font just is distracting.
I actually check the what's hot tab so please don't dump half the crap from there into the all circles tab too!
Why there is't one for sybiam.为什么
+Google Terrible, most pictures have a terrible quality (on a tablet), get cut off in the stream-view (because they are all forced to full width) so you can't see the whole thing and the text becomes hard to read also because of the picture behind it... The desktop-way would be exactly right for the mobile, too! Text by itself, picture to be seen in full....
Looks awful in my nexus! Photos are stretched at the background, colors of the texts are blend with the photos at some places... some other guys say it looks excellent in their nexus... is there anything wrong?
suggest Google+ can set another language name
I like the update, pretty sweet and looks great, massive improvement over the old one. I can see that sometimes the text might not be contrasting well because of the picture background but I'm sure Google can think of something to sort this out. Not having any issues at all. Galaxy Nexus.
I like the update... Except... In the swedish version the "circles" and "photos" switched places in the menu bar... So if I press photos I get to my circles and if I press circles then I get to my photos
Images look stretched terribly out of aspect ratio on my gnex. Download photos is a plus!
Not sure how anyone could think that this is "more beautiful to look at". The white text over stretched out images is difficult to read and looks a mess on my Galaxy S2
Does anybody know if they are doing a Google+ app for the ipad?
I really like the new design, haven't encountered any problems either. The big images make it easier to find interesting posts when scrolling through.
There exists a command voice for calling in android phones/tablets ?
I don't really like it.. the stream is sort of messy... no much information on each post, give me the urge to go into each and everyone of them...otherwise its good...
I really like the way the side bar works now and plus one button features, but the text over pictures in the stream is not very functional. Keep the cool new features, but the fancy stream display needs work.
Hate the text over pictures .... not all pictures look that good as shown in the post and makes reading texts not easy
I don't really like the way it truncates text for posts with images. It only lets you see the first 2 lines. Also, it seems to be doing strange things to small pictures, stretching them and destroying their aspect ratio. In general though, I like the new concept.
The problem is that on about 50% of the posts I can't read the white text on a light colored picture that is the background image. Personally I won't bother to tap the post to actually read it, I will just scroll on by.
Maybe the text should be in a box with a darker background that floats on top of the picture????
Tried it at lunch time, nice stuff, loving it.
You call stretched images polished?
This is not really good as previous version was. Very ugly Stream page. Looks like cheap advertising of supermarkets. White letters are invisible on light photos. It's messy, need development.

Responses are better, but that's all from positive points of view, sorry...
It's really fast and also looks great
So. Damn. Gorgeous. You guys should be really proud of it.
Not that great. Not possible to get to my photos anymore. Selecting Photos brings up the Hangout..... Pls fix as soon as possible.
E Jones
Google+ is where I go to get information. The picture blocks interfere with that. And the tablet experience is garbage. The team that developed this are bad at their jobs.
Well will you build an app that's actually honest about it's install size:

Size claimed= 10.1 mb
Actual size after install=24.4 mb
Size after install to sd= 14.4

That's too much for small phone users, who may only have 60mb of internal storage to use for their own applications, the rest being taken up with system services of manufacturers preinstalled software.
New layout is awfull, I liked the clean look of the previous version. Landscape mode is also a disaster on my Desire Z. Step backwards, unless a choice of layout is included!!!
The app tells me that it's up to date on my HTC one S, but still not compatible for hangouts.
Wow, this sucks. What happened to minimalist white design? The previews and animations are awful.
My Xperia mini has too small screen for this layout, it looks and feels awful. it.. one smallish issue.. the text over the pictures is a little distracting on my Nexus S and they look big. Looking forward to using hangout soon
Can't read the white text when it is on top of a light image. I do not like that.
New features are cool. New layout, animations, and colors don't match other gApps.
Well, I did some good thanks but, now, that I downloaded the update, I have to say that it's a little polluted and has some dificult to others see that your share has been shared for another one. This is not clear.
It there some way to get the old interface back?
Why is the menu button at the top left like Google Maps when most people are right handed? Include an option to put the button on the left or right side. Reading titles in the Stream with pictures is annoying.
its annoying to look at two different interfaces. The old version looked like the desktop version and it was comfortable to know I was in the same environment. Now when they just look like two separate social networks.
I like the features, but don't agree that the design is simpler or in line with the Google design revamp. To me, the Google aesthetic has been like the home page: clean and solid colors. The redesign is visually too busy and reminds me of a mobile version of myspace. I think this was a step backwards.
The posted photos on my Galaxy Nexus were stretched and not very attractive. Uninstalling the update and then re-installing seemed to do the trick. The scaling looks much better.
Looks fancy at the first glance, but after a while, I find the overlapping of text and pictures makes reading difficult. We choose Google for simplicity and clear functionality. If we ask for fancy things, we have many other choices out there and we may not have chosen Google in the first place.

I am about to downgrade it back to previous version (if technically possible). This may be the first time I do so for my Google+.
Nice update, but why are the old icons still there?
Love the new update! Wish it had the ics holo theme
The design tweaks are ugly beyond what words can describe.
+Nicholas Luthy Mobile version of myspace... lol. That's EXACTLY what the update tries to be! Crappy animations, horrible color them, stretched pictures... wow. The old design kicked FB's butt! This just makes me want to run from Google +
I've just removed the update in preference of the previous version.
I hate to complain, but I absolutely LOATHE the new version. For one thing, it's very slow and laggy now, even on a Galaxy Nexus (which is supposed to be the reference phone, isn't it?). For another thing, the swoop-in animations as you scroll are both distracting and aesthetically deficient. Finally, the overemphasis on photos means that it's now very burdensome to read what people are writing. I will use Google+ much less now, sadly.
หาต่อค่ะ เวลาว่างๆๆๆ จะรีบแก้ไขค่ะ
Google+ is improving everyday that is very nice maybe some people's live
Better the old version. I want to downgrade!
+Th. Ullrich thank you. When I first opened G+ after updating, I was looking for the April Fool's post to follow. Whoever at Google decided to push that busted MySpace clone to production should be fired.
I am still learning,it looks simple but I am not sure
Bad readability. Overuse of images. Images not scaling properly.
Basically, it is as "un-google" as you can get. Less text visible, and it is harder to read. Since when does Google use white text over an image? I don't use Bing for a reason.

Images should not be the focus of a G+ post. Check your userbase. We use G+ to share information. It's not pinterest or Facebook, and your users don't want it to be. Images should be secondary -- adding emphasis or detail to the primary purpose of the post, which is the information within. I scrolled through my top 20 or so and honestly took away nearly nothing. All the information was lost in hard-to-read text and badly formatted images.

I think some Google designers need to revisit and reintroduce themselves to what made them number one.
Still a lot more to do, the pictures on posts are cropped out arbitrarily , the only way to see the complete pic is to click on the pic. U don't get everything in one place. Mind u I am using a tablet with large screen
+Google Why is there no hangout available for people who are already 18 or even less. And what age group do I belong to when I am born in 1994. AM I STILL NOT 18? I dont have hangout available. Google please reply. It is so annoying.
well I do have a andriod phone but it doea not have a front facing camara, now my xoom tablet does so how about a gogle pluss for that!!!!!
That's cool how it converts the screen to a Galaxy but it doesn't make a difference on my iPod. Looks cool, though. 
This update is baaad. Really bad. It was good to be able to just skim through the posts while scrolling. I shouldn't need to tap and enter every post to see what's in it.

Remember: it's about content. I have to see it.
+Google excellent, when this app will be for the BlackBerry...
Nice visual's but really lacks on content ... now I feel like I have to dig deeper for information than before. But nice visuals
I gave this a few days; it pains me to say because I have taken a lot of flack from friends for being an ardent Google+ supporter, but I am between downgrading the mobile app or going back to FaceBook. This update is just that bad.
I'm hoping that this app is improved. I realize that G+ has become the place photographers are going now that Yahoo! has botched Flickr, but this is going for an Instagram vibe without the kitschy filters. I can see how many commented and +1'd but if I take the time to write a long post, it may get lost in the noise. Couldn't there be a compromise? There is already a separate messenger app, why not have a separate photo stream app? You seem to be deprecating GTalk and Picasa anyway in favor of + so why not?
hows-a-bout making the regular desktop browser version expand to the width of our screens?! c'mon, this is stupid...
I'm waiting, waiting, waiting for a tablet version...
I have a Nexus S 4G and in this new Google Plus build I find that way less content fits into my screen, resulting in a lot more scrolling. The drop-in animation for posts is visually jarring to me. This is the nail in the coffin for me for now, I no longer use G+ on my phone at all for any reason.
Have they reverted the black MySpace theme yet?
Google plus on android now became pretty unreadable, the images are disturbing, the fonts are too large, i prefer simple design. I am mostly using gp for reading blogs but this made it very unpleasant.
The fact that the user does not have an option to roll back is very annoying. Will stay with face for a while.
the new version G+ on mob costs more GPRS flow
Thanks for this new photo-app. Uh, is not a photo-community? Sure, a photo-community would never stretch picture or present pixel-waste....

An app from the blind for the blind? with bad eyes can't read text displayed over pictures...

Congratulations for completly destroying an usefull app.
Fau Sta
it was amazing when i first installed it but later realises  images were too much. i downgraded to an earlier version.
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