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Google Flight Search is now available on tablet, which means that searching for and booking travel just got easier. The next time you're browsing on your tablet for a spontaneous vacation, Flight Search can help you find a flight that won't break the bank. Let's say that you know you want to fly out of Seattle between October 18 and October 22 and want to spend less than $250 on your flight.  On Flight Search, enter your departure city of Seattle, modify your date range, and then filter via the Price button for flights under $250. The map will quickly update to show all cities with flights within the price limit you specified; you'll likely see more options for other airports as you zoom in. In this example, you could enjoy the best of autumn in Denver for $186 or savor more summer in LA for only $234. 

Flight Search is available for departures in the U.S. and Canada.

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When will it be available for departures in europe?
why not an iPhone app too?
Works on tablet does not mean it is an Android app. You should access it through the web!
Adaptive design makes it more beautiful on tablet. 
Well you probably do not want to fly out of YVR it is to expensive especially that dysfunctional airlines called Air Canada the bilingual blimp
Sure hope that this will come to Europe quick. 
what about nc,concord.i live that!
Too bad. Looks like I'll still have to use a full web client to get complete rate information across all carriers. Stupid Southwest.
When is Google wallet going to be ready for people other than sprint users
everything works on anything except my LUCID phone. no paypal here app, no square app.  ebay apps barely works. wallet does not work.
holy crap that is crazy i would rather hold a rattle snake
i give up i did only love my google but it sucks now i ant down lode it 
why would you rather hold a rattlesnake
oh yeah, i'm always spontaneously browsing for vacations on my tablet.
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I type in my departure for my round trip, leave my arrival blank, fill out everything else, and it gives me a blank... tells me i need to fill in my arrival location.... i don't want an arrival location, i want to go wherever I can for $200......
I tried this on pc.  It worked well till booking.  Which became really hard for trips that cross different airlines.  But I love the feature to be able to compare prices.  Nice job!
"Spontaneous vacation" is about as likely as "Impromptu Super Bowl."
This needs to be made for international flights as well but it's an awesome app nonetheless.
Jason S
Doesn't work for me on my Nexus 7 using Chrome. Keeps asking for a destination. I followed the steps above and get zero results even when increasing the price to $3k. Edit Lol! I figured out the problem. It only works when I request the desktop version of the site. I'm sure this will be fixed soon, but come on guys. This should work on your flagship tablet with its default settings. 
This is what I have been wanting for YEARS. I've wanted to do some minimal travel but don't care about destination.
The free Kayak app for iPad and iPhone already does this beautifully. But nice to see Google do it too.
I've used it several times with good results. 
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Apple already has underwater travel. Step it up google!
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Joshua Kohn gee I guess I shouldn't use any of the other maps then? Alex Iliopoulos glad you don't like iPhones that way you can be like the Joneses.
And what about Cape Town to Miami? Or Johannesburg to Sydney?
When will the google iphone app uppdate with new voice search? Have a iPhone 4, that does not have siri, and could use a voice assistant;)
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How about Europe? And I think Bing also has this functionality.
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