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Looking for inspiration in the kitchen? When you've got a main ingredient but aren't sure what recipe you'd like to use, try exploring Google Recipes. Say that you've got some asparagus but don't know how you want to prepare it. On Google Recipes, click on Search Tools and then Ingredients. Grated parmesan and fettuccine with your asparagus sounds yummy, right? Check Yes for both of these ingredients and your results will update with delicious recipes. 

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'Twas an April Fools Joke. Sadly...
Carol D
Lots of people will really enjoy this feature :)
I can attest, my wife loves the recipe search feature within Google. It is especially helpful when you have something that is about to expire and can work up a nice dish instead of throwing it out!
Carol D
Most features work on .com but many don't work on other Google sites sadly (would love to have the same options here in the UK) 
Unless it's been fixed, I have a problem with the ingredients selection pop up window - when I check one box, the window closes and applies the modified search. If I want to check multiple ingredients, I have to reopen the selection window for every single ingredient.

I love recipe search and use it all the time, but it's cumbersome. I don't think it worked this way when first was introduced in the left panel (before web, images, etc were moved to the top).
Why does the new Google+ pictures like in comments are in squares?? :-(
Make them circles again please... It looks ugly this way
Bring back the circular profile pictures please!!!!... Google+ looks hideous this way
This is great... I never knew about this! Too bad there isn't a "Recipes" feature in mobile.
do I bother even using this? Or if I like it, do I have to convince everyone to use so its usage numbers stay up and in "supportable" range? +Google has set the bar and the precedent on too many products I've liked and lost.
Nice :D!!! i wanted a feature like this for a long time ^^
me too +Patryk Ponichtera ! I was seriously wishing I could go to a place where I could write what's on my fridge and give me a recipe! haha
In my Chrome browser the filters are at the top, not on the left. Also, friend in Canada not seeing it at all.
Actually, I have just been doing this in the google search box. I put in a couple of ingredients, hit search, and the top couple of hits are usually interesting recipes.
I like this feature, but would like it even more as a mobile app. The greatest barrier to app development is content and this content is just sitting there not reaching its full potential. That's made even more evident by the fact that this Google Search feature has been around for a few years at this point but no one here seems to have heard of it. It's also buried in a way that prevents discovery. 
this is already how i do meal planning. whatever fresh ingredients I have on hand goes into google search along with the word "recipe". just need it in google glass now so i can be "hands free". #cookingwithgoogle  :-)
Is there an API? I would love to integrate this. 
I love this feature ! Thank google !
Like the specific recipe, or the recipe function?
To use the aspalam in main cookied was few amounts of stranger enterance
welcome food.

maxiraja Ong
+Google, nifty feature and a perfect example since I eat asparagus everyday 7 days a week for the last 7 years.  
People are STILL crying about reader?
Not a late 'April Fool's Joke' guys, pretty nifty stuff, great work google!
Great for trying new recipes and get adventurous in the kitchen !!
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Google just can't help themselves but keep innovating everyday. Thanks for the ingredient feature.
hey, how come some of your games are not working. i have tried to play the millionarie city, green farm games on several laptops, but it is not working and this is making me really mad cause i work hard on those games
+Google would be possible to add a search filter to Google Recipes that allows for Bariatric Diets? 
the only issue is when I check an ingredient it refreshes the page. So if I need to tick multiple items I have to then reclick on search tools, reclick on ingredients, reclick a new ingredient and then rinse repeat.

That alone will stop me from ever using this feature.
Google nose, that would be awesome ^_^ this is very handy even though I'm not from the US
This is something I've thought about for a long time. Leave it up to google to actually make it. Thank you so much! <3
I am bored and tired of google changing the language to Spanish. Please, stop doing it !  Maria OConor
I'm not able to select a "recipe's" option :(
+Juan Romero Have you looked under the "More" tab? Seems that recipies hasn't made it to the main list just yet. Should be the third from the bottom.
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