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If you’re in the Google Search field trial (, you can now look up your Gmail contacts directly from Search. Want quick directions to your friend Brittney's house while on the move? You can use Voice Search to ask "What’s Brittney's address?" and Google will show you the address, with turn-by-turn directions in one tap on your phone. If you need quick access to your friend Joanna's phone number, just say "Joanna's phone number" and it's there; with one tap you can call her. Join the field trial at and let us know what you think.

We currently support all of your Gmail contacts and we'll be adding support for G+ profiles soon.
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Again with the US only.. Hello? Have you looked at Google Maps? There's a whole world outside the US, spending their money to buy products using your software and are kinda sick of you giving us the proverbial finger.. 
Ok, sorta creepy and cool at same time. 
There is no reason to expect a trial of a free service to be available worldwide especially considering the privacy issues that Google keeps having outside of the US. We use Google because it is convenient and free, be thankful that you are not having to use inconvenient and paid for services instead. 
+Simon Waddington Free??? Nothing in life is free.
We all pay for these services. Only the currency isn't cash, it's information.

Awesome! I've been wondering when this was going to happen! 

Now all you need to do is make it possible for me to search "Where is my friend currently" and return results based on the location sharing you added a few months ago. ^_^
+Simon Waddington - you're right.. But there's no reason it should be limited to one country.. And the rest of the world would have a little more faith if we saw action to globalised other limited products such as wallet.. Which a lot of folks signed up for interest in and have heard nothing.. 
Almost great, but I'm getting no picture, despite having one in my Google contacts and the map is showing a cut out from the middle of nowhere...
+Kevin Winn it's not making any more information available to the NSA that they don't already have, if that makes you feel any less intruded...
If your life is that interesting that the NSA have access to your Google account information.. There's probably nothing they don't already know.. 
Wow, looks great, unfortunately only available in US and here in rainy Germany, Google Now does not even show "Cinema Times"," Booking Reminders" (Hotel/Flights etc.) and all the other stuff.

I added all the features to show, but only get three things: a) weather information, b) time to travel to work or home and c) reminder to "start in x minutes to reach your event xy".  And surely: "show sample cards".

That's all I can get on official JB 4.2.2 for SGS4 :-(

Sure, it's great Google offers those features free of (currency) charge, I'm thankful for all those great Google services, but in Germany everything is somewhat limited... no Streetview (due to some minor freaks protesting against it a few years ago??), no wait, that's not 100% accurate: no full coverage to be honest, there are a very very few cities covered, but it's nearly no coverage at all (and we're a very small country compared to some US-states), nearly no music videos on Youtube or videos featuring songs from mayor artists due to copyright or payment problems between Google and the GEMA, which means: most of the linked YT-Videos result in "Sorry, not available in your country".

And a lot of the Playstore-stuff posted on G+ is "not available in your country/US-only" too.

All in all that's very sad and I wish, Google would just start those services over here and not fear the politicians or whom ever too much. In other countries may be similar problems, especially regarding Youtube, but there should be (and are) options to do it anyway. Privacy is important, sure, laws are important, sure, copyright is important, sure, no doubt about that, but that can't be the reasons for not having all the Google Now features for example. I don't think that Google has technical limitations to provide those services, so I ask myself over and over again: why don't we get those features? What are the reasons? When will we get it? Will we get it?

I'm very glad that Goolge offers beta tests and online courses like "Map-making with Google" (Thank you very much!), which allow me to try some of their upcoming features or features available in other countries, but most of the stuff is "US-only" and I'm afraid that a lot will take a looooong time to arrive in Germany (if ever). But we can be glad, I won't complain, in other countries the Playstore does not even offer Nexus devices, so in this particular aspect, we can be glad. And we even got "PlayMusic" and "PlayMovies" - that's great too (although I do not use it actually, 'cause I prefer to buy or rent CDs, DVDs or Blu-ray-discs, but future may change  this behaviour).

Anyway, all I want to say is: Goolge start over here in Germany, we're 80 Mio. people willing to get your stuff, 'cause we like it and we like you :-) Don't care to much about those few "IT-dinosaurs" who think they could decide what's wrong or right. They may be threatening, but they don't decide anything. Some 10.000s (all in all 100k or 200k) may not want Streetview, they demand courts and trials and prevention etc., they even fear camera smartphones, but nearly 80 Million people are waiting for it, want it and know the pros and cons, same with Google Glass or whatever.

And this could be the same in a lot of other countries too, I guess.
Don't wait for a decision, just do it and stop it if demanded.
hey im from santa cruz :D
Why do I feel that this has been lowkey available on search already. 
+Peter G. W. Huehne sorry, but go and have a winge at your lawmakers in Germany. It's one of the countries that give Google hard time for every minor thing. You can't be surprised that it takes long to launch new services.
Gotta wonder how Brittany feels about her home address being published for everyone to see :-O
+Google Sorry but it defeats the purpose until you remember person's first and last name both :) But I know you must be working on making it better.
Great, now integrate this into the google search apps!
Adam W
I have been waiting for a while to have location services integrated in contact info. Like a link to where they are in Latitude.
The NSA is probably drooling over this new feature right now. 
+Simon Waddington Indeed I don't expect a free trial to be available worldwide if there was valid reason for it. I could understand it not processing Cinema Times, or Flights, as they require it to process local knowledge, but my Gmail? All it has to be there is lookup my account and put the field for the contact phone number (ok that sounded a bit simple). I could even understand if it was only available on, but even if I use, and a US VPN it doesn't work because my account is UK registered. 

To make matters worse, and this is where I get really annoyed, Google showed off a lot of these features, especially Google Now as +Peter G. W. Huehne pointed out,  as working (both at Google I/O and elsewhere), but they simply don't. If you want to test a feature fine, but wait till it's ready for worldwide roll out before singing and dancing about it. They may be a US company, and offering free services, but they choose to offer them, and choose to operate worldwide, and more over often highlight the fact. 
Pos mu bien cuabdo funcione en español
Very nice start, with a nagging shortcoming (but hey, it's early in the game).

It seems to (obviously?) only works on contacts within the same Google account you're signed-in with for search.

In my case, as with others, my Business contacts are in one Google account, and my Personal contacts are in the other, so it's only handy half the time, for me.

But again, a nice start!
That's cool - if it would work. I tried a bunch of my Google contacts and didn't got a result at all. Except for one try: "Marcus phone number" gave me:

The fun part about it: I have no "Neiman Marcus" in my contact. Neither in my Google contacts, nor in my G+ circles ?!

Then I noticed that "Neiman Marcus" seems to be a brand name. So I tried "McDonalds phone number".. Et voila:

Seems like phone numbers and addresses work for some brands as well.
+Bryan Horling Yep, I joined the field trial on the very first day. And when I go to the field trial landing page, the Join Button says "Leave the field trial". So, that should not be the reason.

And yes, you're right. These screens do not show the new feature. These screens show, as you said, "regular" card results. Eventhough, afair, it's not the default, that all users get these cards / voice results, is it?

Anyway, I cannot get the announced new feature to work. Whether I ask for phone numbers or addresses, it just won't work. (And yes, the Google contacts I tried to ask for, are associated to the same Account that I use for the field trial and have the address field filled. And I was also logged in to this Account when I tried the feature on ;-))

My guess was, that this feature is (currently) only available to US citizens!? But if it's not that, do you have any other idea?
How do I navigate to contact's address?
also I dont see "direction to" when I asked my contact's address like in screenshot.
I'm in the field trial but its really disappointing that these features are only available in the US. One thing Apple learned really quickly was the need to launch products globally. Seems a bit unfair that US users get a richer Google experience than the rest of us.
I can't imagine life without my computer and Google!
I don't use telephone books, dictionaries, atlas's, road maps, local directories or Encyclopaedia's - dont need any of them any more - Good on your Google!
you are either a bit slow or a bit special. You clearly have no understanding of this service. This only works if you are signed into your google account and only searches contacts that you already have access to just in an easier place. Please use some intelligence before posting and dont knock things you dont understand. Your post is inappropriate on countless levels.
+A.J. W. It really seems that you misunderstood sth. Again: This is just another way to access the addresses / phone numbers, that already exist in your Google Contacts list. If you don't have the address/phone number in your contacts, Google will not give it to you!
It's okay.. He can't hear through his tin foil. 
Thanks for the follow-up, +Bryan Horling! I thought you gave me the solution, since private results were indeed disabled. But unfortunately, this didn't solved it. I can still not ask for my Google contacts. Here're some screens:

I am in the field trial:
Private results are enabled:
A Google contact with address:
Search results for this contact:

Any other idea? Really appreciate! 
+Stephan Schmitz In your contact screenshot I see that the address is in Germany.  Are you searching from Germany?  If so, I don't think you'll see personal results since the field trial isn't launched there yet.
+Stephan Schmitz - same deal in Australia.. I actually clicked the link prior to reading the 'only in US' bit but still got the approval email a few days later.. Haven't tested it.. But I don't think it'll work.. 
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