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Think before you share. What you share online—any text message, picture, email or status update—has the potential to be seen beyond where you intended it to. #staysafe
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That's why I love G+ share the right things with the right people.
AAAAAAAAAND you use the iOS share symbol
and every one starts sharing it!! :P
I know, they used iOS share icon because this is the subliminal message for people who mostly share stupid things :D
Why use the iOS logo instead of Android. I am disappointed. 
You mean the NSA, because Google filters all our personal data to the US government. Just say what you mean Google. Its public knowledge now, its no use being cryptic.
Did I share too much? So Sorry. Not. Laughing my ass off 
So when I said good morning to my wife via text message, the world might see that? Oh the humanity! 
yUP,, people underestimate the power of internet and then get hurt !!
+Big Hicks Um, well okay, but I don't think you're going to like what you see. 
Wendy W
Snowden, is that you?
i love the things you've been sharing recently, google. about security and whatnot.

i grew up in the 1970's and 1980's. at that time, computers were not taken for granted. it therefore made all the sense in the world to learn the rules of the new world (netiquette) and how there were clear parallels to the world we were more familiar with. now, i fear people just assume the rules are known. yet people's behavior tells another story.
I can vouch that is a fact my Phn have been hacked or cloned for a year and bio one has been able to stop it I've gone public with my story a small part and just found out what I had been suspecting for a long time was true I couldn't wake up for over two weeks more than 30 min at a time and my pets started having the symptoms I looked up poisons on the internet the very next day I was stopped and detained for over an hours saying I was speeding and got a ticket and the very next day I felt normal they came in my home and stole my camera I had mounted and got what ever they we're using to poison me with Google can vouch for the fact that I've told them many times over the last yr there we're days I woke up and felt like I had been drugged my vet told Me to have my house checked for carbon monoxide the tech told me after I gave symptoms said it sounds like antifreeze of brake fluid I had found both in my trunk that I didn't put there I was tested Connie Gathright
Too many trigger-happy-posters and they refuse to comment on their own post when someone needs enlightenment or further understanding of what's been post...they piss me off
Atlast...ppl are just dumn they don't even have the descency to reply to their own post when one needs more understanding...

Is this a post from Google or from "internetting for dummies?"
+Irina Dudra just posted soething stupid and she ain't even replying to the ppl that have taken their time to comment...silly stupid and sad
pretty sure there was a bug in google chat which resulted in messages beeing delivered to people who they didn't even know.. oh the irony.
How about this: FACE YOUR PROBLEMS ....  don't FACEBOOK them.
Shouldnt you only have your friends to chat with?So if you have people putting stupid stuff on than maybe change your friends.Unless you all just wanna complain more privately I guess!!!!
Me Be
Oh yes, because of the type of picture or text you are posting.
Such as a certain search giant posting it as an ad. On their results? ;) jk
No mention of the #NSA ? The PSA is lacking content.
Nice timing. Google announced today that they'll implement social ads with your name and pic for the products you plus (if you agree.) It's always good to stay aware! 
So if analyzed properly my data will portray me to be the old pervert I truely am!
How about adding a delay option for sending emails in Gmail? 
I think people need to know this. For real. 
A truer statement had probably never been spoken.
Thanks #Google for the welcome reminder.
»»I can tell all of you that as a supervisor out background checks included social media posts and public internet tracking of prospective employees. Also when I went through my federal #disability hearing I had to provide my #social #media user names.
My general rule is that any thing with a keyboard is automatically "at the office" and I only ever send anything out that would be safe to share with co-workers. 
Think but don't be afraid to speak in public and express your ideas. Being too timid about what you post only leads to total conformism.
I do wish everyone did this...Engage Brain Before Starting Tongue!
+Google Ironic that you say that after just changing your TOS to be able to use our likeness in ads. For shame Google. 
so i guess we have to stop sharing on Google Plus from Now?
i want to share thank you google for the birthday wishes i love the logo i cried a little bit mostly do to the fact that i am pregnant too but i loved it and its very touching
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