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Internet access has been completely cut off in Syria in the past few hours. Mobile phones and landlines may not be working properly either. But those who still have a phone connection can still use Speak2Tweet by leaving a voicemail on one of these international phone numbers (+90 212 339 1447 or +30 21 1 198 2716 or +39 06 62207294 or +1 650 419 4196). Press 1 to leave a voicemail and # when you’re done, and the service will tweet the message. No Internet connection is required, and people can listen to the messages by dialing the same phone numbers or going to
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Is there a Speak2Google+ coming up?
Its amazing to see you helping out.
Wow, thats so sad. Those poor peoples. I feel for them, me being Native American.
Thanks for the information and this service. It's very important to give all people a chance to communicate with the world.
Cutting of the complete internet in some countries has to stop.
+Chris Roach Well we are last on the line for any services. How Isreal is bombing Syria the United States did that with us. Not bombs but other cunning deceitful ways. So I feel their pain.
Sean S
If internet connection has been cut off, how are they supposed to see this post?
Its all just stupid Yanks calling it because they think its funny
Wonder if this Syria blackout mean they are preparing for war?
+Leighton Yoder They did end our lives. Millions and Millions of Natives lost their lives at the hands of this US government. So no, thats not what Im saying.
But this is about Syria. I feel for them. Thats my point only. 
IMO the internet has probably been cut off to keep information about what is going on from reaching the rest of the world. Whether it's the Syrian government, Israel or the Rebels, someone doesn't want the world to know what they are doing. My heart to the people of Syria, they have been through too much already.
+Orval Elliott  wrote: "Isreal is bombing Syria"
That's a lie, based on technicality, Israel actually is bombing Iranian missiles  which happen to be traveling thru Syria to Hezbollah, later to be fired upon Israel, so it's absolutely legitimate act of defense, not aggression. Which makes your comparison with Native Americans total BS.
I feel bad for the people of Syria . The internet black out sounds quite frightening , no contact with the world. Their voice has gone
+Kirill Lebedev Speaking of technicalities, if Israel bombed missiles being transported across Route 66 on their way to a ship in the Atlantic, I'm pretty sure the American people would consider it to be bombing America. The bombs are falling in Syria, no matter the justification.
america have no right to bomb
+Janice Hamilton  wrote "The bombs are falling in Syria, no matter the justification."

It does matter. Syria shouldn't be letting weapons travel thru their territory to arm Hezbollah, apparently Israel considers it as an act of war and that ends all other considerations.
Glad we've all got internet so we can bash the zionists, bitch about our differences and generally talk like a big shot on the internet... 
Wow! so much love here, no wonder the world is fooked
shutdown Syria government.
This country needs that kind of thing as an? Excuse to rape our tax dollars and give it to defense contractors as pay offs 
Okey I'm looking and don't even see a picture! Were you at? 
+Kirill Lebedev yall will always have a justification. Isreal started this bullshit. So whatever, all yall missed the point. good day
To Google: Please tell people who works in Syria to spread this message on the street. This line wouldn't be useful unless people in Syria can have access to it, which is a catch-22. 

I hope you guys have developed a sufficiently good heuristics to receive messages. 
Sam F
+Orval Elliott Israel has only attacked weapons bound for Hezbollah, a terrorist group with the aim of destroying Israel.
+Suman Sett  wrote "so much love here, no wonder the world is fooked"
G+ isn't the best site if you are looking for love on the Net, try Craigslist:))
I doubt Internet access has been cut off on purpose to hide anything. There's heaps of critical infrastructure getting damaged over there right now.
Understanding the difference between Syrians and Hezbollah, who hides among the innocents, is hard.
Blaming Israel is easy. And it fits into a Tweet!
+Orval Elliott
Yeah I notice the oppression every time I go to a "native american" (lol) owned casino. They always have sweet internet too.
Also u.s. arming rebels. Syrian christians will be slaughtered by u.s. backed rebels.
Claiming that the US killing native Americans has caused you pain in your life is a sympathy plea. It's the same with black people claiming that they live in the ghetto because of slavery. No one alive today experienced slavery or genocide at the hands of the United States. Get over it, move on. Syria, on the other hand is happening now. I feel for them.
See Google isn't only the mothership but a helping hand as well
Matt L
who cares
People in Syria, who are tryingto tell the world about the repression within their government, which is the reason for the blackout in the first place.   Those people, and the ones in the US and other countries trying to help them.  And me.  I care.

That's who.
The debate and the comments were all interesting until some people started bitching. This is important. NO INTERNET=NO COMMUNICATION WITH THE WORLD for common citizens of Syria.
Jewish Zionist at work be ready USA they coming for you!!
Moving the topic away from +Orval Elliott 's statements, I agree with everyone else that the internet should not be turned on or off like a light switch by the Syrian government. It's inportant for people with friends and families in Syria to reach them, and props to Google for doing the best they can to help.
We should all care.  What is happening in Syria can and most likely will have an effect on others - Such as Europe, Israel  and even the United States.
The world won't be enjoying peace no matter how we wish it to be better, so long called 'idealist' country have their own seperate agenda' have a absolute control of the 'OIL'. But having said that, the 'Arab's' are the most 'deserved' to be in what they are now.
Why is it that America seems to get involved with every issues in every country ? ...why can't let them be ? 
Thank you Google. Syrian regime did this after its crimes against humanity in Baniyas were exposed. The fear now is what the regime is going to do for other areas in Syria.

For more info on what happened in Baniyas you can check the hashtag massacreofbaniyas
Yes I wish the U.S. were more diplomatically intelligent, like settling differences through futbol (though we would never win a 'war').

I wish those that are innocent can find shelter, their families, and make it out unscathed. 
We are not all like what some of you think we are in other countries.we sometimes hate what our gvt does too but it is all about money in politics in america.if you are poor in america you have no voice anymore sad but true
Syria exceeded its data plan......

In all seriousness, censorship, whether through totalitarian government dictate, or through dictate of other forces using other means to bully or silence opposition never ends well. They may silence this peaceful means of communication and protest, but that will simply force those with grievances to take more violent means to creating change. History proves this time and again.
Google should send aid to return internet connections there... mobile satellite dish for internet anybody ?
Shit is going down. Happened in Iraq and Libya when the US decided to bomb and murder people. Wake up sheeple
The US needs to protect their own people before we can worry about yours.

The fact is Israel has been under fire for over a century, and we can't let an innocent country be wiped out over a spit of land.
+Chant Marcarian please stop writing things. Your English is horrendous. You can't spell. Most of what you are saying is stupid and ill-informed. But mostly, I'm just tired of seeing your words because you spell words like a twelve year old.
+Richard Welty   if the internet and possibly phones are down, it means that the citizens have no access out and we have no access in.  Casualties have skyrocketed in the region lately, people being slaughtered by their own government...  So, yes.  Newsworthy.
+Kirill Lebedev thanks god for internet and people like you get to state your opinion. there is no way bombing in the territory of another country (in this case Syria) can be justified with such crap. 
does Syria deserve it, i don't know, were the missals going to Hezbollah, we don't know, were there any missals at all, we don't know that either?
i feel very bad for the people of Syria who are struggling in these moments. 
Kudos to google for stepping around an oppressive blockade. Keep it up. 
Bruce Seymore...... Are you serious? Your sick of hearing about Israel bombing things? America has had more years at War than any other modern nation, would be impossible to measure the civilian causalties they have caused. Your own country does the same atrocities as Israel and all the rest, so get off your high horse.
Let's all blame America for not helping Syria...How many Islamic countries are around Syria with more financial capability to help. Last time the US stepped in (Iraq) the world blamed them for everything so of course they will not do anything without the full support of the NATO nations and as long as China and Russia do not sign off on action it will remain at a stalemate. So why not point fingers at them if you all so fired up, at least the Syrians on the ground with their placards know who to blame. I am not an American just in case someone thinks I am pro US. I just do not expect them to be the parent to the world, and bankrupt themselves to achieve this. How would you feel if your country leader steps up and says I will help them but in turn I will destroy my own country I was elected to protect. 
+Avni Ademi Seriously?  If Syria is allowing missiles to travel through their territory en-route to Hezbollah, how can you consider that to be anything other than an act of covert war?  True, I did say 'if', but there's a strong difference between you not personally knowing whether the official circumstances are true and declaring the official circumstances to be absolutely invalid.
From reading the posts on here, its no wonder why the world hates Americans. Some of you guys are idiots who have no clue what you are talking about and are full of hate.
How many of you believe in prayer for peace?
How many of you are strong enough to openly admit you believe in God?
How many of you don't believe in God because you prefer a secular society?
I fear that the lack of belief in God has diminished the moral compass and general humanity in this world. Pray for peace, pray for your leaders to do the right thing, pray for your fellow human being. Love life and every opportunity to do the right thing.... See what happens. 
i dont like to think i well it been doon fast i hope with help of my friends china russia and excel look at what happen next store that's all im going to say keep up with the times not make us pay for the short coming's we are down like 4 flat tire's on that. one world allot more then us in it excel
well said +Eric Pacheco The general decline of good principles and morals is a direct result of forsaking the living God who created us and desire of us to have a personal relationship with Him.
Actually, countries with a higher percentage of atheists have lower crime rates, and a much lower percentage of the atheist population is imprisoned than their religious counterparts.

Don't demonise non-believers just because they disagree with you. Not believing in magical sky men does not make someone less likely to be a moral person, quite the opposite in fact. 
Agree'd, religion does not equal morality. If you think that it does then you are truly blind.

"A man's ethical behavior should be based effectually on sympathy, education, and social ties and needs; no religious basis is necessary. Man would indeed be in a poor way if he had to be restrained by fear of punishment and hope of reward after death." - ALBERT EINSTEIN
Jerrod metropulos ...its almost shameful to be an American when u read shit like what u said about native Americans and black people which I happen to be and if u weren't such a ignorant racist prick then you wld know a shit load of people still alive today have experienced what u refer to and still do to this very day .I don't know what hole or shitty little town that you obviously have never left to experience the world arnd you but do us all a favor and go back to school to learn your history and then go experience the real world for the first time in hopes that it opens ur eyes and the next time we read ur words they may have some merit and be worth the of now its people like you who give a bad name to being able ro call ourselves the greatest ,most spirited,and trailblazing Americans! 
Nobody mind the expected(?) racism in this thread. Don't feed them. For the most part racist are about 95% troll.

Oh yeah Israel only did what they did in self defense. They only EVER do anything in self defense. Never the aggressor. Give me a break. Just YouTube search "The general's son" and see just how passive and defensive Israel only ever is.
Try tango it very good once it gets going.

thank you twitter ty google..
I wish if we could help syrian people so they have the chance to live in peace. just prayers
The u.s. is going to "aid" whoever will cause the most unrest in the Middle East. There's more u.s. satellites in space than stars and you're telling me we can't get them telephone or Internet service. But they can get them guns and ammo easy enough. I'd have thought you capitalist American swine would have learned your lesson after the "Bay of Pigs" or as I like to call it, the "Bay of Fat, Greedy American Swines"
If the internet is completely cut off, how are they going to read this post?
A good way of helping people in distress.Can it be possible to provide them with a service that will also allow them go online even if its for a short period of time?
Google need to realise the importance to put a feature to use all their services OFFLINE, its crucial in places like China, Syria or other places...
+Jonatán Juhás gmail offline, g drive offline, translation offline (microsoft has it), g. reader offline (g. currents), g. calendar offline.
WE NEED the rest: G. translator as microsoft has; g+ stream offline, g maps offline on the phone (nokia has it and Garmin since 2000); g. news offline, g drive to create and edit spreadsheets offline.
i m not asking anything that others companies haven t done already...
also we need GOOGLE TAKE OUT for ALL g. services, not some...
To Rabid Rotty I answer in my own time !! Not yours ! Google is world wide!! So why would you be such a condescending arrogant person .!! Your big mistake is you think you know it all!, Why do you think you know my heritage . Guess what you was wrong !!! . I am not American. I am Female with an opinion . Get over it !!!
Sorry for using this site to answer back that's not what it's about. But when you read what some self righteous so and so , say it takes away from the original blog. ,!!! 
Syria has a power full hackers so the Google couldn't  do any thing to us 
Syria has been blocked  from many wep sites but i cant understand why is that because we can have the latest video games for 1 dollar or the latest movies for 50 cent or we can have windows 8 for 75 cent ?
+Debra Davies  good for you...speaking up as a female, regardless of country, is just as important as what anyone else says, regardless of gender, ethnicity, location of residence, creed, etc....and those who are self-righteous need to look in the mirror before they open their mouths (or use their fingers) to degrade another human being
+Ryan Murphy the point is for us to know, and use our collective influence as a world-wide web global village to be the heralds and also to do what can be done by ordinary citizens of this world to help out those in the rest of our "village" regardless of circumstances or nationality, think how you would feel and what you would hope be happening behind the scenes of the web, if this happened to you and your country...wouldn't you want those of other countries to kibbitz for you and make web access possible again?
+fares alahmad in all countries, there are those who would like to make it possible for people to not have access to widespread communication and news media, so that they can filter what their residents and citizens hear, read and such, it is a tool of dominance over a selected population by those who wish to have near total to total domination of that essence, they want neither the world nor their own people to know what's going on both in the world and in that area. Syria is just the latest of a long line...hopefully those hackers that you speak of, who are not controlled by the Syrian government, will find a way to break through the media blackout, as well as those from outside of Syria are looking for a way to break through the media from the outside. 

to start this post as was done, i believe was an indirect call to action to tear the wall down...the wall of media control.  let's hope i am right, and that both ends working against the middle connect so that Syrians can once again be connected to the rest of the world and share whatever has been REALLY going on.
the Syrians aren't those people in the media some of them are eating from the trash and some are looking for their family....hah no we have technologies we have powers and Dr.bashar AL-Assad isn't a dictator maybe his father was a dictator but now his changing Syria he is trying to drive Syria to the top but
no hope because he has allots of assholes in the government and in the country huh we couldn't understand what can the money do if we gave it to the poor people it makes them eat humans realy they completely turned to monsters but the Syrian army and Iran and Russia are ready for the fight  .... they are cutting the communications on us to mute our voice they are planning for some thing and i hope syria will stay strong and we r not terrorists we love the people of america but not the government..... we want peace just peace so please Google don't do that...

because we don't want to any body

and sorry if i had a spell mistakes 
don't worry about spelling mistakes...i've seen much worse (unfortunately) from those born here...keep working on it seem like a smart kid :)
tnx .... im a 3ds max designer and im a good programmer
lbunlarin hepsini silin

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