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Your email is important to you, and making sure it stays safe and always available is important to us. Starting today, Gmail will always use an encrypted HTTPS connection when you check or send email so no one can listen in on your messages as they go back and forth between you and Gmail’s servers. Learn more:
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Encryption designed to make sure no more Snowdens will leak any more NSA data sent from Google so easily to the public. That's the definition of secure. 
Thank you +Google I hope this will eventually happen to all your services ...
+Marc Burgess Yes. Email is the most unsecure way to communicate. Most email is not secured. Google has had the option to enable SSL for a while, now they're forcing it.
well... wasn't it that the way it was supposed to be in the first place??? :D regardless I am among those very few that don't use the email, or phone or have a physical address which makes it just a bit harder to keep track of me hehehe although it works both ways & so even the people I wanna keep in touch with have trouble figuring it out ;D It's like a wishing star thing when U see me passing by :D
Better would be to support the use of encrypted emails rather than simply securing the transmission to Google. After the email leaves Googles servers towards its final destination its still in plaintext. Enable the use of S/MIME and then even Google itself cannot read the email.
+TZig Adam Anymore data? When we're people leaking NSA data via Google?

Snowden had direct access to the files on the NSA servers.
Now if they could stop using RC4 on google+ and youtube that would be great.
+Google give us an option to encrypt some emails end to end. Having the keys NOT in the cloud 
thanks it seems to be working.

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It was one of my concerns when I use a public network like University or hotel wifi. Thanks Google for that security patch.
+Iwan Uswak
End-to-end encryption can not be safely deployed in a web app. As the website's code is downloaded each time the site is accessed, Google could at some point in the future decide (or be forced) to send you a version of the website that would upload your local encryption key.

The only way to get secure end-to-end encryption is by using a local application That is installed from a trusted source.
I recommend Thunderbird with the Enigmail plugin.
Thank you…………………
+Jannis Haase Why can't the OS provide a secure API (I wonder if Windows already has this) that never releases the encryption key to the application, but will encrypt/decrypt from a stored key? Wouldn't this provide end-to-end encryption safely?
It is just the connection that is secured. The data at rest on their server is not encrypted nor when sent to other servers.
Then I shall be inevitably lost with inability to do about all that. Then the ill-mannered and mean-spirited Google Korea guys will have a heyday, giving such ignorants like me a hard time!
+Marc Burgess, Gmail has used encryption by default for years but there were ways to turn it off if you wanted. Now you can't.

Note, however that email is inherently insecure. If you use Gmail to send a message to another Gmail user it will be protected but if you send email that goes to some non-gmail account it may be delivered to unsecurely unless the recipient's email provider supports encryption -- and most do not. It's generally best to assume that sending email is like mailing a postcard. The mailman can read it.
+Google Good. Now is there any chance you would stop snooping into all our mails? Because you just mentioned it..... Our email is important to us. Not you or your ads. 
So how did Google real achieve this??? I mean whats the method or protocol they are really using? ?? I would love read or watch a video how this is achieved unless its not really a confidential thing
+Rahul Metupalli I never saw the movie but I just Googled it and it seems there are similarities with the internal clock thing but I guess that is because I don't like to use alarm clocks LOL ...I have never been part of any military thing... my mom did married one of those coming from the military family at one point, we never shared much with them & I honestly I cannot stand him so I never got even close to that type of life ;D my life has been more of a gypsy type ;D

I am certain my life has been recorded breath by breath leaving me no privacy but that is something I understood only recently ;D I don't like violence of any kind and since I can tell people's intentions from the moment I meet them I don't have to go through analysis processes or plan things to achieve something... is weird I know, but is kind of knowing the answer before the question ;D

Thanks for your comment!!! ;D I was like WHO??? heheheh ;D
Great. Next can you make it so I don't have to be logged in to all of my Google accounts at once? First we couldn't log in to more than one at a time, now doing so is mandatory. What happened to the happy medium? My work uses Google Apps but for security reasons they don't have everything activated. It's a hassle to be logged in to my work and personal Gmail accounts in the same browser, but one slip up and I'm done for life!

Geez! It's like you're turning into Microsoft or something.
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