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Keeping up with the latest information about your favorite musicians, movie stars and other notable people just got easier thanks to the Knowledge Graph and Google Now. Say that you're a Pink Martini fan and like staying informed about their latest album releases. On the Google Search App, search for [pink martini]. On the card that pops up, tap "Remind you about new releases?" and Google Now will keep you updated on your phone or tablet. Similarly, use Google Now to stay in the know about your favorite athletes. For example, search for [colin kaepernick] and tap "Get updates about Colin Kaepernick" on his card; doing so lets Google Now know that you'd like to receive news. Remember that to use this feature, you'll need to be signed into your Google account on the Google Search App.

Update: modified examples to reflect available information in the Knowledge Graph.

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Awesome!!! Now, please announce the new Nexus devices and KitKat so we can start Christmas shopping early. :-)
+Clemens H it's so annoying that it takes them so long to roll out stuff to other countries. Here in Canada we still can't purchase Google play cards... They say it's coming but they've been saying that for years.
Strange how the status bar only has the time
Interesting, for the mortals outside of the United States; you can use Google alerts to stay informed

It's not working in Canada.
Why does it take so long to get these things rolled out in other countries? 
The vast majority of cards only work in the US. Google is not rushing to get them into other markets Same as Google Wallet, Music etc.
I've been doing this to set reminders for all of my favorite shows in Google Now, but not all of the shows come up with a reminder button & it seems to be kind of arbitrary. It's kind of frustrating, mainly b/c I don't have a solution & I don't know what the source of the issue is.

Please advise?
I think that makes about 36 cards Google Now can show. Why do less than half of them work in the UK +Google ?

(Or everywhere outside the US even)
How about you guys let Canada access this feature?  These slow country roll outs of features really suck.
I wish it gave us notifications rather than subtly placing cards in Google Now. It would have been helpful for Breaking Bad over the past few weeks. Maybe add it as a setting?
+Gaspar M actually, they just released them a day or two ago, finally.
google has made it easier for celebrity stalkers
Okay. I like it, moreover easy to access.especially link to youtube/videos

I searched San Jose Sharks and this option did not come up.  What gives?
Love how Google now I'd evolving! 
We should be able to do this for however we want. This could be a fantastic opportunity to help students with their research. Example: say my research paper is on comets and a researcher (lets call him Dr. Spock for fun) that does a lot of articles on comets and space is someone i would like to follow. How cool would that be to follow Dr. Socks articles, posts or blogs on comets?

It would be really cool if you could set up filters. Example, maybe I don't care about Dr. Socks articles about Star Trek. Maybe I only care about anything he says on comets and the solar system. I could set up a filter like: Dr. Spock, comets, solar systems.

Dang that would be soooo dope!
Its a wonderful addition to Google Now. I actually just searched for the +United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon and can get updates about him as well and followed up with a search on other politicians from the USA & EU among others. Thanks +Google !
Is the keep me updated feature only available in the US?
This feature is missing off lately ?? With everything set as default ( US English) any suggestions to get it back?
I use to see this feature when I searched in Chrome for celebrities or athletes now it seems it's gone? +Google Can you tell me if this has been removed or changed? 
It's been missing for more than a month. This feature is absolutely crucial for me after the demise of Please bring it back!

I'm still getting Google Now update cards based on previously selected "keep me updated" pages but can't create new or turn off old because the option is missing from the Knowledge Graph results from a search.
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