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Account Activity is a new feature in your Google Account that helps you better understand and manage your information on Google. If you sign up, each month we’ll send you a link to a password-protected report with insights into your signed-in use of Google services—such as email volume, top searches and sign-in locations.
Every day we aim to make technology so simple and intuitive that you stop thinking about it—we want Google to work so well, it just blends into your life. But sometimes it's helpful to step back a...
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Well, that'll be extremely useful for those of us that want to see a run down of what we've been doing on our Google accounts. Good work, Google Team.
We already have Dashboard, Account overview and Latitude location notifications. I'll opt in and check it out.
Currently only Gmail has a feature to allow you see where else you are signed in: mobile, browser etc along with IP information.
useful, i guess. would be more interesting to get a breakdown of g+ usage.
It is very simple +Google that I simply stumbled upon. I appreciate the reaction to user input.
Per fortuna che anche in Italia, FUNZIONA! ;-)
Thanks Google Team, you people made my life very easier than ever...
Great Work... Congrats....
Give us back the old '+1' button!!!
the new one is better , but in the end i think they need to give a right to all users to choose wich template to use , something like a theme! ;)
I try not to be paranoid but isn't this a sneaky little way of gaining consent so Google, that I love as a company, can collect more information about everything we do on the internet and it's all consensual.
Very nice feature, although it would be useful to be able to choose to be notified via a (google+) notification rather than via e-mail...
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