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When you want to check a stock, searching for the ticker symbol on Google will show you a snapshot of timely, relevant information like the current quote and daily chart. Clicking on the chart enables you to further explore the stock's stats on Google Finance, along with recent news, upcoming events and company information. If you're logged into your Google Account, you can save the company or fund to a portfolio by clicking the "Add to Portfolio" button. #searchtips
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I've been runnin my portfolio for about a year... Markets aren't good lately.
lol Google is secretly attacking Facebook's fail stock :P
+Google, confess: you made a post out of this just because you saw an exponential growth in "FB" queries.
(Still slightly above 27 bucks, by the way)
+Christophe Grangean I now see I was late on that one. :D
I prefer for realtime tracking and news. Only thing I use Google Finance for is the stock screener.
FB's market cap before the IPO was over its around 57Bil...oh what a month for the FB's.
+Ryan Parker that's a good recommendation. I'm actually surprised how much google finance's charts lack interactivity. And the candle sticks and OHLC charts are busted.
+Eric Siegel Precisely why I went to tradingview. I wanted more interactivity to try out technical ideas on the charts. I'm been recommending to tradingview to include a stock screening tool. Here's hoping.
Funny, I've had that up in full screen for the past week watching Facebook's stock. It's a great feeling watching it tank so hard.
+Ryan Parker I honestly don't know anything about charting, and I actually don't concern myself that much with intraday movements, but candlesticks definitely provide more granular information about price movements.
I'm kinda surprised Google didn't outright use a picture of the FB ticker for this post. :P
yahoo finance is on G+
google finance is NOT on G+, why ?????????
Integrate with global stock exchanges please.
so it's kind of like google calculator? If it is, that's amazing.
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