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Happy 407th birthday to renowned Dutch painter Rembrandt van Rijn. Rembrandt painted almost 100 self-portraits during his lifetime, so it's only fitting that our doodle today uses one of those paintings as its inspiration.
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The original selfie king. Can you imagine what he'd be like with a cell phone and bathroom mirror in this time? 
Me Be
Art is a nice way to express yourself.
"almost 100 self portraits" talk about the modern day teenage girl.
I like the ARTS. Its what they used to teach us with The history is beautiful it's why I learned to sketch so far it's just a hobby we have doodle pics you can get them made in a booth at North Park Mall Lots of fun Rembrandt is my fave! 
What about Wagner's 200th?  Nothing.
It's Rembrandt's 407th birthday and my 46th (it just FEELS like I'm 407).  ;) 
The original "camera" whore. Talk about too many selfies.
very important painter of holland....
Any modern selfie photographer would say "Only 100? Bitch please!"
If you fly Delta or KLM and have to switch planes in Amsterdam, you can see some of Rembrandt's paintings right there at Schiphol! They have an exhibition so one can brag about having been to Amsterdam and having seen more than the AMS airport. If you have a couple of hours between flights, you can easily take the train to the city, take a boat tour, taste some Dutch cheese and go back.
The distance between  Schiphol airport and Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam is around 45 minutes. U have time for visits the Rijksmuseum around 2 a 3 hours.
I hope I look that good at 407. Lol
Keith H
The ultimate "selfie" if he held a paint brush in front of himself.
I love his work, but he was a bit full of himself wasn't he? :) Thanks for this great doodle, Google!
I am a horrible artist but that is a really good painting 
Google earns our gratitude for bringing this great painting to us.
Great man, painter Rembrandt 407 is many years, did he come again as another person???
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