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If you said “yes” to #WorldCup updates on Google Now, say hello to new video highlights from the matches and goodbye to missing any of the action. Tap on the match you want and get access to video highlights of the most exciting moments from the games -- from the best goals to the most painful penalty misses and more. Not getting #WorldCup updates? Tap the magic wand and add World Cup as an interest to get the updates. The video highlights from +ESPN will be available in the U.S. on your Google Search app in Android, or in iPhone and iPad
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I said yes, but I'm not getting the updates
Just in time for England leaving the world cup :(
I say yes to the world cup update, but I don't want the score on the notification screen. I turn off the Google Now notifications, but they still appears. Can you help me?
Nice, even though I don't see them yet in Germany. But live notifications for your favorite team would also be very nice. 
I had to reload the Google search page in chrome last Monday at work during the Germany match the whole time, because I accidentally swiped away the single Germany card in Google Now during the game.
This is a pretty powerful current event distribution system!
Please do the same for cycling(Giro, Tour, and Vuelta), and Formula 1. Pleeaaasssseee.
I want just two more follower anybody want to help me.
Can we say #no  and remove all #worldcup  information from all +Google platforms entirely? I didn't want to know before England was so obviously going to be knocked out.
Why is not available in my country please answer !!!
Ging De
Gonna uncircle google for spamming worldcup related crap....
Google Now is not available in BIH :(
Stop with the World Cup posts. Please. I don't watch football.
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