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We've added more than 20 U.S. museums to our growing collection of indoor maps. Locate the great whale hanging in the Museum of Natural History in New York, or find your way to a Picasso in the de Young in San Francisco. Across the country, plan your route from exhibit to exhibit and explore great museums with any Android device.
In the past, navigating through museums could be an art form in and of itself. But Google Maps for Android has got wayfinding inside your favorite museums down to a science. With indoor maps and walki...
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Love Google Maps, sad to see Apple ditching a far superior option
Shortest route through an Ikea would be a true blessing.
I wanted to write an app that helps the user navigate through any building, possibly using accelerometer and compass to track movement and combine with GPS when available.
+Joseph Lee It seems to me that for once with Maps Apple are more concerned with strategy than quality of product. I'd question that strategy, but there you go.
Museum of National History? Hmmm.. Surely the amazing 1:1 scale whale is suspended below the ceiling of Museum of Natural History in N.Y.?
I cant wait till the do this for airports with real-time info such as how busy the airport is, security lines, flight info,i.e., boarding, at gate or delayed !
Add narrative as an option on top of directions.
The Met. is a complete maze. Much needed.
Franklin likes ridin in da cloud............
But I can't cut up a Google map and glue it into a scrapbook... right +Emily Day
Some of Google's maps are a little scary in my opinion but I do like the idea of mapping museums and public places like that as it is probably easier than trying to follow the maps they pass out, or sell, at the door.
Need this for grocery stores, wal-mart, target, etc.  Although I guess those entities would fight such a product tooth and nail since they WANT you wandering aimlessly through the store, happening upon things you didn't know you wanted.
I would just be happy if Wal-Mart put some more people at the checkout counters.  30 counters and typically 4-6 open lanes.  I guess after you wander around the entire store and spend an hour or more they know you aren't going to walk out so they don't care how long you wait in line.
Is there a list of all the indoor maps that are available? Or a specific way to search on Maps to just see indoors? I also would love to see a list (or search) of all the places with indoor street view.
+Ryan Hayle What practical use would indoor maps provide on the computer version of google maps? Its just a map, its not like street view where you could tour the museum for free...
Come on Google, get the UK covered pronto. After all, it's only a small country!
+Karoline Macura They launched it already in Switzerland but I'm afraid they won't expand it for a while, concentrating on more populated areas (US)
wei yu
Google always do great works, well done!
Wohoo! More Indoor +Google Maps! Museums this time! I absolutely love this feature and comes in handy. I also love the Street View Inside a place, specially with the campus is turned on! Just beautiful! Whenever I wanna go out to eat I just check Google Maps and go inside to check the restaurant! Just brilliant!
Is it available in the harshest environments e.g. Northern Kenya
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