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Google Maps is available to everyone using any mobile browser. And this includes iOS6 users. Accessing Google Maps is really easy—just follow the steps below. 

1. Open the Safari browser and go to 
2. Tap the Share button (on the bottom middle of the screen on iPhone, at the top on iPad)
3. Tap “Add to Home Screen”
4. Tap “Add” in the upper right corner of the screen
5. Now, simply tap on the icon and let Google Maps get you where you want to go!

With Google Maps on your mobile browser, you get many of the same Google Maps features you’re familiar with, including the ability to:
-See your current location
-Get driving, transit, biking and walking directions
-Turn on satellite, transit, traffic, biking and other layers
-Search for nearby landmarks, restaurants and other points of interest
-See clickable icons for popular businesses and transit stations, as well as detailed information such as hours of operation, Zagat scores and more
-When signed into your Google account, access your recent searches, starred locations and My Maps

Google Maps for mobile web browsers provides the latest features without needing to install any updates, no matter what device you use.
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finally. People dont seem to get you could have just done this in the first place...
app out soon fingers crossed :)
Yes superb strategy to have a GOOGLE MAP In our IPHONE...**-abdf*--am*..
i have a sneaky suspicion that even tho google saved the day with their maps on iOS6 i think apple and their fan legion will some how take credit...
Lucky old #iOS6 users, having a fallback to a real mappping system ;o)
We don't want a workaround.  We want our Google Maps App back on iOS 6!
Your freaking Awesome +Google ..Stay Classy. We Love the "Help" your giving to iPhone in their time of utter failure ;-) ;-) i get it
any mobile browser???????????????????
Satellite layer looks terrible on retina display. Sad map party. Don't even get me started on the MobileSafari toolbar.
Definitely planning on doing this when I upgrade to an iPhone 5 in the next month or two. Though I would MUCH prefer a new Google Maps app... I really hope you guys are working on one.
you guys should write a Map for iOS soon. Turn by turn would be great specially in places that Apple doesn't provide it.
Lets not hate people...When Apple fans decide to switch over we will welcome them back with open arms..resisting the urge to say "I Told You So"
i'll stick with built in Maps app. I'll take it for the team. 

also my city looks cool in 3D =P
Bit cludgy though! Nowhere near as intuitive as the app version. 
I bet in his apology Timmy did not note the above.
Google, you're too kind: they should die trying to find their way with their wretched maps..
Does Android have this ability of adding a "webapp" to the home screen?    
Not doing the upgrade to IOS6 because I need streetview for my work and this work around does not provide this. Apple I hope you are paying attention. If not when IOS5 is no longer supported then I'll will have to become a Droid :-(. 
I don't go anywhere new without checking Google Maps first.
Oh hi guys.Have you heard about the iworkaround? 
What a coincidence, this post coming up the same day Tim Cook apologized for Apple Maps and urged iOS users to seek fulfillment for their cartographical needs elsewhere :)
Or get the Samsung galaxy SIII. Apple says Samsung phones are like iPhones, just cheaper...lmao
 Thanks Google. You are now...better than Yahoo!.
A pretty close 2nd
 The Galaxy is a very clean looking, quality phone AND you will not have to get a loan 2 pay for it. ;-) Check out my review on 'the Tube', tomorrow. Search product advisOR ad ~9.21
We need official Google maps for ios 6
Shouldn't the Google Maps icon be same as that on Android...standard across all platforms to avoid any confusion
Yahoo? Wtf yahoo still exists for what? :)
Is there a way to set it so that it opens in chrome?
not "upgrading" seems simpler. there are no must-have features in ios 6.
What can you do know apple to skip google maps ?
All this is just pretty cool!
Apple removing Google Maps with iOS 6,
failling with their own service,
and finally advising to the competitors.
Google staying calm,
announcing updates making their tool even more greater,
and now this calmy, cool instructions!
I have both Android and iOS  devices and i love them all this little problem with Maps isn't gonna stop me from loving iOS. My Nexus seven was stolen when it was supposed to be delivered to me from google and i had buy one from Walmart. This never happen to me in any of my many pre-orders from Apple. I didn't get back my money from google for a while but i still stick with them.  I remember in 2007 when i bought my first iPhone how i felt out of this world i loved my iphone so much, i had the same feelings when i bought my first android phone a Droid X which i bought the same day it came out . These two companies are the best at what they do and i'll never give up on them because i know the will put their best out to get things right . I carry my Galaxy S3 on my side right next to my iPhone 5 and they both get along fine so why are we fighting ?. 
wtf, I want the real google map app back on my iPhone!
+Google  You guys probably all cheered when you read Tim Cook's announcement this morning.
Apple deserves just a web app for iOS 6, please dont create a native app and let them suffer (devil) :D
Learn to help your rivals the Google way. Spread the love and happiness
Don't wanna brag (I attually do wanna brag) but you should of got an Android you iUpYourOwnArse people.
For all my unfortunate apple fanboys...
all you iphone users want google maps but wont buy a android phone... LMFAO... 
Googles the one that made Google maps not on ios6
blame google for apples new map app. if google let apple have the turn by turn navigations there would still be maps but no google had to make a big deal about it and took both youtube and maps...
Apple is still the winner in this one thought:) iPhone 5 FTW
I don't understand why so many people would rather have the app on their Iphone.  Maybe if you would by a phone that is about more than show you wouldn't have the problem in the first place.
47% of iOS users see themselves as victims who are entitled to maps and navigation.
Also if you really need a map apps so bad and the fact most of the iPhone users here are complaining.... Why dont you just buy a GPS? You bought a 700 dollar phone where a gps is only 100$ i got both and im not complaining about ios6...
iPhone isnot phone it's only hight price what likes people!
how can ios or iphone live without google :P they have to thank god day and night cause there is a google to make their phones be useful .... 
I am Android user , i am not using iPhone and i amnot loser !
"+Jake Arsenault - Just buy a GPS" - WTF? Buy a GPS?, you Apple boi's. Like things that look good but don't attualy work and dont have a clue how stuff works. Super lolcane at your expence.
dude sure ur not looser ur one of the millions blessed ppl on earth because u use google and android, 
+Paul Hutchinson im not just an apple boi i have boot camp running on my imac with windows 7 and 8 beta i have a hp pavillon which i bearly use i do have a imac macbook ipad apple tv and the new iphone but android users think apple user only use apple products . thinks again my fridge is LG ..... My fridge isnt pretty but its not the outside the matters its whats on the inside
finally finally. I wanted use google maps instead of iphone maps. google maps are much much better!
1. Sell your iPhone or do not buy any
2. Buy two Nexus devices of the money you've got for your iPhone
3. ???
4. Profit.
+Mitch K-Man Pretty sure you can get an iphone for free on a 2 to 3 year plan therfore u make profit on apple devices instead of 2 shitty google phone lol look into things before commenting
hmmm ( shitty google phone ????? ) omg bad boy ... dont forget that ur entertain urself by using G+ "G = google" if you still didnt recognize it ...or maybe u were so busy trying to play a video file or an mp3 song on ur iphone but it didnt work with you ... its ok keep trying maybe after 2 or 3 years u will have the technology after we throw it 
anyway guys never argue with iphone user ... they created the sun .. but they need Google map to go back home, loooooooooooool 
When is the app coming? How come YouTube (the app) was available instantly but Maps wasn't? Was that +Google who decided that or +Apple??
Hi Googlers,
I have an idea for an app that would nicely integrate into Maps and G+.
Is anyone at Google interested in listening to it?
Yeah, this is really not the same as the Google Maps app, is it? Where's streetview, etc?
Excuse me, and about iPod Touch 4th g.? Is available if I do upgrade to iOS6? Thank you!
To get Google Maps back on iOS6 - create a bookmark. Or get a real phone.
... and that's the only time you need to use safari, after that switch to chrome !
+Jake Arsenault ohhh.. you need a 50€/Month 2-3 year plan to afford your iPhone? kid, listen to me carefully: you are unable to calculate. i'm able to get a nexus at a way lower rate than your iNoob. despite that, no matter how cheap the device is, pure android + google services are unbeatable. but fortunately, the galaxy nexus is one of the today's high-end smartphones. and just 300€ without a 2 year plan (at least in germany, don't know other prices)
Can you make it so that it will open with the Chrome app instead?
i didnt know maps was such a big deal its a phone not a GPS and plus the map still has streets and it tells you everything you need does it not. i could get a normal map, yeah the ones made from paper, and it wouldnt be any better than the one on the iphone. so everyonw stop complaining its googles fault iphones dont have google maps and carry on your day...
Any chance about makeing the web app full screen? Opening a new tab in safari isn't usefull 
+Mitch K-Man how much do you pay per month with the nexus because if its in the 50$ range you might as well get a contract plus its only 200 dollars for early upgrade if you want a new phone its not gunna break yeah
just make a real app and an option to use it as default
miss my google maps soooooo much :( this can be the way, but not a solution
So how do I do this with mobile Chrome for iOS? Been looking but doesn`t seem to have the ability?? 
Lain G
What about WP version?
It would be awesome if you guys could figure out how to get turn by turn in the web browser. Still very cool though.
Not getting lost in the city, theres an ap... oh nevermind
I utilize two GPS to verify the data I recieve, I have numerous paper maps, but when driving a 70 foot long, 13 foot 6 inches high, 80000 pound, 40 ton, 18 wheel tractor trailer I often do not get the best information on how to drive up to the proper driveway and door to deliver your Droids! I must have street view!
hey I am a software engineer and first of all...... +Google  you don't provide any place where somebody can contact you directly.......I found a huge bug in your accounts log in system and it should be eliminated as soon as can lead into into security breach..........cannot explain the bug here because then everybody will try to hack into your system.......get sombody from your technical department to mail me as soon as that I could explain the condition to you.......
It's ok but I have stil 5.1.1 so I don't mention the problem
+Google should I call it generosity or latest business strategy? For one thing, I am sure there is no free beer.
Anyway, enjoy Apple got your life back :D
+Google, you guys should have a link to these instructions on the Google Homepage so that everybody who owns an iPhone sees these instructions.
i would love to see google actually remove its products from all apple devices. i am pretty sure they wouldnt even dare to do that. apple users are a huge bunch, google cant afford, in all senses of the word, to lose such a huge number of users. and of course, as you know, google is already developing maps app for ios.
Apple is always forcing users to the Ancients Time. From internet (client-server) to local (apps).

From Google maps to Apple maps.
It's a shame google don't improve the web app a little.
- Get rid of the address bar
- remember location privacy setting
Apple, the company that in the past couldn't even figure out time zone changes in its IOS.
I don't think Google should remove access from Apple devices, I just think in order to recoup some of the $1bn they should charge Apple for each search.
I'm boycotting iOS6 until further notice, all because of Apple Maps. 
this solution isn't very intuitive. It's clunky to use and downright dangerous on the road. I am not impressed. 
Going to google detox. What else could they possibly want to know about me? Google latitude knows exactly where I go all day every day. They say you can opt out but I think the only way to really opt out is to throw your phone in the river.
+Marshall Pyke What do you think that apple's motives are by releasing their own maps? To gather information, information they don't have. Google has been mining information for years and that is why they are superior. Apple has nothing but credit card numbers, which doesn't help them create a better user experience for the CUSTOMER! Anyone can sell hardware, it's the software and the information behind it that makes it relevant. You clearly have now idea how Google makes money. Google's customers are corporations and businesses trying to buy adds. They don't have to charge end users for overpriced hardware to stay afloat. Have fun buying $30 adapters. Apple would have to move mountains to get a fraction of the information that Google has. Even their pile of YOUR cash couldn't buy enough information to dent Google's stash.
I did not use google maps anyway... I used Mapquest. I've had windows phones, I've played with android devices, but for ME I prefer my iOS
Cmon, this is a temporary mediocre bandaid. The web app is slow, it is not the same as the actual Google map app that was integrated into iOS's firmware. People should not post comments unless they know something on the subject. Clearly, most of you do not. At least Cook realized that this is not a fix; however, he did mention WAZE but their maps are actually even worse than Apple's maps. The good thing about Waze though it is gives traffic info (crowd sourcing). The more people who use it, the more info that is gathered. I wouldnt be surprised if Apple is not in some negotiation with Waze right now.
Don't forget street view and turn by turn nav, or your net usage :-) ha ha ha I hope google ops out of any iphone Use maybe the zombie apocalypse will learn Android is the beast
Hi everyone. I understand the disappointment with the new iOS6 Maps App. I love Google and Apple, and I really want both to prosper. If one of these companies disappears, no more cool stuff, so please stop this war between Android and iOS. 90% of the people talking bad things about Apple or Android never had a device in their hands to really see the potential of both OS. Both are awesome in their own way. Peace.
+Marshall Pyke It might not make them superior as far as market capitalization but it does make them superior in delivering a better service to users. Way to take one sentence of my response and try to twist it to fit your lame argument about data mining. My whole point is that Google has the data, Apple wants it, and Google has done better job with it. Give your data to Apple if it makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside, but again, how do you bash Google when your beloved Apple is now trying to compete in the same market? Apple is ten years late to the data mining party. Get over the Apple walled garden ecosystem.
saya minta maaf atas kesalahan saya. Thanks
Apple Maps are for people who still use MapQuest and don't know any better. GO ANDROID!
@ +Erica Miller Wow! I am sorry for your frustrating experience. But I NEVER buy a pre-launch item for 90-120 days after the additional product bugs by users have been found. I hope the issue gets cleared up for you soon. 
This is not even close to native app 
When Is google going to fix the Phone Call service in the inbox chat??????? WHY does it tell me to download the voice plug in to make a call when I click on that it just goes in a loop....Right back to a phone that wont work! Ive used this in the past and really like it.
Tom Yan
C'mon Google, shouldn't you be promoting your own browser, Chrome, instead of Safari?
this is why my next phone is a droid - Apple you suck!!!
this is slap for apple for suing Samsung Galaxy S3 
I love apple when it comes to technology, but lately ive been pulled to android, and google, and I LOVE IT!!!!!! GOOGLE IS EPIC!!!!
Alan Tu
I wonder where the native app is hiding :P
Google Maps is the best! I'm glad it's still available with iOS6
Can I create a shortcut to google maps in Chrome? I don't like safari, that's hardly an improvement from the useless maps app. What we really need is a full featured google maps app for iOS. (I miss my android so much...)
+Erica Miller You don't have to spam every post by Google you see about your "Google experience". Sure you didn't get your Nexus 7, but you don't have to tell everyone at lease 100 times. You're just ruining the experience for others.
The most annoying part about this is that I actually had to use Safari. Been using chrome on my iPhone since 30 seconds after buying it...
It should start by saying after step 1, download Google Chrome and never use Safari again, then continue with the rest of the instructions.  I have an old iPhone for work.
I hope an actual map app is on the way.  I'd rather pay a few bucks to buy a Google Maps app than use that garbage that's on my phone now. 
However I still wonder if iOS6 users have realized Apple is using them as beta testers AND making them do the hard work for them as data collectors and bug-hunting non-paid employees......
While Apple is being a douchebag to everyone, Google dosen't care and want's to find a way to make customers happy.
Love the new apple maps app. Step by step directions by TomTom is amazing and the traffic overlay works brilliant!!
This feature has been around for along time already. People are just too fixated with apps.
I like every thing Google! It's faster than IE. I'm still trying to learn how to use the Google+ to stay in touch with two Grandsons. Skip
Great solution... but I can't set it to use chrome on my iPhone. 
Problem is you can't access your address book directly. Shouldn't have updated :(
uhh I still got lost with this. The Google maps in safari browser sucks! I kept having to reload the page everytime I went off it, it wouldn't load twice I had to refresh it, my battery was dying. Google needs to hurry and get an app for iOS 6 and fast. I would have never download stupid new update if I had known. Now I'm stuck with it.
Everything about iOS 6 sucks. I mean, they can't expect to start good in a new world of mapping and transport directions when people like the dominating giants such as Google Maps and Nokia Maps!
i know its been long gone but i am sad to see Cyanogenmod stopped development for EVO 4G back on CM7, i used a ported CM9 and it was amazing. The phone is capable, but the Good fokes at Cyanogen can only do so much, i understand.
i already estimate that apple maps will fail. it's like suicide try to compete Google Map. It's like Apple try to make their own search engine.
Why doesn't the Google map that comes on the previous iphones have the bike option? Why do I have to do this through Safari just to get that?
+James Trageser Complain to Apple. They are the ones who removed it not Google.
Yep Google Maps on Safari gives great maps for iPhone, but no audible turn by turn directions. Back to square one.
I have a compliment, that you should not be gullible on any site because there has been things on the news that people get kidnapped when you think that the person that you are talking to sometimes ain't the person your searching for.
Google Maps on both my iPhone and iPad are incredibly buggy. I use it for transit directions when I have to.
This is waiting, without google maps and Cydia my iPhone is unless
this is simply not the same as the app. I miss the old google maps app. Not as smooth...different options
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