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The next time you're dining out with friends, eliminate the guesstimating of figuring out how much to tip. Say that you're out to eat with eight friends and the bill is $323. On the Google Search App, just type or tap the mic and ask, "What's the tip for 323 dollars?" You can also easily adjust the percent of the bill you’d like to tip, and split the check among the people in your party.

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I was wondering about this because I know Siri had it. Kudos, Google, kudos
18%?, in Mexico it's actually 10% o.0 ...
$50 per person? That's a pretty fancy restaurant... 
I suppose that this is great, if you're innumerate.
Is there another command for this? Service usually gets included for large groups here.
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Would be nice to include the usual tip percentage for the region 
..just tried, not working in germany..
18% !!! Are you sure this is not a service charge?

+Google it's a shame it is so US centric and always shows in $$$$$$
How about internationalisation?
I wouldn't eat anywhere that costs that much! 
I will be using this ALL THE TIME!
Careful though, seems to break for large amounts due to auto added commas. (Misinterprets $1,000 as $1.00) Not that I think anyone will make the mistake of blindly thinking that is accurate. I just like to test and break things...
Wow, it's not working in the UK either. Come on Google, there's really no reason this doesn't work in the EU, it's not like the maths is any different.
Why do we tip at restoronts, we never seem to tip people who work else where? 
+1 for the service, -1 for not using different currencies for each country 
My parents need this, they agree the worst tippers!
+Chloe Johnson  Because most of the staff at Restaurants only get paid around $3-4/hour. It's a double-edged sword. The law states they don't need to be paid at least minimum wage because they get tips, but if they don't get tips then they are practically working for free.
+Patrick Cambria 47.65 total per person including tip. So 47.65*8 =  $381.2 
Tarik Ali
Tips don't exist in the uk
I like that.....
just tried it and it works
+Tarik Ali they do in some places, at a place I used to work we got tips, not a lot mind you but we still got some tips! ^-^
Me Be
$47.65 per person? That is ridiculous. Where I live, tipping is at the discretion of the customer. It is not mandatory for the customer to tip.
+Shawn Conlin therefore it's a service charge, not a tip. They should be paid properly for their work. As is the case in Europe, where a tip is a tip and service is included in the price.
IMHO a tip is for above minimum levels of service.

+Martim Lobão +Robert Hustwick you need to live a little, have a couple drinks with dinner & even a very reasonable restaurant could hit that per person easy. You can go over $10 per person at a fast-food drive through. You've never taken a girl(or date) out to dinner? If you spent less then that you need to treat your dates better :-)
Jeez, Google introduces a feature and all people say is how ridiculous that restaurant is! LOL 
Nice to see more of these type of things coming to Google Now / Search, but its a tip (good job, thank you, you kept our drinks filled) not a second payment! 
I just do 20% - $323 is $32.30 + $32.30 = $64.60. If you want to tip less you can round down; if it was worth more you can round up. No calculator, computer, or abacus needed - maybe some fingers and toes for a weird amount.
Doesn't work if you add cents.
I love you +Google, but I hate that you're getting greedy. Why put our picture in these ads. So unnecessary. 
+Martim Lobão I'm in the US, where are you, if you don't mind me asking. I'd like to vist a place where you can get a good meal so reasonably. I'd could live like a king for a week or two.
+Tim Berkesch my grandfather was the only male influence in my life growing up, I was taught the same, you get much better service especially at places you go often when you tip well. It's well worth it for good service & people that take the time to know you by name.
In Slovakia you tip if you want, it is not obligatory. The price for food contains the services. I do not understand why tips should be paid. 
You know I just went and ran the example.  I'm going to be using this all the time.
+Silvia Pallova in the US waiters are often paid less then the minimum wage, tips are expected because we know it's how they make their living. There often paid 3-$4 an hour when the minimum wage is 8-$9 an hr. The employers are aloud to do that because it's socially expected to tip. For large group it is often added to the bill but only for large groups.
Just put a big tip on the table this isnt brain surgery the person waiting on you may be a college student or a single mom and chances are she's working for peanuts any way so put a nice tip for the person you dont need a dam app to do whats right.
Never understood tipping. You get terrible food and/or service and you are still expected to pay extra?
In Australia no need to tip but if you do it's usually to round up a bill to a round number or if you get exceptional service.
+Svuile unm your picture in what add? If your talking about this post you put you picture by commenting.
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Wow. I just tried it. Very useful. Very simple to use. Well done Google. 
And then there is the one guy that doesn't want to split the tab evenly cause he only had water to drink... #frugal
Jason S
Its not working when i use natural language. When I say "what's the tip for 217 and 13 cents" it fails and gives me search results. I had to edit it down to "what's the tip for 217.13" for it to work.
Took 5 times to get it right, but it worked.  I started with "what is the tip on a 68 dollar bill".  It translated correctly, than did a google search.  I then did "What's the tip on $305 dollars" It pulled up What's the temperature, What's the temp...  Cool, but don't who want's to ask a phone 5 times to do something???
+Joel Davis still I think it is strange. Waitress here do not earn more either. If people go here in restaurant, they expect some level of the service usually then added to the food price. If customers are satisfied and feel they have got more than expected, they give tip. If the tips are a must, then you actually accept that employers are right and then they are not forced to increase the salaries. 
Whaaat this is awesome. I didn't know Google did this!
I still don't understand the absurdity of tipping and not including the tax in the overall price. Just add it all in the total price in the menu so the price you see is the price you pay, no suprises. That's what we have in Australia, it's just logical
I'm really worried now about the Grin on the face of the waiter/waitress after looking at the tip amount! ..Lol Price-You-See-Price-You-Pay is best!
Im confused... Why does it matter what currency the calculator is in? Wouldn't it still give the same results?
What I don't understand is who would be dumb enough to say this into his/her phone in a restaurant with other people looking on, keeping in mind that people have a tendency to talk LOUD-LY-AND-CLEAR-LY into the cell phone mic.


I would feel like a complete tool if I ever did that.  That's why there's a calculator app.
Totally agreed, plus you also get the freedom to tip if you really like the service. Best of both worlds.
I tip 20% unless the service is bad. I've lived on what my customers left for me. I understand the process. This app will be very handy for those who choose to use it, and need it :) 
Restaurants force a gratuity on eight-person parties, so you don't need to tip, it's built-in automatically.
Sometimes, I need to exercise my brain using math. Alzheimer may be close.
I've repeatedly tried to use this and it doesn't work for me.
3 hundred dollars? i never spend that much at a resturant
i'm in CA i guess i'm just too cheap :)
that was done  along time ago but it looks neat with voice control
Voice control stating how much you want to tip? You must be a good tipper ;-)
In Scotland.. Apparently tip = test! 10 times out of 10 attempts.. 
Are you serious @ Google? Is this what you're thinking about your customers intelligence?   ;-P
I mean percentage calculation shouldn't be a problem for well educated people. If it's nevertheless, it needs more efforts than covering the symptoms.
+Christian Winter I think it's more that they think we are too lazy. I for one could easily calculate the tip and split, but I might not want to after a nice big meal.
if your watching  phone meals, thinking that's what it's worth  then somebody lied to you about the the price of what your viewing to eat because the tasting is worth more than you know. An for those who are spontaneous at times don't because some don't respect the spice they disrespect it instead of being grown about what's going on.
I would definitely rather they think me lazy than dumb :)
What sort of civilised county doesn't pay its workers enough so they need tips? Pay a living wage stop people having to beg for money. 
How can you mess up such simple stuff?
+Google please copy wolfram alpha. They provide the tip amount and the new total so that I can write them onto my credit slip I am asked to sign.

By the way, I concur with all of you who think tips are an absurd way that I pay a restaurant's labor bill. I think I should stop tipping and instead drop a preprinted card explaining to the waiter that his or her employer is trying to take advantage of both his labor and his customers.
Qual e a diferenca entre violacao e estupro.
+Caleb Patton I admit, laziness is a possibility. I also admit in some way it caught me up too. There were times, I memorised all telephone numbers on my internal HD drive right beneath my hairs (it was the time, they weren't grey ;-).. Today I know, where my contact list is...
No tips in Australia james I get that but you posted this in the usa where we do tip and if you can aford 325 to eat out then stand up and give the person a good tip. These people put up with all kinds of crap people who have drank to much others that that there above you in standing you get the idea right and sitting useing app to figure out what to them is just rude if remember right 8 peoplr I asume 4 ladies like wise on men guys stand up and each of ya throw 15 apiece and if the food stinks or service is bad go to the net find the resturant and and give a bad refew but it sounds to me that your alittle cheap
When I'm in countries that have mandatory tipping I use an app for it, which means it still works in the basement restaurant or elsewhere without coverage. Knowing the local rate would be helpful, though the fact that there is a local rate does indicate just how nuts the practice of inflicting this arithmetic on customers is.
James I forgot one thing I dont need a app to be a good person
I am afraid to imagine what could happen when Google (or the Internet) in unavailable... :)
I find it OFFENCE that you are required to tip. If THAT IS THE CASE then include that cost ON THE BILL.

To me - I only tip because I've got EXTRAORDINARY SERVICE!!! Not that someone delivered a plate to my table.

So can we just go back to WHY! We tip!!!
It's all about the SERVICE.... Not for just doing what you're paid to do - mostly zombie status doing.

But when I am given extra-ordinary service, when that person has SERVED me in a way that is lovely - as in giving the service, hairdresser, cab driver, waiter, door man (whom ever) and it MAKES your experience nice - THEN I TIP!!!

Or I could use my brain to figure out the tip myself and be a gentleman and take care of the tip.
Wow a fancy tip calculator.....

It does other things!!!!
I dont no tip calculator your putten some for nasa its a tip
In Soviet Russia restaurants tip you
Is basic math that hard!!!
Let's round it.
320 * 20%  (divide by 10, mult. by 2) =64
64 / 8 = $8 each.
3 seconds & exercise your mind a bit.
Really, if you can't estimate this in you head , you need to down load a flash card app and work on one multiplication and division skills
Good lord. If the service was good, divide by ten and double, ignoring anything past the decimal point. (In NY, 20% is the standard tip for good service).

So-so service? Just divide by ten, and don't double. (10% is considered the standard "meh" tip).

Rude service? Do what my mother taught me to do: leave a single penny, in the center of your plate, and never go back again.

See? Easy, isn't it?

my calculation food 22% drinks 5%
Didn't they cover this on Seinfeld 10 years ago? ;)
+Thea Groom I recommend you avoid eating out in the U.S. then. Here, tipping is important. The waitstaff are paid below standard wages on the assumption they will receive tips, and the whole legal and tax structure here supports this unfair situation.

It isn't the poor waitress' fault that the rules in her country are so screwed up. So if you punish her for it by not tipping (or worse, making a stink about it, as many Europeans are wont to do), I promise you word will get around and the waitstaff will get even with you in some undetectable but revolting way.

Remember: don't be mean to people who have access to your food in the privacy of a restaurant's kitchen...

that thing is just stupid
Or, you could stop handing control of your life to Google and other apps...and use your BRAIN, to MAKE A DECISION.
I wouldn't be mean, nor AM I.... But you nailed it
Why is it so that you have such appalling employment and wage standards????!!!

In a proactive - western, CIVILISED (so called) country - who wishes to impose its standards on the whole rest of the world.

Sounds to me their I'd still SLAVERY in your country! 
America does tipping and paying waiting staff about as well as it does congress. Both are fundamentally broken...

20% tipper for decent service. When I waited tables years ago, my hourly wage was only $2.93 and most of that went to taxes. Believe it or not, your server isn't there just for the fun of it.
$65.00 for great service. $32 if you were put on hold. 0000000 if you got the service I got at A certain 5 star at Lake Tahoe. I was there 15 min b4 reservation. The waitress stopped onthe way to the table with us to run up and hug a friend and talk to them for almost 15 minutes. Then she brought our champagne and left it at the table for 18 minutes UNOPENED!!!! Came back 7 min AFTER we opened it. Took 45 min for our appetizer and our food was cold. 2 people, bill $280, tip $0. My husband proposed to me there that night. That was why he took me. Had it not been for the proposal, the night would have been a BUST! 
+Thea Groom Sigh... There are many, many things wrong with my country. This is only one of them. I think our lack of government paid healthcare is worse, though... We don't offer a nationalized pension or a dole, either. If you don't have a job here, you starve.

I have something similar on my basic phone called tip calculator
Use a damn calculator that comes with the phone.
It's amazing what people will bicker about.
One reason I like living in NZ: we don't tip :)
Now that's an app worth paying for.
20% is pretty easy to figure out, isn't it?
um, i have that on my really not new phone a tip calculator isnt a new invention
But ... "Thanks for all the fish."
I like it, now I dont have to go dutch
Or you can learn some math lol if you tip 20% take your bill 20 x .20= 4 minus 4 = 16
That's why they teach math. Math will do it for you and if your smart enough you can do the math in your head.
20 percent?  They owe me something.... :)
Nice! But who can spend $323 on dinner nowadays?
Damn Google G+ really? Some of you shouldn't be eating out. If you can't afford 15% go eat somewhere with a drive through, you don't deserve to be waited on. Even is the service is terrible, could just be a bad day, could be the kitchens fault, they could be under staffed. & if 15% is going to break you, you can't afford to eat there. A lot of places have a 99c menu. There's something very wrong with this generation, most of you are very entitled. Your parents should be slapped & never have been allowed to reproduce if thoses were the morals instilled in you.
Wouldn't it be great if the waiters were paid appropriately and you didn't need to tip anyone? Seems to work in most places in the world.
I tip according to the service I receive
+Benjamen Meiers and I thought they were secretly celebrating Adolfo Hitler's birthday. Now I'm disappointed. My conspiracy theory fell apart...
Should be20% depending if the service and food are excellent
Hah I love Google but this one sucks. who would actually talk to their phones in restaurants where a lot of noise is going on. Moreover it is pretty awkward to speak out your bill in front of people. 
+kim jackson why 20%? It used to be 15% for good service. What has changed? I've noticed this sort of high expectation from cab drivers too. 
Third of us cost nearly hundred....
Just for lunch
8 for 323?
Taking a lot of system time or resources.
I don't use percentages when it comes to tips. I tip anywhere from zero to $25 depending solely on quality of service.
Here's the maths:

323 x 18 % = 58.14 / 8 = 7.2675
323 / 8 = 40.375

$ 40.38 + $ 7.27 = $ 47.65 per person
Ouch- wonder what they ate that cost so much!
Great  gadget for high school dropouts
Did anyone notice that it said total per person?
Tip does not exist in China, ^_^
Tips are mainly in the USA. Most countries frown on tipping.
A tip should be earned not expected. Some waiters and waitresses seem to have forgotten that. 
What we need is a tip % recommendations for different regions and countries built into this. Here in Burlington VT most places expect tips to be kinda high, whereas right over the border in Montreal i hear they barely expect any because of the multitude of taxes in the island. 
look at the time 420 for the winnnnnnnn
when will it be available in other languages? like portuguese...
Come to Australia where tipping is frowned upon. We expect Restaurateurs to pay their staff a proper wage. If the service is no good blame properly resides with the owner of the place for either a. employing bad staff or b. not properly equipping and training them.
PS we don't make you pay to use the toilet either. The app is therefore redundant.
Ok I'm confused cause that's not 18% of $323 so how the hell they got $ the hell that split work? Cause that is even less than explain Google cause I must be a lost idiot who's bad at math?!
I remember dinner last summer with a group of Google Certified Teachers. Where was this? 
+Garry Williams that is not the tip, that is the amount person each person pays with the bill and tip. the tip in that example is $7.27, per person, there are 8 people. The amount they are showing is the bill + tip amount per person, there are 8 people, so it comes out just perfect. 
It's more interesting to do it on Google than a calculator.
Where's the bit where someone says "oh but I never had an appetizer" or "but I only drank coke"
Why make thing complicated, impose the 20% in the bill or split 10% service charge 10% on the food, increase the waiter salary per hour. Tip when you feel you had superb experience. So you have a waiter with a constant salary every month. Its not tipping if you are expected to do it.
Thank for letting me know. It does get confusiing.
The tip is about 50 dollars 😱😲
Wow! You guys invented another way to dumb people down!
In Australia where there is a sensible minimum wage there is no such thing as tipping as you know everyone can put a meal on the table for their kids.
I suggest instead of designing these tools you spend time campaigning for a decent minimum wage. 
No tipping here in Singapore.
+Alan Clegg in spain it is not mandatory to tip. However if you get an outstanding meal or an extraordinary service you are welcome to tip the waiter. He/She will be very happy. I think the 18% of this post example it is too much, here a 5-10% will be enough.
Please give us a time calculator, too. 12 into 24 hours because this is so difficult. ;-) 
that is about half million in my currency !!!
In Romania only if you received very good services or outstanding quality you need to offer tip...No more than 5-10% and is at your will...
sometimes if you pay by card and you tip too much [like more than 10% maybe] the bank with bounce off the tip, so the server wouldn't receive a tip
I use the EZ Tip app from the Apple iPhone App Store.
In England, you always need to know the tip and individual bill amount separately - if you add the tip to the total, there's a good chance the server will never see it, and even if they do, it'll be taxed. Always tip cash.
In India tips are given at his or her wish :)
People getting more dumb every day once you rely too much on technology, I meant which simpleton can't do this by heart
And if it only worked... But you can't search anything with that useless app.
We give cash tips if the service or the food tastes so good, the people get paid normal in the Netherlands. Strange system in the US, never fought or strike about it to the government? If you work in a restaurant or pick up garbage for instance, everyone has to get paid the minimal or more amount not less then that.

I tried it but it don't work, do you put this in Google search or is it a app?
A couple points:

I hate the US tipping system, yet I live here so I play by the rules. I'm not sure how I'm going to get better service by tipping when it is done at the end of the interaction. Plus, with everyone down to the fast food burrito spots putting out a tip jar, how do you even know who to tip and who not to tip? Seems like everyone is putting their hand out or a tip line on the receipts these days. Seriously? A tip line on the receipt at a food truck that serves soup?

Back when I was younger, the average tip expected was 15%. So with the price of dining out going up over the years, how did the average expected tip percentage go up as well? Did the average hourly wage for servers in the US go down? Furthermore, who dictates this percentage?

Instead of using this calculator, I'd prefer to call in a professional tip consultant: Portlandia - Professional Tipper
If American companies paid their waiting staff a decent wage they wouldn't have to rely on tips to make ends meet 
What smart phone committee's can't do simple math?, you need an app to figure out a tip?. We are lost as a civilization.
What about other currencies? 
Just tried to say this a couple of times on my iPhone in the Google app doesn't work. Keeps on coming up with the word tap Or something else
Nice feature, but not very subtle. Do you really wanna be the guy barking at his phone to compute a tip in the middle of a crowded restaurant? I'll wait for the neural interface. ;-)
D Stone
Well, seems like the waitress need to wait for your app operating and that looks a little wired
It's certainly not an isolated case, it's often the case that given an admittedly unfair situation people choose to actively endorse it. I think it's probably illustrative to consider a scenario that everyone would consider extreme, let's say dinning at a restaurant with excellent food and slave children as employees.
I don't exclude myself from this mess, mind you. I love my computer and running shoes that were made in China.
I couldn't see the numbers on my bill?! Lol!
It's not paying extra. You are paying for the experience +Chloe Johnson +James Ellis if you can't tip then go to McDonald's. Better yet stay home. Tipping pays the host that greeted you, the busser that cleans your table, the person that runs your food and most important the server that shows you hospitality that ONLY gets paid a few $ an hour. Tipping also pays the bartender depending on the establishment. In md servers make $3.63/hourly. 
And you need an APP for that??!!  Damn, the educational system has collapsed where you live....
Tipping is not obligatory in the US either. Bad service? No tip.
+Justin Reed .. $3.63/hr? .. I would say that tipping is obligatory, because "some people" will always find a reason to not tip. Tourists have an excuse, they don't know better .. locals do and still think that tipping is not obligatory. 

Bad service is usually given to top people who fall into the groups that never tip. (you know who you are)
Did anyone notice the time on the phone? ^_^ 
Drawback is that it doesn't account for deductions because of poor service
Great deal for the guy ordering a big fat steak then. Not so much for the guy ordering a salad.
I always tip, but I also worked in a restaurant. We hardly ever got the tips in our check, and I know that happens in lots of places. But besides that, this app is dumb, you can guesstimate as long as you're between 15-20%, you're fine. 
+google we are not so dumb, we do not need your help in doing some rudimentary arithmetic in regular life situations.
Way to put that quantum computer to good use.

I would like to find a girlfriend
This took several attempts. I could of used this yesterday
And in countries like AUstralia where tipping is not required???
why can't people do basic math in their heads? 
The calculator on their cell phones would work for folks who can't do basic math in their heads.
That's too much we in India usually gives 1%
There's no reason to do basic math in our head anymore
Sean G
+Google ... Even be cooler if showed up as Google Now card & your phone knows your in a restaurant
That's great! Now you can share data about how much you and your dining companions are likely to spend.
+Bill Smith Plus another button that says"Please remove my brains now, insert straw and blow", I'm feeling the need for another useless app."
@Martin. Struck me, too.  The machine failed here.  Or someone at the table made a fortune.
In England we have a minimum wage so tipping is reserved only for exceptional service.
Takes the pain out of dining out, unless someone ordered lobster with a glass of champagne
Wow! Such amazing new technology, go Google!

This must have taken 1000's of hours of development time. No one has ever created a tipping application before now. 
+Chris Bart I didn't think this was even possible with current processing power. I guess you need ice cream sandwich or better to run it right?
My! I think I will stay home and eat! Tip my wife nstead! Her cooking cannot
be beat!
Even-though her tip is $7.27, How did she do as a server? All this comes with the tip as well. Did she have a attitude along with the service? Did the food come to the table on a timely manner? If so, did she apologize? Not only is she/he is a server, she/he is a C.S.R of the restaurant
i dont live in america - the concept of forced tips is ridiculous.   its like business owners are allowed to force customers to subsidise wages of their employees.    paying any staff 2 bucks an hour is embarrassing.   
+Christopher Li-Reid It is what it is, when in Rome one does as the Romans do right? If it's the lay of the land you need to go along with it and this app could be very useful. Every country has customs which are viewed as strange by outsiders. Tips are not forced in America, you always do have the choice to not tip however not tipping where it is expected will not get you better service if you ever return. In not tipping you also would be stiffing an employee who relies on the tips to make a living. If you can campaign to end the practice that's one thing but to just not tip at all would be mean. Wait staff are usually paid minimum wage (if not more) which passed the $2.0 point years ago by the way. Cheers
Can I -1 the concept of forced tipping?
when i took a tour of the states this spring it was routine from chicago to las vegas that some restaurants (particularly the buffets) all add a base tip to your bill.   

i consider that a forced gratuity.    what if the service was bad?   ... what if the service was good and i wanted to increase?  lol. 

U just got one more app download :)
I note all the comments from folk in England about how it's not necessary to tip there. Maybe it's not but tips are sure received with gratitude. I'm a Brit but because I've lived in the states for so long and because I have worked in the service industry I tip automatically. I've never met anyone who wasn't grateful and returned the tip. I think mostly the English are simply too cheap to tip and say thanks for the great service that I usually find in England. Some of my own family make truly mean remarks when they see me tipping well. This is probably many of the restaurants I ate at on a recent trip over added the gratuity to the bill automatically.
We have all had that all along.....It was called a calculator. LOL. And I mean the calculator app on my phone.
323 $ that's a 3.23 dollar tip? That's easy NEXT! 
Cheap asses if I got 47.00 on a 300.00 dollar tab I would be pissed. I use to get attleast 80.00 on that, sad people don't know how to tip for good services nowadays. Whenever I saw somebody pull out a smart phone during checkout, I would think FML!!!!
+Jeff Motter , You would tip one percent?? As a 15 year long bartender/manager, a waitress has to tip out 5-8 even if you tipped her 18 percent, SHE is only making 10 percent....and if you tip he one percent, she has to pay the bar and the house about twenty bucks for the pleasure of SERVING YOU!!!! Think again when tipping....we make 2 dollars an hour minus taxes....My 60 hour a week checks were nine or so dollars usually, because they taxed my tips too. We LIVE OFF tips and a waitress has to tip out the bartender, the barback, the hostess, the bouncer, and DJ if it applies. Even when you THINK you are being 'generous and tipping twenty percent, the waitress get about 12. If you cab't afford to tip twenty percent, you can't afford to eat out, dude. One percent on a 323 dollar tab??? I am NOT KIDDING, she would bust her ass on a table of howevere many people, and probably not get another table for hours and twenty bucks would come out of HER POCKET to tip the hostess that sat you, the bartender than made your drinks, etc...and if she didn't have the twenty bucks to tip everyone out because you stiffed her, she would loss her job. People like you, that think tipping one percent is okay because you THINK we make minimum wage too when we make NOTHING but tip usually are the reason that waitress can't make ends meet though she works 70 hours.
a tip calculator! LOL... shades of Seinfeld!
I don't goto bar's, I don't drink alcohol! 
Good lord. A simple mathematical calculator gets 2900+ +1's? I thought G+ was for actual thinking not reacting to 7th grade calculations. Anyone who needs a.calculator to figure a tip is.....well I don't have a polite word. 
If the bill is 323$ I would search for the nearest fire-escape door. 
It should have a minimum tip adjusted at 18%. Some people REALLY should use it.
A lot of people don't like to tip they want go service but if your lucky you may get a dollar 
I needed this the other night I downloaded stupid apps that couldn't help me but this is easy and simple.
I will say that $47 isn't an everyday per person experience. However if you are at a moderately priced restaurant say $20 dinner and having drinks using upper shelf liquor it would only take a few drinks to hit that $47. If I had just 2 shots of a mid-shelf tequila such as Casadores it will be in the $18-20 range. So a $47 bill isn't hard

To those who in the USA who don't tip at all, stay the hell out of restaurants and bars. Unless you get simply horrible service you are asking servers to give you good service for nothing. They live on providing good service and being.compensated for it. 
Waiters/Waitresses are on less than minimum wage then? I have never been to America and don't understand why people tip so much. Im sure they appreciate it, but isn't there other people with the same wages that don't get tipped? Why just the food business?
I think this is very helpful except.... If I ever had a food bill THIS HIGH.... Richard Branson or Warren Buffet would be taking me to dinner.... Which is fine with me:-)
It not just the food business its more than that cab drivers limo drivers bartenders all kinds of service 
This isn't very accurate, for Canada at least. For a bill of 100$ it would give 15$ tip, but that doesn't take into account that it already includes 15% tax... So you're tipping over taxes. And that sucks.
Why do you need to split the total? If my meal comes up to $30 and my friends is $50, would it be wiser on my part to pay my own meal and tip the server accordingly?

In any way if the service is goodi usually round up to the nearest 10 and add $5. Just for myself that is. 
America is a silly silly place. Tips are supposed to be extra which is why they're also called "gratuities" - or its synonyms, " tip, gift, present, donation, reward, handout". It's preposterous that tips are part of the waiter's wage... why is the paying customer expected to directly pay the wage of the waiter, why isn't the waiter being paid a living wage out of the profits of the eatery? Silly silly place... (which is not to say you shouldn't tip in America - not doing so victimizes the servers who need the money since they get paid next to nothing.)
1. Isn't it spelt cheque?
2. Wouldn't it be bill anyway, and not cheque?
I don't agree with paying tips, it's a stupid thing that Americans do that people are now expecting elsewhere!
I just tried it, "what is the tip for 100 dollars"
works fine, every time.
Tried it a dozen times saying "pounds" instead of dollars and it never once gets it right, thinking I'm saying something different every time. 
How can it get it so wrong every time when all I change is the last word yet it gets it spot on every time I say dollars?
Look in america is rare that people even tip 10% I work in hospitality.... and a lot of people are cheap when it comes to tip.... so it is different for each state.. country.. restaurant.. some add gratuity when others do not.. some tip out the cooks some only tip out foh.. but each is to their own opinion but I think depending on service is how the tip should go... not how much the bill is. Tip is seperate... 
+Dinah Donovon that's one screwed up country you live in then. Over here you get paid at least minimum wage, no one needs to tip, everyone is on a wage, that's messed up that a waitress has to tip other people for doing her job, I can't get my head around that, that's just totally messed up.
If you tip in the UK it ALL goes to the person you're tipping. Those people are doing the job they are paid to do, just like I do when I'm at work, and I'm helping people, I'd never expect a thank you, let alone a "tip".
It seems a lot of people don't understand the benefit of tipping.  When I was in college, I was a bartender.  I made $2.70 an hour.  I worked both Friday and Saturday nights.  Each night I could make $500-$600.  That certainly wasn't coming from my wage.  I made almost all of my money in tips.  Around Christmas, I also sold Christmas trees.  I would get about $3-5 for every tree I tied to someone's car.  Once in a while I would get $10 or even $20 from a single customer.  I might tie 30-40 trees a day.  I did very well living on tips.  Between both jobs, I worked about 20-25 hours a week.

Now, I am a salaried professional.  I work well over 40 hours a week, but I get paid for only 40.  Which do you think is better?
Google - tsk tsk, huh.....that app is only appropriate for a small number of countries. Not all people give tip.........and don't force us to think otherwise - to each is his own.
Do people seriously need an app to this simple math?? Incredible. Must be US target market.
Or use your brain... Folks it's quite simple to do just mental math to tip. Here's a trick: say the bill is $48 and you want to give a good tip. Round out the number to nearest ten. In the case it is: $50. Now, what is ten percent of $50? It is $5 (just remove the extra 0). If you are feeling generous, you can double $5 and give a total tip of $10 (never go over double the amount). So, you would end up giving around 21% if you doubled it. Or if you are feeling stingy, just add a couple of bucks more... Say $2 + $5 = $7. Your effective tip is: 14.5%

Now, if the bill was say $41 and change. Again, round it to $50. Ten percent is $5. You can double $5 to $10 and give a pretty generous tip of 22% if you are feeling great... Or add a couple of bucks and make it $7 for a pretty good tip of 17%
+Sanjay Dalal you must understand that people who can't do that simple math themselves certainly will not be able to read your explanation.
i got thrown of when it said total PER PERSON
Half the time it just shows search results. Needs work.
Maybe where you live it's a lot but here it's average average.  15% is minimal but, more often than not,  people tip 20%  - cheapskates tip 10%.  I sometimes choose to tip only on the food.   However when I sit at the bar before soccer matches, I've observed that no one tips under a dollar on a drink that cost anywhere from $4 to $8 
The WORST is people with a 100 dollar tab that place a five down and look proud of them selves or worse say "here,.you earned/deserve this". GREEEEEAAATTT. On a 100 dollar tab, I have to tip OUT 8 or 9 bucks, so you just COST me four bucks....I waited on you and kissed your ass for THREE HOURS and I am DOWN four bucks....yeah....thanks, dude.
Maybe the waiters/Waitresses should go on strike until they sort the problem out. Being dependent on people donating tips doesn't sound very secure as an income.
It's annoying when I have to calculate the amount of tip to give. Sometimes I felt obliged to give tip even though the service was not up to expectation. #service #tip #doawaywithtip 
A great tool, regrettably tried numerous times with little success, would not understand my pronunciation of tip!
A tipped worker's minimum wage hasn't gone up in over 20 years... Maybe you shouldn't dine out of you can't afford to tip 20%?
Or you could just realize that $323 divided by 8 is approximately $40 and 20% of that would be $16 
According to the standard of hotel or restourant 
In Indonesia you tip based on customers good will. We normally round it up. So if your bill is 323 we can easily round it up to 330 ans ask staff to keep the change. Resto normally charge 10% already on your bill as service charge
+Google , why all of these features get released only in the US (they do not require some agreement with some local company, they just require a translation...)?
Please, try to focus more even on non-US countries, since Google Glass won't be so useful here in the EU... :P
Does this also work in Dutch? In the dutch language, a tip is called a 'fooi', but Google refuses to recognize this word!
Its really bad to pay so less, that someone depends on tips :-(. 
+Francis Foo
I used to be of the same mindset and disagree with people saying that the waiters are dependent on the tip - if that's the case, it's due to the salary from their employer and not due to my lack of tipping.

However, more recently I've come up with a personal system that works well for me. I now view tip as part of the cost of the meal that depends on the service delivered (I think the original goal of tipping). I make life easier by computing 10% (very easy), double it (for 20%), and then round down to nearest whole dollar. That's my "base" tip and then I simply deduct if service was not up to par.

In this way, I don't feel bad if service was exceptionally awful that we don't tip (haven't encountered such bad service, yet), and I still feel like I'm rewarding those who tried with a reasonable ~20% tip. The "standard" service I tend to try to aim for 15%.
"I still feel like I'm rewarding those who tried with a reasonable ~20% tip. The "standard" service I tend to try to aim for 15%."

If you can't afford 20% don't go out to eat. 20% is the starting point. 15% is for bad service. People think service starts at the table. You're service started when the waiter came to work, not when you sat down. If you've ever tipped 15%, just know, your waiter hated you.
Depends on the service, sometimes it's deserves more... And there are those rare rare times where the service is just so bad we don't leave one
"A new feature? I must dissect it to find a problem I have about this."
- Social Network User
In west Europe (including Switzerland!), it's simpler (to me): it's included.
And usually if the service is not bad. I add something like: ~3%.
A good reference is counting in term of coffee price: the tip would allow to drink how many coffee..
+Chloe Johnson Because servers don't get a paycheck. The paycheck pays taxes. The tips are what they make. I'm not saying it's the best system but that is why you should tip.
They were eating at 4:20, so you know the tip might be a little "high" lol...
Don't forget - even if you got 50% off the bill, the server gave you 100% of the service. Tip on what the bill would really cost without the discount. Be the guest a server welcomes back
Here in Texas, [many/typical] servers get paid $2.13 an hour (almost all of it goes to taxes) so checks for 2 weeks of work, between 60-70 hours, will often be less than $30. Not unusual to have less than $10, or even nothing.

Many also pay "tip pool" for hostesses/ backwaiters/ bartenders which can be over 3-5% of sales at most common places (regardless of tips). So if you don't tip, the server actually ends up losing money from their other tips to serve the non-tipper, in addition to losing the table's availability (since sections are usually limited)

You should tip 20%
Marc Burgess said $47 per person was rediculous. I respectfully disagree. The bill was over $300 divided 8 ways. Eight people is a large party with a lot of needs. 
Sure, I've tipped less than 20% some times. I go to a lot of the same places and generally, me and mt parties are welcomed because we treat the waitstaff with respect and tip decently  
I understand in Europe, the tip is built in. Good service or bad.
I wouldn't eat there 
Or you could just use the calculator to do:
$$$ * 1.18 / #people = amount pp.
Only seems to work with whole dollar amounts if you use speech to text. I tried phrasing things like "24 point 34 dollars" and "24 dollars and 34 cents" but it never seemed to work. Also, if I ended the number in a 4, it would type "for" instead. I really don't see the point in using GNow over a tip calculator app unless I can ask my phone verbally. It's a neat concept, but it needs a lot of polish. Right now, to be very accurate, you have to type in your query, in which case you might as well use a tip calc app. Same function, less time.
Still does not work with the Polish interface ;-(
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