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Did you know you can set up reminders from desktop as well as your phone? It might come in handy if you’re trying to avoid last minute errands before heading out of town! For example, just type “remind me to buy sunscreen when I get to Santa Cruz” in +Google Chrome to get a reminder once you arrive.
To try it out, make sure you’re opted-in to the latest version of the Google App and signed-in to Chrome with your Google Account
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Excellent add-on. So handy! Oh Google, you're great. 
^ damn, that moment you realise what you were going to write isn't so original after all.

... that's so convenient, I use it very often meanwhile!! 👏
...or (if you have the MotoX), "OK Google Now", remind me to..............     Done.
+Google and why we can't set a reminder in less than 30 minutes?
I use reminders usually when I cook.
+Chris Blackmore yes, but I cant change the alarm sound!
And it is too annoying! I want a gentle reminder!

Also, setting reminder in less than 30 minutes works well, but only on Android devices.
It does not work on the web!
Eric K.
+Keith Olsen That's what Circles are for. There's even a "Following" Circle.
Bof, je trouve ça naze, car bien peu utile à mon goût. Vous feriez mieux de rendre google+ plus ouvert et moins techos egocentré... Bon courage pour la traduction ;)
Have a glass of wine Denis, and it will probably make more sense than.... Good luck for the translation;)
+Google why can't this be ONE task product that is intergrated with google tasks, google calendar, google keep and google now?
+Google +Google Chrome Does this work only on certain regions? I've follow the setup guide and it does not work. I can speak to it, but it will only return search results.
It doesn't work for me, either. I have Now enabled on my phone and in Chrome, but typing in the "remind me" formula just produces a normal search. It's too bad, because I use the reminders a lot on my phone.
J. roto
+Jason Bell do you have a mic and could you try speaking it into your desktop?
+J. roto I don't have a microphone. I've never had a use for one on a pc.
Google should make a game console.
WooooooW so cooooool!!!

Didn't apple release that feature like before you copycats?
U best not be letting anyone spam call me, cause I'll be registered on the 'D0 NOT CALL' list soon! I'm already sick of it on a stupid cell phone! This state will take care of it!
I don't know how it reminds me. I tell it to remind me, but never see any reminders.  Where are they?
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