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Want to save time keeping in touch with your loved ones? Or just not drop your phone or your shopping bags whilst you try to find a number to make a call? You can skip scrolling through your contacts and just say to your Android phone “Ok Google, call Mom” or “Ok Google, send a text to my wife.” Starting now, the Google search app on your Android phone will be able to pull up the right contact for you—and if you don’t have Mom saved as “mom," it’ll help you set that up quickly.

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Congrats! On your achievement and on our facility of the inevitable searches!
will be even better when it recognizes the difference in my voice, my wifes voice and my son's voice, so we can all do it, but get 3 different people :)
+Google but I always need to choose between mobile and work (if it exist) or say "Call XY Mobile/Work". This is highly annoying. Just dial up the default chosen number. 
Now please add functionality to turn off/on WiFi, turn on/off Bluetooth and more.
Now, if only I could get it to stop bringing up people I don't know just because they may have emailed me once!
+Julio Lagara Do you really think it will be useful to say turn on WiFi for example? That is just a swipe and a tap to do it. Voice actions are more useful for operations that would require a lot of taps or a lot of time. Call mom means opening the dialer, tapping search, typing mom and then hitting call. This simplifies it to 1 tap and 2 spoken words.
Would love the functionality to command Google Now to send a Hangout message.
This took way too long for you to implement, considering services like Siri had this literally from launch day.
+Cyn B if your so worried about Google being "in your business" quit using it! Or don't opt into this feature. Better yet relieve the tension on your brain by going to a bigger foil hat
Ya i have had a fon for a while now with voice comands on it
+Thomas Bridgewater I currently use Tasker. if you ever setup your home automation with tasker you'll understand. Google has the ability to do this by default. It's not that fact if it's easier or not but it wouldn't hurt either. :)
It wouldn't let me assign my "mother in law" - can you please fix?
Doesn't work for me, and frustratingly I have my mum in as "mum"... Call mum is recognised, but searches; doesn't make the call.
About time. Thank Google!
Starting now? I've done this for a long time. Just need to set up nicknames in your contacts.
Does it also work on the Nexus 4? And in German ? 
Will it tell the difference between wife and girlfriend?
Greg Hesp
I asked it to call my girlfriend.  It asked me who I wanted to call.  I picked my girlfriend from the list and it called.  Just to test, i asked it to call my girlfriend again.  It again asked me who to call :(

Doesn't appear to work yet...
Me Be
+Bruno Preti Oh yes, you are right. I had an old Ericsson phone, and I used the voice command feature.
How do you set up certain individuals? very time I told it to text my Mom, it pulled up my own work information. But when I told it to text my husband, it asked who that was and then when I indicated who he was, it sent the text to him.. but doing it again, it pulled up my work info again?? Strange.. lol
Do you really have to say the OK bit ? Dose it work of you just say Google. 
Just replace "Ok Google" with "Computer". C'mon now.  I think it may also be cool if in the future we are able to customize the call to action. :)   
+John Chavez OK, Computer works. and OK, Jarvis works too :) I agree further customization would be awesome!
Nice! I was really looking forward to this
This is how I always call people now
+Ryan Konwinski you are right! Although they aren't that reliable (at least not on my Nexus 7) and they still have the "Ok".  I guess we can only dream at this point. :)  
It's great, but big shame it doesn't work with 3rd party launchers. 
I have two sisters, does anyone know how to add the second relationship? I can't find the field in my contact to manually add it. I added the first relationship using "call my sister", but I can't do it again.
Available in Canada  now however my Samsung tablet has Android 4.0 not what is needed for voice response OS  4.1 and above . I've tried System>Update and Samsung website but I only see 4.0. Any way to get an update?
Moto X is the only phone were the voice features are really useful since they are truly hands free and don't require you to unlock the phone and bring up search.
What if you live in Utah... Does it know which wife to call?
needs to have "wife", my wife is called Erin and it keeps thinking I say Aaron!
Hey +Google Why aren't you supporting this today:
Noticeably absent is your name on the list of businesses supporting the movement against mass surveillance. Oh that's right, last week the white house greased your palms and you dropped your lawsuit.... Shameful.
Obviously +Colin Null, what I meant was Google Now (voice assistant) is only truly useful on the Moto X since it's the only phone that allows for truly hand free operation. This morning while driving to work I received a text from my mom, listened to the text, and responded to the text all while keeping my hands firmly on the steering wheel and never taking the phone out of my pocket. Try that with any other phone that has Google Now.

Voice assistant is cool and works well on other phones but I see it as more of a gimmick or only being moderately useful.
+Maff Mace
yeah I read their post... even noticed the timestamp... Now why is this the 1st time your beloved google has posted about this? Why isn't their name in the list of companies supporting this protest? Or are you simply satisfied that google knows how to cut & paste a protest banner for their sheeple followers but really takes no proactive steps with the organization running the protest? Show me where google is actively participating... not just lip service in their post.
 Did you bother to read the list of corporate supporters?
Can't try it because of country restrictions :(
Do I have to tap the microphone first or is the app always listening?
Microphone. You dont want a random guy yelling into ur phone to call Barack Obama
And if I have 3 daughters how will that work? 
shame this doesn't work if you put your language to English not American
But, it is impossible in Korean and other languages. Just English?
Doesn't seem to be working for me in Canada (Nexus 4). It just asks me which contact to call every time, never remembers. US only again?
Zach K
Can we get a full list of what relationships it recognizes?  What if you have 2 sisters or 2 cousins? How do you assign something to both?
Do I need to be on US English to get this feature?  I'm a fan of the UK accent for Google Now. :-)
Where is this relationship saved? I don't see it in the people app anywhere. It also doesn't sync between devices.
Will it look at phonetic spelling? I have a hard time texting my wife who is spelled Amie through Google Now.
+Google I just tried calling Angela, G-Rad picked up the phone. I'm sad i didn't get a hold of Angela.
+Google Thanks but there's no way to add another brother or sister.
I own one. It is a very good phone the battery rarely even dieds on me . It's also a lot easier to text with it then any other phone that's my opinion . Even when you want youtube videos you could put on speaker you hear it over the tv.
How do you add more than one brother. 
Excellent! My wife has a quirky name that voice recognition rarely gets correct. Highly anticipated feature. Thank you!
What took you so long? That field has been around for ages. 
1. Say "OK Google, call my wife...

2. It'll ask you who your wife is... (it'll ask you to choose a contact from the contacts list).

3. Done.

+Michael Bond relationship field in Contacts/People. I guess the Search team have other priorities
what is the trick to using voice commands on Google search to send (non-SMS) Hangout messages?
Thank you gentlemen. I had not considered that, I simply assumed I was doing something wrong.
Please support Chinese voice it, nexus family and friends are very fond of, google now does not support Chinese, I am very disappointed.
The only problem is that your phone needs to active and in the google now app. Will not do it while in stand by mode. 
That would be a battery sucker.  I am ok with the current. With one hand,  PIN unlock, press hold menu, "Ok Google", "Text to Father 5 minutes", press send and it is done.
I did this early today, and it works.
Not working for me. Is this some kind of roll out? Or should everyone be getting it off the top? 
Cerita Bagus, Penuh Hikmah dan pembelajaran yg hebat.
Didn't work for me even after setup the relationship :(
it works, but it doesn't save the selected contact :S
- "call my dad"
- pick a contact
- pick a number from the contact
- dialing
if i try to do it again it ask me to pick a contact -_-
hahaha, same thing for me :)
+Stephen Fargie : ah. So I need to use the American "mom" and it'll translate when I say "mum"?

I think there are quite a lot of things like this with voice related Google things. I've noticed a few similar processing issues with text to speech.
+Stefan Sarzio You have to have your default voice search set to English (US, UK or Canandian) for the hotword to work from your home screen
"okay google, take the trash out, its too cold for me"  Oh ya, and "Google, also show up to work for me and demand a pay raise.. thanks!"     -Now this is what I NEED!  Keith
That's pretty neat and very android user friendly thanks Google

When will Google Now come out with Danish?
When I want to call my girlfriend, it asks me who my girlfriend is. Once set, it won't remember the right contact and asks me the same question when I issue the same command again.
Amazing how people will ignore obvious parts of a post in order to get all outraged and indignant. Voice commands are nothing new, but the "Ok Google" (i.e. hands-free) part is definitely not everywhere. Even on the (to my knowledge) single phone it works on - the Nexus 5 - you have to set voice input to English US. Get off your soapboxes.
+Tony Hoffman Not saying your wrong. But see how this feature is being announced as new. Even by Google.
surely it ain't only for MOMS .. and great virtual devise surely.. GOOGLE came on making awsome things.. and.. let's try to see the APPS around this in ANDROIDS... really be graters.. 

.. and like also to call "INTERPOL" or all those about STATES if the necesary .. not to save them but also like .. to making soem immediat help seek.. and also why not coaperate.. and.. 

.. I DON'T PRETEND OF ".. SUPER AGENT".. at all simply like.. 


simply like  to say .. CALL INTERPOL & ICC would be awsome as well .. just to say around.. sorry this.. 
+Masson Liang If you have Hangouts as your default SMS app, Google Now has that functionality. Just say, "Ok, Google, text (insert contact name)."
To everyone who is trying to add relationship contacts to the voice commands: just use voice commands by name. Say I have a fiancee named Anna. Instead of telling Google Now to "call my fiancee," I'm just saying, "Ok, Google, call Anna." Quit overthinking stuff.
For familial names like Mom, or Uncle Dennis, just store those contacts with those familial names. Then GNow won't have a problem recognizing those names.
#Simple solutions to "complicated" problems.
I would love to see it get intelligent, first step is for it to have a nickname for you and Google, instead of OK Google, Morning Jarvis.  Then lets get into the realm of the movie Her.
Awesome feature, now how about activating all the google now voice commands for people outside of the US, such as "what is this song?" "play [artist/song/album/band]" etc. ?
nice feature... but when i say call dad it calls Papa John's... LOL!
It is funny that Google thinks that we all come from families with divorced parents because their is no option for "Mom AND Dad" but instead it is either "Mom" or "Dad."
I think the assumption is that Mom and Dad have their own phones, even if they are still together.
This is great, would like to see it react better to 'Take me to <enter shop/garage name> at <enter shopping centre name>' etc...
It also needs to react better to situations when you have a data connection, but it's flaky and can't reach Google Servers.  It needs to be able to use data held on the phone only.
I guess this functionality only works for some countries... and Portugal is out of scope for now :P
Can any one from Portugal confirm that? 
Well for me and my friends with nexus 5 doesn't work...
It took ages to bring 'OK GOOGLE' to UK, we had to use English (US) for ages.. It will come for the rest, give it time.. 
What are the list of relationships that can be added?  Mom, Dad, wife ect. Mother-in-law or father-in-law don't seem to work...
hi, i say "chiamma mamma" (call mum) and google now ask me to choose who is "mamma". i choose my mother but if i do a second call, google now ask again who is "mamma"..what i did wrong?
+Alfred Loo when I set it up via voice, it prompts me to specify who "mom" is. When I do so, I don't see that relationship in the people app.
Nice, a bit weird that this shows up so late into development considering you can play music, search for books etc... using the same voice commands. 
Tre H
Am I correct to say that we can only have one (1) brother and one (1) sister in our family? How do I add my 2nd brother?
Looks like this came out a little too soon +Google, you've still got some bugs to work out. Contact assignments don't seem to stick for me, and Google Now seems to think that "Papa Johns Pizza" is my father. It's a cool feature that I just might use in my day-to-day if it worked. Voice control in general is pretty terrible so don't beat yourself up over it too much ;-)
+Steven Zeck in the People app, add field called Relationship. On the left field enter. Not too sure if it works on Momma, mamma, mom, mommy, mommy. I used mother
Holy Crap! +Google... I was just thinking (on the drive home) wanting to email project progress pics to a client but couldn't because I was driving... I wish I could just tell my phone what to do, like Glass! 
Yong Li
there are two phones, but Google now says no phone number saved.
Just add a direct dial shortcut, one tap and you're done!
just updated my search. still doesn't work. just says "Who do you want to call?"
That's great. But I still use NOKIA Symbian phone.
Why don't voice commands work for Google Hangout? Whenever I want to send a chat/hangout message it pulls up my contacts phone number for an SMS.
Also needs some "hands free" function, like pick up a phone using voice command~
+Liam Phoenix  There was and I guess it will appear again the option to add phonetic name or recordings of audio command for a contact, that should solve your trouble
Google web results "Call mom maybe" :)
Assalamou Aleykou ya amiran gmail
it cannot save the match in the contact list, it asks for matching everytime, not that usefull so far. At least in Italy.
Demonstrate to my wife, and she loves it! ;)
Thanks +Google !! :D
It works but every time I use it keeps asking for contact details again. 
Doesn't work for me in Canada with latest Google now update...
Doesn't seem to work if you have multiple siblings... 

And there doesn't seem to be a way to edit and correct the designations if they've popped up wrong.
To add an additional name to a relationship when one is already set, say [Ok Google, Sally is my sister]. You can also remove relationships by saying [Ok Google, Dan is not my boyfriend].
It keeps asking me to pick a contact everyone I use it, no matter how many times I pick them. Ie, the relations don't get saved. Any reason?
Right around the time this was announced, something broke.  I try to send text messages and it says "message sent" but nothing was actually sent.  I'm using the Google Voice app for texting -- maybe Google Plus and Google Voice aren't playing nice?  And where does one properly report such a bug?
+Kam Samji Same issue for me.  Every single time I try it asks me to pick a contact.  I pick one, next time same thing
Not working for me at all even if I manually add relationships.
Doesn't work properly. I say "call my husband", and it asks me to select a contact and number. I do that. Next time I say "call my husband", it asks me to choose again :(
We can't be the only ones with this issue surely? Is there not a reason and a solution?
Has also been driving me nuts trying to get this to work! I choose the contact...but then it doesn't let me choose the specific number. The work around I've come up with is to just create a brand new contact for my wife called 'Wife Kate'...instead of her regular name. Then I just use 'Call Wife Kate' and then it understands this and works. It is a shame it requires a 'hack' like this to work but at least it works! Hopefully an update will sort this out. It has great potential!
Me:  "Okay Google, call my fiance"
GNow: "Say the name of the contact you want to call or say cancel."
Me: "Megan"
GNow: "Calling, Megan"
Me: "Okay Google, call my fiance"
GNow: "Say the name of the contact you want to call or say cancel."

Over it.  So fuckin over it.
Waiting for the next upgrade. It is one I thought
Same! My Moto X doesn't understand the contact. Same procedure again and again. Why Google???
Not working on Nexus 5 in Australia. I say call my wife or call my mum and it just says "say the name of the person you want to contact or say cancel" picking the person does not work either. 
Doesn't work here in NZ. I say call my husband, it says choose the contact name, i do that, then next time it asks again.
Is that New Zealand that you live in??♥♥♥
Why is this no longer working anymore? Google. Not happy. I just want to call my sister. xD
Would anyone other than you be able to hear the different voice selections as asked by +David Teissier, or would it just be onlyvthe user who hears the voiçechanat wherever they make the command that uses the voice change? I could see the possibilities being making all commands associated with one user being made in one voice that say, reminds you of that person, but UI cannot see the value past that. Esp. if the user has to also hear the voice change; Maybe you could give me an example of its usefulness? I think I have seen more than one person inquire about this, so anyone of those persons asking this question go ahead and throw out their reasoning for changing voices as per contact list connecting to different voices??
I set the contact wrongly as my mum. How to reset it?
Ok its very nice to talk freely
When can we backspace or delete a word with a voice command? I would lik3 to dictate but if the word is wrong I have to reopen the keyboard. Are there solutions for this?
Sadly this does not work well. It never remembers and continuesly asks if I want to save so and so as my wife or what ever the nickname is. A big pain in the butt!!!!!!

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