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How's this for a morning pick-me-up? Today's deal from +Google Offers is for +Starbucks Coffee! Buy the online deal for $5 and get a $10 Starbucks Card eGift for use in participating stores nationwide. For every offer sold, Google Offers will donate $3 to Create Jobs for USA (up to $3MM). Note: this offer is U.S. only.
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Prefer my Black Blood of the Earth. 70ml of concentrated, cold-brewed, vacuum-extracted coffee and I'm good for the day!
and what is "Create Jobs for USA" and why shoud I want them to get money?
... and.... I like cheese so mach and likers the cheese too !!!!!!!!!
i dont like coffee. it tastes...weird. and GROSS haha. does it stop your growth though????
if it does...then that explains my sister. haha
Yes ... and i dont like coffee,too. this is my offer for your sister that use of milk for her growth...
yea...she sort of likes milk. i love milk. but not the school milk haha. it sucks. i dont drink it. i have to drink water. lol
Ok, but water is very good then other! it is very useful.
...and too, you can drink juice....
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