Forms are getting a big update today. Now, you can create and edit a form with others, as well as take advantage of features like auto-save, undo/redo and keyboard shortcuts. Plus, if you share a form directly in Google+, anyone in your circles can respond without leaving their stream. Get more info below, and keep an eye out for the update over the next couple days.

Google Forms, refreshed

Today we’re launching a more robust, powerful version of Google Forms. Just as you can in Docs, Sheets, and Slides, now you can invite others to work simultaneously with you as you create and edit a form—or chat with the group about your ideas without ever leaving the app. With new features like auto-save, undo/redo, and keyboard shortcuts, it’s easier to get stuff done quickly in Forms. 

The new update will be rolling out over the next few days. Read the full blog post for more details at, or watch the video below for a tour of the new Forms. 

Keep an eye on our page this week as we highlight some of our favorite Forms productivity tips—plus share details about an opportunity to Hangout with the engineers behind Forms!
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