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This field will soon be the site of a wind farm with enough capacity to power 56,000 U.S. homes. We're investing $75 million in the Panhandle 2 wind farm in Texas—our second renewable energy investment in the state and our 15th overall. More on our blog:
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Jim Allen
About a $1350 investment per home.
Great idea to make use of the ridiculous winds we have here in West Texas!
+Justin Lasa small minded? Right. Nuclear is the only safe form of power right now, apart from real geothermal. All forms of life are worth saving. People need to stop breeding like rabbits, population control for humans, responsibility, less small minded people.
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de traducirlos al Español
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Leaving aside the debate. Don't you all find a little weird that Google is basically investing a lot of capital in so many different and various endeavors?

It's weird and a little interesting for me at least
I like news like that... Hope soon everywhere in US we have clean energy... 
I'm surprised the Texas natural gas and oil biz hasn't tried to shut this down with local mafia-esque politics
Wind farms are killer farms. Ban the Blades. Not to mention they are ugly as sin and destroy the beauty of the landscape.
Any birds dumb enough to get themselves killed on a wind generator deserve it imho.

At my parents house every fall the birds get drunk off of fermented berrys(caused by the first frost) that grow on a tree nearby. This causes them to think that the reflection in our large window overlooking the yard is safe to fly though. That kills about 4 or 5 birds every fall, not to mention other times of the year.

Comparatively my dads wind generator has not caused any bird deaths for the last 5 years. In fact the blue birds actually like it. They perch on the guy wires and swoop down to get bugs on the ground.

TLDR: The birds have gotten use to wind generators, it is about time that humans do the same.
Every time someone brings up that ridiculous bird thing I want to ask them two things:
1) would you rather have a coal powered plant instead?
2) do you drive? Because birds get hit by cars and busses and trains and airplanes... and not only birds, but deer, and badgers and hedgehogs and rabbits too.

This kind of short sighted arguments, together with "windmills are ugly" nonsense have kept the burning of fossil fuels alive.
Why doesn't spring cleaning apply to this? Is this your core business?
I have to disagree +Charles Cherry. I don't find the turbines to be ugly. The first time that I saw a wind farm in California I was in awe. To each their own. I'd still rather have wind farms "cluttering" the landscape than fracking ruining my watershed. 
A very good investment Google ! Keep up the good work !:-) DFD Australia ★ Dave
Have you talked to Senator Inhofe yet?
Anyone who thinks nuclear energy is safe should see what a number of natural disasters can do such as the earthquake that hit Japan in 2011. That's proof enough in my mind that it is in fact vulnerable and not safe. Renewable energy such as wind, solar, and even geothermal are much more efficient and safer overall.
If a earthquake hits a wind farm, the only thing one has to clean up is the scrap metal... and then sell it for recycling. 
+George Kozi

yep, in my comment earlier i linked the "top 10 bird killers" which listed 10's and 100's of MILLIONS of bird deaths from other causes than wind-turbines, which don't even make the list.
Yeah let's make the countryside ugly with junk like Ill. insted of pipeing oil down from Alaska and N D. low to the ground or in the ground!
เราสงสัยจังว่า...ถ้ามีกังหันลม แล้วพายุมา มันจะพังมัย ?
I for one, would rather have a windfarm every 10 miles, than a coal powerplant or a nuclear one in my backyard.
+Richard Tisdel Yes cause oil pipes are so much more attractive than a windmill on the countryside. Now that I mention it, I recall windmills being used to pump water and they also gave farms and ranches a visually charming appearance. 
Nuclear and safe are not to be mentioned together unless its with an "Un" with it. Radioactive tuna off japans and chinas coast. Trinoble*(how its really spelt)shoram power plant on long island. But im pretty sure the bees and birds will be just fine as the blades don't turn at takeoff velocity. 
The only way nuclear could be safe is with cold fusion... just ask the people who used to live in Fukushima and Chernobyl... those who are still alive.  
I think the oil industry still has a lock on the dead birds market.
Good for Google!  I'm all for Google doing this, as long as the Government isn't helping fund it.
Most people have issues with wind farms because the government funds them, which is stupid.
All subsidies should stop... and I mean ALL of them.  Government doesn't need to help {or hinder} the development of energy.
Go +Google  #Energy  Investing in the best ideas and #developing  Greatness for all mankind! Wind Farms are all about making energy and electricity at the same time helping the Environment in the most cost effective manner! #Dedication  to keep us moving forward! +Google rocks! 
But birds are smart and have eyes. If you care about birds why are you don't complaining about skyscraper
What are the after-affects? What is the loss of crop production to appease the demand for energy?
Alex K
How about chop the +Charles Cherry. Stupid as hell, ugly as sin, ruins the vision of good doing most good doing humans.
+Google I can no longer find the application form for the 2021 Google Lunar Colony. If you are reading this, can you email me the new link? 
+Justin Lasa , I wouldn't put nuclear in the same breadth as coal and gas. Nuclear has it's place towards renewables. 
Probably those crappy fan type ones instead of the more efficient round ones
Nice investment, I hope Google keeps pushing society forward
If a bird dies from these windmills, consider it natural selection.
I am bharat. duniya me sabse taktwar chaj kuya hai.
+cj juszczak wind mills made the list as a side note saying only 17k ish birds die from them. Compared to the millions by other means.

Nuclear energy is old technology. There are lots of ways to make it safer and get more energy per kilo of fuel. Just the company's don't invest in the technology because oil companies scream how awful nuclear technology is and placed 1,000 of regulations to make it to difficult to research.
Could power ten times the Homes in one quarter the space more reliably with nuclear
Go hard google and farm that shit
Smell like a subsidized federal and state deal.... Which means tax payers are paying for part of it.
Do the math....$75,000,000,000/56,000=$1,328,28 per household/ 12 months= $111.29 per household per month *56,000 =$6,231,680 per month income therefore it will take 12 months to return $75,000,000,000 ....that is if all households paid on time and the wind farm didn't have operational cost..which is nuts because , I'm sure the cost of operation a month will suck $900,000 +/-.

So do the math and figure it if this farm is not getting subsidies
Sweet!  +Google When do you think Fiber might be available out here in the so-Cal region?  I would love to upgrade and ditch my "challenged" ISP's broadband I currently have.  "Wah Wah"  :)
Do you guys understand that fossil fuels are limited, bad for the environment, bad for wildlife? I live in the beautiful Appalachian mtns and they are being cut down because people like the views and countryside. If the windmills don't "make the countryside ugly", which I think they are beautiful, man will, as he messes up the landscape for something else way less important.

I Would LOVE some windmills instead of rich non - locals "uglying up the countryside". GO GOOGLE! 
Iva....I'm all for solar and wind but not at the expense of government subsidies.
Wind,solar & tidal energies are the safest & natural sources of energy ,  good that  Google is making a move in this direction  I am sure this will attract the other giants to invest for more research & development in these areas  ,no wonder  by 2050 we will have transformed world as far as energy dependency is concern.
+Charles Cherry That beautiful landscape won't be available for future generations to enjoy if we continue to pollute our environment. Is it really that bothersome?
Vince O
Does apple invest in such wind farms? Nope. Google all the way!!! 
Crazy assholes in texas will probably pull them down "because god" or something else that doesn't make sense.
+Kevin Miljour

Exactly, as i said, turbines didn't make the top ten list, so anyone serious about bird deaths should not be targeting turbines.
Very cool! Keep up the good work.
c'est très beau ce paysage j'aime tellement y visité
Your commitment to renewable energy is admirable, Google.
Thanks for your generosity to my home state, Texas.
For all you bird lovers, focus on cats.  Cats kill 1 billion birds in the U.S. per year.  As for the generosity comments, Google will rake in tax incentives and make money on this investment.  
Cats rule...they are going to have a bird cookout Mr. Leon
That's why I love Google. °w°
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