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Want to bring your pet with you on your next vacation?  Google Hotel Finder can help you find available hotels that will accomodate you and your furry friend.  After entering your destination on Hotel Finder, click Amenities and select "Pets allowed" from the dropdown menu.  Your search results will automatically be updated to show only pet friendly hotels.  If you add any other amenities to the list like "Beach access" or "Laundry," your results will continue to be updated based on all of your selections.  

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Love the features!
+Google It doesn't possible to load album pictures and pictures ; what's happened in France ? 
Her şeyi Hatırlayan Google Sna Seslenıyorum Her Seyin Google Logosunu yapıyosn Türkiyenn Zaferinin Bayramını Nasıl unuttun Merak Ediyorum Bide Acaba Unuttumu Unutmakmı İstedi ?
Where is this "hotel finder" feature located?
Finally a hotel search tool that isn't awful, Google should make this tool obvious when someone searches for hotels
Used it for my last hotel booking. Highly recommend!
Our favorite place stopped allowing dogs so this is perfect! We need a new place.
As it is experimental right now, will this be available in the (near?) future on Google/Google maps directly? that would be pretty awesome O_o
we love go vacations
 with my dog
Is there a way to subtract pets allowed hotels from your results so that you can avoid these places? 
I sure could have used this a couple days ago when I booked a hotel. I was on Google maps typing in "hotels" and I was never redirected to the hotel finder. Google really needs to do a better job of presenting their features based on the keywords that a user punches in. robust online services won't do us any good if we don't know they exist
It would be great if +Google would integrate Google Hotel Finder and Google Flight Search to speed up things. That might get me to switch.

Right now, I also love features like Kayak's "+/- 3 days" option. Google Flight Search should implement this when booking travel so one doesn't need to specify exact dates. Also, an option to view a monthly overview of the lowest price booking for a destination of your choosing (based on what other users searched / booked), is extremely helpful. Won't switch until Google implements those features or perhaps the hotel / flight features merge into one interface...
+Kristian Hermansen You don't need to specify exact dates using Google Flight Search. In fact that is one of th ekey features, the ability to scroll through all the dates for +- 6 months and find the lowest available price to book your flight
+Jason Keirstead It is not the same thing. You can search months of X number of days trips, or Y day trips, or Z day trips...but NOT X +/- (plus or minus) up to 3 day trips. Eg. I can't say in Google ... show me all the trips that are between  4-10 days long over the course of several months. Google Flight Search forces me to do one search for 4 day trips, another for 5 days trips, etc...
Do the same for campgrounds!!!!!!
What a great idea. Wish I knew about this before I scheduled for the Labor Day Weekend.
Can't figure out how to pick dates. I suspect it doesn't work on the Nexus 7.
Loving the new amenities filter - THIS is how travelers want to filter their hotels, by what is important to them once they are there - bringing Fido along, FREE Breakfast, Wifi and Parking.  It's not all about the price, which of course matters, but VALUE matters more, and this tool definitely helps bring to light each hotels unique value.  Thanks Google!
GOOD MORNING heard that google purchase photographs from street to go comprondo google earth, if yes give as per photo and how many pixels have to be
I get this big "send feedback" link over the amenities button, so i can not click it. Tested on my ipod with chrome and safari browser as well as in the g+ app. I tried to zoom in to avoid this, but all 3 tested apps terminated.. Anyway i wanted to test it, because i hope there is a button called "dogs not allowed" also. It's not in my interest to share a hotel with animals.
That is so nice if you are on a long trip!
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