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On today, we’re celebrating the Day of German Unity with a doodle featuring Trabant cars on parade. Trabants were produced in East Germany for several decades prior to the fall of the Berlin Wall, and have become a symbol for some of the reunification of West Germany and East Germany in 1990. 
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I remember when they arrived, it was the day we put ourselves out of a job [C Co., 6th Bn, 502nd Inf Reg, U.S. Army Berlin (USAB)].
quando sono andato a Berlino, c'era un raduno di Trabant :D
Read "Herr Lehmann (Deutsch)" = "Berlin Blues (English)" by Sven Regener which is great material before and around the fall of the Berlin Wall.  
Living in the north of Bavaria I remember those days very well. The trabbis suddenly drove all over the streets, the joy of the reunification which really put an end to the cold war. 
Hey, I was happy this night to pass the wall with my TRABANT :-) 
my uncle still has one. It's in perfect functioning order too. Keeps it as a memory of the "good old days" :))
Goold old days? Yeah, sure. The Stasi was that "good".. Might be the reason you're not caring about NSA, GCHQ, their programs or even Google helping them.. -.- Regarding the day itself: don't be so stupid and believe there's a "reunited Germany" - the western part citizens earn more money and the eastern part is still not even close to being equal when it comes to infrastructure. Most East Germans move to the west, hence there are fewer people living in their old home each year. I've lived there from my birth till I was about 23, so yeah, I do know what I'm talking about..
it's sad that after all these years there's still so much division in Germany--you have such a fantastic nation & you should be proud that things are coming together, even if slowly! look at what divisions can do to a country, the tea party, the pepublican"ts & demos are all tearing the U.S. apart becuz of their petty bullshit!  Empires fall from within, look ght now. enjoy what you can & leave the past behind, it is over & done with
Capable of an incredible ~20 MPH, too. Super schnelle!
Would love to have that Doodle as a poster!
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