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Earlier this week, +Brad Stone of Bloomberg BusinessWeek sat down with +Larry Page to discuss his past year as CEO. You can read the article online here:
Larry Page is surrounded. On one side, Google’s chief executive officer confronts Facebook, the social networking phenom that is about to go public. On his other side is Apple, which has moved the pla...
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Larry Page is surrounded? Yes, he is surrounded with great people helping him and Google to create something very special and great...:)
Why has every article, every day, got to forecast gloom and doom. 6 years ago I was one of the naysayers predicting Powerset, hakie, Wikia Search might unseat Google. I was wrong. Wrong about the company, wrong with my crystal ball. Facebook, Apple, neither is really a direct competitor with Google. Tho Larry and Co. do venture into their ballpark sometimes. Everybody hates Goliath, Wilt Chamberlain used to say. He was more right than wrong.
+Phil Butler I'am very optimistic that the "social media engagement" of Google is on the right way... forecasts are entertainment in the economic life:)
Not worth the time needed for reading. Just fragments frpm the interview mixed with all the well known Google failures of the last years.Is this everything the author has to tell?
“Producing the best [products] we possibly can for users is our paramount thing,” he says.

Not mentioning the part about discontinuing those best products. R.I.P. Google Notebook. :(

larry page is the best thing happened to google..under his leadership google has moved up the charts..u rock man \m/
Who cares.... quit looking at porn then! :P
I dont care if they found out that I love a certain cheese cake or find that I look up random stuff on a daily basis.
how can I help you mr squiggly name?
I would like to know why the gear on the top right on my google chrome does NOT work.
(^_^) Apparently, if one wishes to have his prayers answered, one needs to use Google+. I'm sure there's a marketing campaign in there somewhere.
I discussed this post with 2 people in a hangout.
Colin X
One thing you need to fix to be 100% better than Facebook: the ability to comment on people's pages.
Hey, I'm not liking the new YouTube feature where instead of being allowed to vote "Thumbs Up" or "Thumbs Down" on a video there is a only a "Google +" button in its place. The thumbs up and thumbs down feature allowed society to collectively vote on the nature of the content being presented in the video. It gave one a gauge of who we are as a society by allowing one to see the total vote tally at once and it allowed the content owners to effectively know whether something is acceptable or not. Imagine not being able to send a clear message with a "Thumbs Down" vote to Rick Perry's strong video that discriminating against gays in the military is unacceptable. Imagine people in the middle east not being able to voice their dislike as a society of their dictators and their dictator's violence in a clear and concise manner. Voting allowed us as a society to have a collective voice, without this voting society would be unable to effectively voice their opinions against discrimination and violence in a strong and concise manner. The whole video will just become a series of arguments in the comments section. The overall message and clarity voting allows society speak against violence or discrimination would give way to a bunch of noise in the arguments section. I know you are trying to compete with Facebook and this "Google+" button is a way to force everyone to use "Google+", I know that Larry Page has made competing with Facebook a top priority. Getting rid of the voting buttons and replacing it with a "Google+" button is not the way to go. It will make people resentful of Google for taking away such a powerful tool for voicing ones opinions. You can't force people to want to use "Google+." By using forceful coercion people will resent you. Getting rid of the voting buttons on YouTube videos will make people resent Google+. The way to compete with Facebook is to innovate and make "Google+" better and more convenient to the user. Innovation is what made Google so great and what allowed Google to dominate Yahoo, Altavista, Bing, AskJeves, etc. You have to make people fall in love with "Google+". You guys are going down the route of Microsoft's Bing, which is trying to force people to use Bing with sheer brute force of their advertising dollars. Is Bing strategy working? Of course not, the quality of their search results are terrible, there is no substitute for innovation. The correct way to make someone fall in love with Google+ is to do what Google did back in 1999 which was creating the best and most innovative algorithms and features. Be the Google everyone fell in love with back in 1999, don't turn into a Microsoft Bing. Have a "Google+" button displayed prominently in the video frame at the end of the video or somewhere below the video or even have a corner of the video you can hover over with the mouse that would feature a hidden Google+ button that appears on mouse over, but don't get rid of the voting feature to try and force everyone to use "Google+" people will be resentful getting rid of that feature. Getting rid of voting feature would make it impossible for society to collectively voice their opinions in one simple concise and resounding manner. You know that YouTube has become so important to society, the exchange of ideas, and the spread of democracy. Don't get rid of the voting feature, being able to vote on a video is too important to society get rid of. Make people fall in love with Google+, don't make people resent Google+. Don't become a Microsoft Bing, don't become a Window's Phone. Stay true to your roots of innovation that made the Google of 1999 so great and that made Android so great.
And you have waaaay to much time on your hands to write an essay length run on paragraph about how YouTube is the basis of society, get a life
Sorry to but in ... major problem with Google Groups over last few weeks .... many users getting this message and it's not correct nor appropriate: "The message you are sending is too large. All messages must be less than 0.10 MBytes". This really needs to be fixed since Google Groups is now effectively disabled to a large degree.
you guys are 21st century icons! keep it up GooGle!
+Scott Brown - Wow, another right-wing troll spewing religious hate talk. Get a life loser and post comments that actually have something to do with the topic.
I'm sick of off topic posting so I'm blocking +Tech Gadget because of their thread-jack.
its nice to know about Larry. He really prove himself that he can really be "face to face" with Facebook and still trying his best to compete with Facebook with his new innovations.
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