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With all that you juggle every day, its easy to lose track of appointments, plans, and reminders. With today's expansion of our Gmail Search Field Trial (, we've added Calendar results to your Gmail and Drive results. You can learn your entire schedule for the day by searching for [what is on my calendar today]. Or if you'd want to know when you're meeting up with your friend Bryan for lunch, type [when am i meeting bryan]. 

A search is a search, and with the field trial you can securely see results that are important to you, no matter where the answer may be. 
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Greg Hesp
Im starting to see Google Now on my PC ;)
Maybe the usefulness of this will strike me later. If I want to know about something on my calendar or my agenda for the day, I will just open my calendar and look.
Google Apps accounts, please
Remember Google now is just an extension of Google search. This in theory should work as a voice command on Google now, if not I am sure it is not far off.
I was approved for the field trial a couple of weeks ago, and I can't seem to get any personal results to show up, including the calendar... Any suggestions?
Type "what is on my calendar today" or click "Calendar"...
Yeah well done, Google. 
please bring google now 100% also in italy !
Great update. Will it work if I just type calendar, or agenda?
Looks great, relatively consistent UI to boot.
I am not sure why it is still called Gmail Search Field Trial... It should be Google Search Field Trial. 
U.S. only :-(
such trials should be possible for all english @gmail users when its an opt-in lab setting. 
Great! Now i can get updates about anything instead of only what matters. I'll know when my favorite bloggers pick up their kids, buy milk and plan on walking their dogs!
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