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Want to make your Google account safer? 2-step verification adds an extra layer of security by protecting your Google account with both your password and your phone. Keep the bad guys out—even if they steal your password.

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But before disabling, delete all generated pass-codes, because they remain active.
lo sò lo so ho solo problemi con un accaunt pero io ho messo tutti i miei e
volevo mettere anche quelli della go microsoft solo che ad esempio con loro
ho problemi con il live eppure vi ho scaricato con Voi il 365
+Adrien FÉRAUD, it helps. Google is (and has been) taking steps to make sure the NSA doesn't have any access to Google systems. But that won't matter if the NSA can guess your password.
It 's a great option ! i use it for 1 year :)
+Google Unfortunately last I checked I can set up using a cell number in Nigeria. 
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since past one year i am using it. its good really!!!!!
We want games in G+ very Badly
I have multiple machines. I'm signed into my Google account on all of them, and every couple of days I get logged on one of them, even if the "keep me signed in" option is checked.

While this may sound like not a big deal this gets extremely annoying after a couple of years. The only way this situation is bearable is that I have that "offer to sign me in" option checked in all my Chrome instances. Adding another hoop to jump through doesn't make this better, sorry.

I absolutely do see the utility in 2-step verification, and the added security is very good. But the inconvenience of keeping me logged into multiple machines when I have better things to do than constantly entering security codes still beats security, hands down.

On my phone I don't need to log in every couple of days. Why do I have to do this in the browser then?
alot of chinese hackers try to get my account alot of times and this stop thems  ;)
Me requirieron el número telefónico y nunca me mandaron el código, así como?
Thankyou I have finally done it!!>> 
Works wonders. Btw this is a one time setup per device... But even with the "keep me signed in" option enabled on a device you will still need to login every so often. This is yet another security feature
+Michael Mittner do you clean your temporary files and cookies? If yes, that may be the problem... because one of the way that Google is using to know that a computer is authorized is by checking the cookie stored on your computer. If you erase them, this will stop working. 
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When I have tried this the code does not get sent to my phone. I enter my number, wait for the text, click on resend code and nothing happens. This has occurred on at least two occasions when I have attempted to activate 2-step verification. 
Hi, i have this enabled but the code generated by the Authenticator app on all my phones are not recognized when used, even I have made time sync, all the time has to use the codes sent to my cell via SMS, what if I have no access to my phone. 
Me Be
This is good.
Need a computer to verify? If i dun hv personal computer, how?
+Michael Mittner worth Google 2step verification there is an option after entering the code to not ask for a code again on this computer. I've been using this without complaint for over a year with multiple PCs and Android phones. 
+Pesach Z Thanks, seems like I've overlooked that option. That makes it much more interesting :)
I hate the 2 step because it cost me money every time I get a text for the code.There needs to be a different way for better security.
I love it and have been using it since March of 2011. Works like a charm. Google account hasn't been hacked since.

... and I thought everyone had an unlimited texting package in this day and age. What's up with that +Keith Barnett LOL

Speaking of that fact, I wonder if Google allows you to use a Google voice number to receive the code? That might be an alternative. There is also an app that you can download called Google authenticator that has the codes in it which changes every 30 seconds. (Only for iOS and Android though)
Meanwhile, someone reported to me that +Yahoo! Mail is forcing him to use https, and he just doesn't give a darn.
If you enable 2 step verification you generate pass-codes for apps and installations on different computers. When you turn off 2 step verification without deleting those pass-codes, the pass-codes remain active and can be used for login to your account. So, before turning off 2 step verification, be sure to delete all pass-codes.
What if they steal your password AND your phone?
Using this on Google, Facebook, and Dropbox.
+Garner Marshall I use a prepaid plan .The minutes are used up every time I use the phone for certain things . It's cheaper than a non prepaid plan . I just hate that it uses up my minutes . If you log into your account a lot then those minutes can go real fast.
2-step authentication (2sa) is exactly helpful if NSA - or more likely someone else - has access to your password /re +Shawn Willden 

What many people do not realise, is that from NSA perspective different flavors of 2sa require different effort. For application-based 2sa all NSA needs to do is to demand master keys and algorithm from Google, like they did with Lavabit. I doubt Investors will allow Google to shut down in protest, like Lavabit did: - and we do not know if that did not happen yet as Google would be gagged anyway.

On the other hand, to gain direct access using 2sa involving SMS or a call they will need to coordinate interception of connection on another network which is an extra friction - both legally and technologically. From that perspective, not using 2sa application is better.

The important question, though: does it matter when it comes to NSA? I do not think it does.  For a target of Google's nature there are more likely to be Prism-like direct access entry points for NSA, for which user-facing auth does not apply. So NSA specifically very likely would not even bother with breaking into 2sa chain.

Either application, SMS, or voice-based 2sa are effective enough in almost any other scenario while Google core systems are not compromised. And if they are - all bets are off anyway. Like they are with NSA, anyway.
That sucks +Keith Barnett the cellular companies always find a way to get their moneys worth out of the user. Who do you use of you don't mind me asking?
+Norman Avila you can print off a list of backup codes that you can keep somewhere safe. If you lose access to your phone you can use those instead. You'll be presented with the option to generate these backup codes when you go to set up the 2-step auth.
+Garner Marshall I use AT&Ts GoPhone prepaid wireless.They don't have the best coverage where I live at in the northern Redwoods of California but they seem to have the best prepaid choices.
I miss the days when gmail was invite only.
I'm kinda worried that some of my extended family will get on here.
"No Grandma, I don't know how to invite you to g+."
If you don't even have a g+ account by now, chances are it's not your game and you probably shouldn't make one.
My wife and I don't keep our passwords from each other. In case something happens to one of use the other can still get to important information. Is it possible to have one google account with 2 step enabled. And have the Authentication app on two different phones generate a number for the shared account?
If you read my last two comments 1 a bought using up minutes to get the code. There is a app that you can use to keep that from happening authenticator . I Have sence changed my carrier so I have unlimited minutes on text. So it doesn't mater ether way for me now. Unless I can't find my phone.
Will 2-step authentication ask for a verification code if, say, my laptop is stolen and the thief tries to log on from the same previously-authenticated browser but from a different gateway IP?
So I just changed my password and set up 2-step authentication.  However when I go to launch the google+ app on my iPhone I get stuck on the sign in screen.  I enter in my login and password and get prompted to enter in the onetime password via SMS.  However rather then bring me to the Google+ page it stays in the sign in browser.  If I try to set up a onetime password I get prompted to enter in my 2-step password.
You might need to log in on a computer and get an application specific password. Or is that what you mean by "one time password"?
HI there,
I forgot my Cell phone number to get the verifications numer please help mr how I can get success to my gnmail account,,,,
please help 
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