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To maintain the same search settings every time you're on Google on
your computers, tablets and phones, sign in and save them to your
Google Account. Directly access your search settings at, where you can customize settings like desired language, location and results per page. Don't forget to click Save to save your changes.

If you want the same search settings on your mobile device, be sure to save your search settings to your Google Account. Otherwise, your search settings on mobile devices will remain separate from your search settings on desktop computers.

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Any chance to get even "Blocking unwanted results" ( ) to work consistently? It seemingly works sometimes for some accounts (for me it works for gApps cutom domain account used by my company) while it is constantly ignored in my personal account (this one). (Seeing w3schools in search results annoys me terribly.)
I want to be able to customise the black bar, so I only see the apps that I use, and don't have to keep drilling down through "More" to get to Mindomo, Gliffy , etc.  I keep asking, but never get the slightest response from +Google .  Any chance +Google ????
Hello Google, intends to integrate Google translator in G+?
Still see Play in the language I never choose but used to visit, but not in English. 
To maintain google's ability to track everything you do. . .
+James Gander
Oh, I know.  I just like google to be honest about why they post a lot of these little tidbits ; )
Ctrl+Mys+n = Open new Chrome window in incognito mode
+Jordi Camps
"We may collect device-specific information (such as your hardware model, operating system version, unique device identifiers, and mobile network information including phone number). Google may associate your device identifiers or phone number with your Google Account."
In other words:
Even if your cookies are off, do-not track is on, and you are in incognito, if your IP SysID and Routing info are the same, they still know who you are.
Have a great day : )
Why can't we customize and save our preferences for the google bar at the top? 
I want Orkut there in place of +Me and, I want to be able to carry my preferences from one PC to another through preferences.
I think google translate should be more specific! I translated something from English to Croatian, then did it the other way, and most of the words were not the way I typed it. Please improve this?
I have something about chrome, when i use it now a new search site pops up on a seperate tab, after installing a game on chrome which did not completely download. I tried everything to get rid of it and i just don't know
Nepali....when ever i go looking at Nepali site ..thre comes the suggestion bar ,,this page is in hindi , want o convert to english  #  dats make me sad... # so i would Nepali Be added to it +Google # u have the server in our country as well bt still # hope this get fxed
well, pretty useless consider search is ruined with the new safesearch option that you CAN`T disable. do you know if bing synchronizes settings ?
+victor dumitru don't forget that google is committed to fighting censorship and dishonesty.
Which is why the practice both of them at home.  I haven't really used google for search for over a year now I think.  No loss.
I Agree with you - too much change - too often without choices
Opened my browser today and got a fukin game...Worthless for business and running personal finance. Time to move to Yahoo.  What are they thinking...Sheesh
Hey, can you please tell me why there isn't talking-voice in Hebrew? in the Google-transalate?
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