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Harry Potter fans, you'll like this bit of news from +Google Play.
Calling all wizards, witches and Muggles -- starting today you can get Harry Potter eBooks on and read them on Google Play! Once you’ve made your purchase, send them to your Google account. You can then read them like any other books on Google Play on the web, phones, tablets and compatible e-readers and pick up where you left off. Harry Potter eBooks for Google Play are available in the US, UK, Australia, and Canada. To learn more, please visit
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Sigh. There's this part of the world called Europe, you know, and people here would like to have those shiny digital items +Google keeps advertising to us even though they seem to not want to sell them to us. If you would just... ...shut up and take our money!!!! :)
Oz is just over the ditch, but us Kiwis still get left out from Google Play..
+Tech Gadget I hope this is true - have had 200 GB paid storage laughing at me for months, because I can't access it to make a sync backup from my server...
Oh, eBooks...In China, all I could get is dictionaries, FML.
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