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Have you heard of the party game “As the Crow Flies?” Okay, probably not, since we just made it up. Here’s how it works: next time you’re killing time with friends or family, name two spots on the planet—say, Hawaii and Siberia. Get everyone’s best guess on exactly how far apart they are—2,000 miles? 5,000? 8,000? Then pull up the Google Search app on your phone and ask, “How far is it from Hawaii to Siberia?”, and there's your answer. (This “as the crow flies” distance is a new Google Search feature that works for far-flung locales, beyond what you can drive or walk.) Whoever’s guess was furthest off has to… well, we’ll let you choose their penalty. They pick the next one, and around it goes until everyone’s properly… penalized. Caw! Caw!
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Sounds like a cool game, but if we play will Google now start suggesting Siberian weather forecasts or great borscht restaurants? 
"...penalized" Google you really need to work on your innuendo.
You'd have to specify where in Siberia +Google That place is gigantic. The difference could be in thousands of miles. 
I used this a couple weeks ago. Distance to or from place.
Is the line shown as curved as a result of dealing with the Mercator projection?
It was pretty funny before when I got driving directions from San Francisco to Honolulu.
This could be used in Aviation! Google Maps could replace Jeppesen! 
You could, using the weather, calculate the best routes for airplanes...
Anyway to change the units to metric?
+Google   They used "As the Crows flies" in the movie Rio
If people like this game, join Google Hangouts and play the Panaramio game! One person pics a picture from around the world (powered by panaramio) and the others try to put a pin in the map closest to the location. Whoever is the closest wins.
Cool, but I'd like Kilometers rather than the default miles. How to?
I wonder what you mean by... "penalized." Malört?! Yeah. Malört. 
I'm only speculating here but this idea was obviously stolen from one of the games that +Rhett & Link like to play on the youtubes... I love it though even if I'm wrong.. share the wealth :)
Just remember the definition of a nautical mile at the equator in degrees.
just tried out...London to India does not work. :(
I tried it from Nome Alaska and it doesn't work :0 laugh out loud lol
ow im gonna fail at this
Can we please label this "As the Nazgul flies?"
the worst marketing trick i have ever seen..
I am using NOKIA Maps..
please help ; i had problem about google + on my phone ; it stop getting notivication ^_^` what can i do ?!'
Why not seems as good a game as anything else you might think to do when you watching paint dry or lawn grow
Well if we kill time with friends we do it with drinking. With family, we go out. This game is for young classmates on boring hours.
You used to be able to do this with the measure tool in the Google maps app, any chance you can reinstate this?
How far from Taree to Google Australia !? Lol guys 
oh wow i can't imagine how awesome would be if Google and other american tech companies, didn't block the rest of the world out the door shut, with concrete and some more cement and through the key away >.<
I don't understand why people complain about everything working best in the united States, the company was founded there. 90% of the stuff you get from there you do not pay for, you can't even vote with your dollar..
You can't kill time. If you try to waste it, it will kill you.
Dear Google, I have an idea and i need to either distribute or sell it, with whom should i talk
Sounds like fun to me. I got to try it. I bet my kids will love it especially on road trips. Plus it makes them use their mathand geography skills a lil more than school alone. Great teaching technique as well. Keeps the mind working for sure.
+Vadik Golovin when says "Country" ,means center of capital. When you put in GPS "NY" means center of city,every city have a center many times the Mayor,or the point 0.
+eduardo garcia Siberia is not a country. It's an Asian part of Russia made of autonomous republics, each with their own main city. 
You can also turn it in a drinking game
+Ryan Dawkins Hmm, but Google happily accept ‘our dollar’ when we buy the Android phones in form of royalties or fees paid by the manufacturers for using the OS. Now, why do we not have the right to complain?
Nice how the lines are curved because of the projection
Straight-line distances - as the crow flies - have long been needed between two points, near or far, on Google Maps as a simple option. This new feature is interesting, but no wonder it has been described in terms of a game. It would be much more useful if not restricted to remote locales. Google Maps should provide the ability to give straight-line distances for cities that are relatively close. For instance, in Florida, what is the as-the-crow-flies distance between Orlando and Gainesville? (There is no direct highway route.)
#As the the crow flies" may I suggest a challenge be the penalty? 
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