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If you're headed to #SXSW, be sure to check +Google Maps for the latest information on CapMetro's bus and rail detours throughout the city.
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Data of bus and métropolitain are Free and in real time for the city of rennes (France). Easy for you to put there informations in google Maps, isn't it ?
+Ivan Joel Ramirez Angeles , cualquiera que ofrezca reenvío de paquetes desde una casilla en USA. Eso varia por país. Yo utilicé uno llamado Air Facility. Dependiendo de donde vivas, podras tener más o menos opciones. Suerte.
+Christian Alvarez it's a matter of taste, personally I prefer the more grown up, styling of the android ui accents. They're easy to see but not unnecessarily flashy.
vacan cheverisimo cuanto cuesta uno de esos
the $1 is the cost of taking the CapMetro bus on the route depicted. 
Hehe even googles advertizing company did not receive a nexus 4 in time. Or way did they post a gnex beside the most recent apple mobile?
If you use apple maps, you will end somewhere else (the place not even Google knows exactly)

Wats happend to Latitude!!!??? it's disappeared from my android phone (from the gooogle maps)!!!!
latitude works badly:(
always lost my friends list
why isn't kindle fire hd supported by google when it has an android os?
+Werner Sevenster the iphone is bigger in the pic so that it doesnt look as pathetic next to a Galaxy. If it was its actual size, Apple would sue Google
Android better get the iOS maps version cuz the UI is much better. 
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ürün.ü-EN direnedim.Cuma Arslan +905322723363.ya ürünü sevk ediniz yada parayi geriiade ediniz banadabilgi vermenizi ricam
Dont use google navigations in turkey why ?
.. i wish i can get anytime some kind of a bigger tool on SMART PHONES as the one i got.. 

.. this is a very tool not only for maps ever yo can travel and going anyplace. yo having thi tools for the using all over and you get you city guides in the whereever to go.. FASCINATING!..
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