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It’s time for the "fastest two minutes in sports!” Whether your money's on California Chrome or a dark horse, be sure to watch the races in style. Just say to your #GoogleSearch app: "show me images of Kentucky Derby hats" for some sartorial inspiration. 
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At first I wasn't sure about the relation of the photo with the description till I read the rest lol
And how many people are actually going to use that?
Google+ mobile drain my phone +Google fix it please.
Or substitute 'fascinators' for 'hats' 🐎
+ollie niz its not broken. Maybe if you look in the settings you can change when to auto backup to save battery
+Mark Stronge i know , i have done all things possible already and it is only when i use google plus that is happening. I use to fix computer and i have expertise of software issues in Java .
I absolutely adore wearing, a beautiful hat! 9167675930
I love hats ,there so womanly , so Audrey H .
English Language pjon
hey Google, do you wanna be a friend and fix my nexus 4, for free.... lol that would be so awesome if you did. i love Google sooo much to best company o the planet,
This is so cool, thanks Google Search App :)
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