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Wilhelm Busch, a caricaturist and painter whose work is considered a precursor to the modern comic strip, is the subject of a doodle Sunday in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The doodle references Busch’s most famous work, a satirical story told in pictures and rhymes called Max and Moritz.
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I read "Max and Moritz" as a kid a zillion times... nice.
Have any of you actually read Max and Moritz???;)
I like this - Thanks for posting!
rms titanic doodle would be a lot better than this
Thx for this one ... Max and Moritz were an important part of my childhood ;-)
Thanks! One of my favorite books even before I learnt reading it by myself.
Whoa! This is amazing!
there is supposed to be new google glasses
Where was the tribute to the Titanic... you do all these random artist but you are forgetting the people who went down with the ship that changed history.
Titanic is more important than this dude that I never ever heard of…
Proud to share the sky with people who never heard of Max and Moritz. Nothing to do on this world!
yes, in Australia and new zealand you're more interested in Titanic
I always enjoy the doodles because is the faster way to learn about history and entertain. Thank you!
you know i keep getting updates on this i wish it would stop.
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