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+Google Ideas just announced Project Shield, an initiative that enables people to use Google’s technology to better protect websites that might otherwise have been taken offline by “distributed denial of service” (DDoS) attacks. We’re currently inviting webmasters serving independent news, human rights, and elections-related content to apply to join our next round of trusted testers:

Over the last year, Project Shield has been successfully used by a number of trusted testers, including Balatarin (, a Persian-language social and political blog, and Aymta (, a website providing early-warning of scud missiles to people in Syria. Project Shield was also used to protect the election monitoring service in Kenya (, which was the first time their site stayed up throughout an election cycle.

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Karthik S
Google is the next Google
Yup. Found the link in the post here. But the link they tweeted is still 404. 
Since Google censor people here on G+ I'm not sure they have it in them to help with "Free Expression"... 
Must not mention censor, must not mention censor..
But you can't protect us from the US government.
what if its not an 404, and actually it's a DDoS?
+Kaan Gürayer multiple friends here have got their posts deleted and even accounts taken away without warning. Someone reported them for unknown reasons and they had no idea why. Even private posts got deleted. 
Google's Strategic Homepage Intervention, Enforcement, and Logistics Division.
I don't know what to say. It seems pretty unlikely that Google would do such a thing without any reason. Still, I am not saying it did not happen but I have my doubts about it. +Daniel Börresen 
+Magne Våga The process of chosing who gets on board surely involves evaluation of the sites from the perspective of American law and interests both national and Google's. There HAS to be some selection of this sort. If you want to call it censorship, feel free, it is just a matter of perspective.
+Emad Al Sagheer Google+ is a Google service right? The link was dead. It works now. (I know the the difference between a 404 and a blocked page) :) 
Are Google Sites on this protected infrastructure?
+Daniel Börresen that some posts or whole threads get deleted does not necessarily imply censorship. What you describe (random private posts deletion) looks more like a bug to me.
So this is like PageSpeed Service, combined with CloudFlare, with Google's larger infrastructure to absorb spikes in traffic. Sounds good. I already use PageSpeed Module to optimize my sites on the backend and CloudFlare to CDN and mitigate traffic spikes. PageSpeed Service is nice but they don't have a free tier like CloudFlare does.
Hope this can also be leveraged when people are hammering the Nexus 5 site ;)
The best place for continued freedom of expression will never be a web site controlled by one company with an immense global brand. Usenet (newsgroups) and mailing lists are likely the best bet. And your own websites.

+Daniel Börresen - I've long suspected this. Why not try to put it to the test? :-)

(Edit: that said, I'm all for this project.)
I just think Nvidia will attack you
How about reviewing the automatic take down of videos on YouTube. So many cases of corporate censorship right there.
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