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Tuesday's doodle in the Czech Republic for architect Jan Kaplický, known for his futuristic designs, like that of the Selfridges Building in England.
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Eah ... in Prague, they don't wont his work (National Library building), so we in Brno have bus stop in similar design, partly as joke, partly as tribute to his work :)
Jan Kaplicky is a Hero for Me. The National Building should be Built. His Death, was a Great Loss, to Design.
More Kaplicky architecture in the Czech Republic!!!!!! ...aaand fok the fat pigz inna goverment! :D
this is a great doodle and he was an excellent architect and yes his dead was a great loose
this is a creative doodle, i like the color of it...
Wow you announce even local doodles! Greetings from Czech Republic
Once Vaclav Klaus is out of his term hopefully Czechs will get a president whom will support a unique concepts like the National Library.

Cheese.... Now I'm hungry!! Good doodle though as it was able to arouse my insatiable hunger!
+Peter Brown unique concepts are always a big tunnel for transfer of money here in Czech... not again please.
The Selfridges Building, huh? I wonder what that place is. An appliance retailer?

[ba-dum chhh]
Retail Building, Yes. Gateway to Birmingham.
The buildings are not futuristic, they are organic
its google inside.....right???!!!!!!
Appears to be a GSA front on top of Google logo :D
nice it look like cheese
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