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Some updated Google+ goodies for those of you with iPhone and iPad: a new iPad app that's designed with the device in mind to bring your stream to life, the ability to create and manage Events on Google+ on iPhone, and Hangouts on iPad and iPhone. Download the updated app in the App Store or find out more...
In May, we redesigned the Google+ experience for iPhone, adding full bleed photos that fall into place and bold visual elements that bring your stream to life. Today, we're introducing new features fo...
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Franz S
create and manage events from iPhone +1 +1 +1 - anyone know if you can use party mode?
Is battery usage better? 
Thanks a lot +Google for update! :)
Thank you Google. It's a super app that blow away the clunky Facebook app.
I've been waiting for this for some time. But the comment section seems to be dopped.

Looks wonderful. When you click on a post though, it looks odd. Lots of....grey space.
Worth the wait. All one needs. Anybody wants to buy my old PC?
Ron Dee
Looks pretty good so far
A good thing would be fixing the android version bugs!! :(
Posting from it, i think i'll never use facebook again ;)
Could you add this to the app and web page of google +

A place to add a list of things to do with the people that are invited to the event. Instead of just adding comments, it's be nice to have something set aside specifically for it. You could add specific photos to that item in the list. I. E. during a trip to see a friend, the list could include going to a pool (then have photos of just the time spent at the pool). Have the ability for anyone to add to the things-to-do section. You could title this list, maybe assign the invitees a job. I. E. if there is a cookout during the event, you could assign each person something to buy for the cookout. Endless additions.

Maybe this is already there but If not, this would be pretty cool. 
I really like the iPad app so far but I'm a but confused as to why there is so much space left unused. Looking at this post in-particular I see an image of the app in use surrounded by a vast space of dark grey, it makes the image look like a postage stamp.

I haven't begun to look at settings yet though if there are any.
Wei Cao
it's beautiful
Hope that adoption now explodes! :)
Thanks google man. The iOS and Android versions work like the browser version now.
I just feel a bit like a criminal downloading these apps without having to pay for them.
Continue to make accuracy on cells gps
I can create posts using my bluetooth keyboard on Google+ iPad app, but when I go to comment on a post, it only lets me type if I turn the bluetooth keyboard off and type with screen. Once cursor is in the dialogue box, I can then turn keyboard back on and it works. 

Very odd. Anyone have this issue?
Sweet! I was wondering when that was going to go live.
Is it too much to ask to support landscape mode in posts and followed links within posts?

It is? Ok, nevermind...
Anybody know how I can get the 4.1 update on my nexus....I think Verizon's gonna give us the run around agajn
Great. But no Messenger? I need the G+ Messenger on iPad to send messages to my friends on Android. Of course, it would be better if there's an official GTalk client on iPad.
It's very nice...but....but...but...I now have my Google+ feed in flipboard along with everything else. Hmmmmm.
Using it now. It's really beautiful, well done google.

Google+ on the iPhone is awesome! It looks and feels amazing. +1 for the Google+ design team
Now with Chrome and g+ on the iPad, maybe I can finally start leaving the laptop at home. 
Can't change your profile picture from it >:(
Not into the "grid" layout. It may look pretty, but for scanning updates a list would be so much simpler. Perhaps add a setting for this? I must say though, its about a bazillion times nicer than the crappy Facebook iPad app. Nice work.
No PAGES support. Not much use to me. :-(
Doug C.
It's so pretty!! I really like the new look!
Would prefer to see FULL text without having to drill down. Too much emphasis on images, rather than words. But a step in the right direction.
Any chance of "edit" a comment coming soon.....????
Al He
is there still a hidden upload of your data like pictures or contacts in background, which you could not stop, like it was in previous versions?
The way it should have looked from the beginning.
Am I missing a trick? Is there seriously no way of seeing a list of the people I have circled (let alone edit such a list)?
Comments need to span the width of the iPad, and we need a way (or more obvious way, since I can't find it) to close the comments without closing the post so we can resume viewing the picture. 
Prime example of Good Guy Google - not only embracing the competition, but developing for it instead of throwing a hissy fit and calling a loss of profits "copyright damages".
YES !!!!!  I'm going to do it right now.. LOL @ +Andrew Banchich the background on my iPhone and iPad are Android Collectible minis, I have 29 and the background on my Galaxy S Android phone is a picture of an Apple.  I have to say I do prefer Android O/S to Apple.
Nice one google, finally a decent google+ app for my iPad 2, nice work 😜
It crashed as I was going to type this. Why doesn't google beta test anything? Who designed this horrid app? The standard iPhone one is preferential. How about a web app that's better designed?
Shame about the lack of functionality though.  Reading the Stream is horribly frustrating as you now have to click on every single post first in order to read it.  Waiting for the next update when hopefully this will be addressed.
Google ha sido una de las mayores compañias.¿Pero que tal si Google hace su propio sistema operativo?
Brett. You have to go onto Gmail then...
When will there be a G+ app for the Windows Phone 7 ? As the mobile-web interface is next to useless.
Thank you! It is gorgeous. And I dig the white space (grey space?) 
This is the best news I heard all day! I can't wait to get home and try it out! +Google+
like the ipad app, but i don't know how to edit my profile in it.
I don't see the pages option! I want to update my business page from my iphone, but i can't
Can you create "Events" on the Ipad version? So far I can't find any way to do that. Also it looks like Hangouts on air is still not supported in the Ipad version or am I missing something.
But why there is no events on the iPad?
They make a great web site client, just remake it on iPad...
I should rephrase that.  I find myself chewing back vomit whenever I see the mobile google plus apps.  It's such a degraded experience from the desktop version it makes me sick.  Whose bright idea was it to hide what people write in favor of some stupid website snapshot?  Isn't social networking supposed to be about sharing your thoughts with others, not just photo and link sharing?  You were off to a good start but then quickly ruined it by demoting PEOPLE from the primary focus to the least important element in the experience.
Who's kid has a elite wwe jeff hardy wwe toy
Dear Google Team,

I'd like to sell one of my blogspot blogs, am I allowed to do that? Do I have any obligation to Google in this case? I gladly expect for an answer! Thank you!
Fantastic app, but I have an issue with the sound during a hangout... Almost impossible to put it loud enough...
party mode is not included on iOS app?
Oh, good grief! I've just realised that I can't even post a link. I can post a photo; I can post my location (why on earth would I want to do that?); but I can't post a simple link. Really, Google? There is too much basic functionality missing from this release, I'm afraid. Style over content.
I can't share photos from my Google Albums in G+ App on iPad. Only from Instant Upload or Photos on iPad. On Android I can do this. Please do same as Android.
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   Also, the ocean liner UNITED STATES   WAS NEVER  the USS UNITED STATES. She was to be a hospital ship USS UNITED STATES but the plan fell through.
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I like the new version very fast... Unlike fb
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