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We've just announced an agreement to acquire +Nest:
MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA – JANUARY 13, 2014 — Google Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOG) announced today that it has entered into an agreement to buy Nest Labs, Inc. for $3.2 billion in cash. Nest's mission is to reinvent unloved but important devices in the home such as thermostats and smoke alarms.
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Nice!  So how do they try to change standard devices? Make them net-aware?
Omg yes I want this in my home and now you're running it I'm going to buy it. I love you +Google
If you want, we can set up a meeting to acquire me.
wow dats alot of money
Imagine a Google Now card: You left the cooker on. Your house is burning.
nice. just got my nest protect...may wait a bit on the thermostat now.
Wait, what? Can someone help me out here? I thought Nest and Apple were best buds? 
+Corey Shaughnessy Nest was created by former Apple employees, there wasn't a current business relationship though. 
+Rich Talcik Yeah but you gotta be careful... people love to make fun of Apple fanboys because loving a company is a bit strange.

Although I have nothing against any orientation... dudes... girls... companies... it's all good, but some people aren't that open minded. ;)
Some people need to mind their own business and let people do what they want rather than making them go down their path... +Marc Belley
+Rich Talcik You're the one who shared that you loved a company. Maybe you should have kept that to yourself if that's the kind of attitude you have to people talking about your comments.

Always be weary of what you post online. ;) Anyways I gotta go, have a nice evening or day.
i dont know the purpose of making my shaver net-aware, even if it's bluetooth e.g. to see how long before the NiCd batteries need charging.

though, a Li-ion battery is not a good idea unless it's like an alkaline.  I still think regular AAA's might work.

Please let this mean that Android@Home is not dead! I've been patiently waiting!
Noted.  Do not buy nest products.
Thanks for the warning.
Cash? Like Benjamin's? That's like the stack of cash the Dark Knight Joker burned. Is nest owned by the joker? How's that gonna work with the "don't be evil" motto?
That's awesome news. I hope that Google can fix +Nest's customer support issues. Their support is horrible. I bought a Nest and had issues with my fan running non-stop. I posted on their community with zero response. I called them and waited on the phone for 1 hour and 50 minutes before I spoke to a human. They told me their product had an issue and they were going to send me a new base unit. The new base arrived and the issue was not resolved. So I called and gave up after over an hour wait. So, I tried emailing. It took them a week to email me back. Sadly, I returned my Nest. I really wanted it. I'll try again in a few months.
How does this affect plans for Google Skynet?
من همیشه به شبکه شما احترام گذاشتم و میدانستم همیشه اسرار من در این شبکه
حفظ میشود هیچکس نمیتواند بگوید من از چیزی نمیترسم چرا که ترس برادر همزاد
شجاعت است و شجاعت بدون ان معنایی ندارد واقعیت این است من در زندگی سه ارزو
دارم اول اینکه بچه هایم رابیبنم دوم اینکه به زیارت مولایم در کربلا برم وسوم
اینکه بازگشایی سفارت کشور بزرگ و عاقل امریکا را در این کشور ببینم برای
رسیدن به این سه مورد هر کاری میکنم و از کسی و چیزی وحشتی ندارم چرا که روی
منطق ایستاده ام و با عقل و دلیل حرف میزنم بزرگترین دلیل اینکه جواب ایمل های
ادمهایتان را میدهم این است درواقع من حق تصمیم گیری برای نسل روبرو و بعد از
خودم را ندارم چرا که خداوند انها را ازاد افریده و حق انها است که دنیا را
ببینند و بفهمند که چه میخواهند انها باید بدانند که برقی که خانه انها را
روشن کرده از امریکا وارد شده تلفنی که حرف میزنه از امریکا امده قوانین مدنی
و حقوقی هنوز کپی است و صد ها مورد دیگر علاوه بر ان حق تحصیل تحقیق و انتظاری
که نسل حاضر از منه دیروزی دارند و از من خواسته اند من کمکشان میکنم به
خواسته شان برسند این تنها راهی است که احساس کتم مفت نباخته ام من مانند
خیلیها فرار نمیکنم که خودم را برسانم امریکا و همه چیز تمام بشه و جلوی
دوربین یک مشت دریوری تحویل این ملت بدم اسم انرا بگزارم مبارزه من در ایران
میاستم و هرچی که بخواهم از امامم میگیرم بشرطی که منطقی و قابل طرح باشد تنها
چیزی را که هیچوقت نمیتوان از کسی گرفت فکر ان ادم است رسوخ در افکار و
ماندگاری در ان کار هر کسی نیست و هرکسی توان اینکار را ندارد خداوند در این
هشت سال چیزی به من داده که ارزش ان خیلی بیشتر از چیزهایی است که ازدست دادم
خداوند اگر چیزی را از کسی میگیرد حتما بجای ان چیز دیگری به ان میدهد خداوند
به انسان از روح خودش دمیده و قدرتهایی به انسان داده که اگر به یکی از انها
دسترسی پیدا کند برایش تا اخر عمر کافی است جوانان این مملکت خیلی ارزو دارند
وحقشان است که به ارزوهایشان برسند هیچ دستگاه حکومتی نمیخواهد مردمش در فشار
و گرفتاری باشند وقتی پوسته اجرایی فاسد شد ودزد شد انوقت است که حرمت خیلی
چیزها از بین میرود حوصله نوشتن را ندارم چون بلافاصله تهمتها سرازیر میشود
چیزی گیرمان نیامده حرمت ریشمان هم رفته اقای گدا سوسایتی میشود زندانی
سوسایتی کار اول سرمایه گزاری
Need something to put Sparrow in on your shelf?
OH GOD YES!!! I Wanted a to buy a nest product so badly! Now that Google acquired Nest, it is a definite yes!
Nest learning thermostat combined with a Boston dynamics robot makes a fearsom home security system controllable from your nexus lol
Okay now what do we get out of the deal? Nothing but the thievery of other peoples intellectual property! Shame on you for not giving "credit" where credit is due. you're no different than Facebook Yahoo Bing. Lies about security locking people out of their emails stealing their web software applications.....
+DOREEN MAXWELL time to take off the foil hat and stop thinking that corporations owe you a goddamned thing
Dan Marazzo blow me. And you can take your tinfoil hat and shove it straight up your arse! Corporations duo why don't you go check the intellectual property filings on microsoft web you ignorant suck. you are real piece of work! Your stupid insults are ridiculous. like the size of your mental capacity you moron! Oh by the way! Your village called! And they want their idiot back!
Hahahahahahaha that was awesome
Do u agree wit me dat ur dog is d only tin on earth dat loves u more dan he loves himself?
Android@Home just got slightly closer to reality.
Free Nest thermostat with every new Nexus or Motorola device purchase!
+DOREEN MAXWELL what does Microsoft have to do with a Google news article? Also... What exactly did Google steal? They paid quite handsomely to purchase this company? Historically Google has worked quite well with companies they have purchased and have you once even looked at all the good Google has done for this world?
You idiotic assumptions that you are entitled to anything combined with your retort to my post prove the mentality we are dealing with. You and people like you are everything that is wrong with our society
...yet another innovative company under their belt...
Love my NEST, can't wait for Google's touch to make it just that much better.  #Exciting
Personne n'est choqué du prix du rachat ? 3.2 milliards ne serait ce pas plutôt le prix à payer pour un agrément à rentrer dans n'importe quelle maison ? Quelque chose me dit que le prix de leur produit va baisser pour pouvoir s'implanter en masse ;) 
now fix the issues with selecting/unselecting supported devices on our apk files.
This is amazing to hear! Cannot wait to see what comes from it!!
I prefer radio thermostat, it doesn't change my settings without being told. 
One of my good friend now wants to refund his Nest after hearing this news today. Google is gonna mess up the product by filling it with ads.

or Spring Cleaning in a few months.
CHROMEHOME We're at the intersection of hope and disappointment I hope they go the right way 
Dan Marazza.
I have had to create numerous multiple email accnts to acess googles yahoos facebooks abc cnn espn and the list is never ending etc. So you tell me Dan Marazzo. Who do you file intellectual property rights with? I believe it is with the company whom holds the trade mark. Oh and by the way,you started it with your remark. I do not know you, but #tinfoilhat, is an insult. and I was in the mood for your insults.#peace #truce
Because you and personally I don't really want to go there.
จะทิ้งทั้งที ต้อง"สีสมพู" แค่ให้หัวใจของเราได้รู้ #
Uh oh. The NSA will monitor and/or control my appliances!
Google, you're a bunch of faggots. Kill yourselves.
YOu are gonna destroy that site like you have destroyed YouTube!
+Google   Now that you own Nest, Please make a irrigation controller, so I can save water and control it from my smart phone!!



Google can go fuck itself.
Indoor Wifi mapping using the NEST smoke detectors. Brilliant move Google! Each room can now have its own context. 
+Corey Shaughnessy I read somewhere that they actually left Apple on bad terms, they didn't see eye to eye with Apple co workers.
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