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When searching for a definition on Google Search on on desktop and mobile, look for new details for etymology and history. For example, if you search for [define suffrage], you'll learn that the word originates from both Latin and French (you can also search directly for [suffrage etymology]). Below “Origin,” see the history of the word's use over time. In this case, “suffrage” reached its peak usage in the 1910s as a result of the women's suffrage movement in the United States. This information is powered by the Google Books Ngram Viewer, a tool that shows the frequency of words in books. Click on the graph, and you’ll be taken to the Ngram Viewer so you can drill deeper into the data. 

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Awesome upgrade, always enjoy learning new things!
Define "twerking".

Learned that word today via Miley Cirus' "dancing" that everyone's been going on about all day.
I have absolutely no idea how google can show me such an exactly definition of a word in less than one second, but anyway, thats absolutely awesome!
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This is great. I am constantly involved in conversations where definition and origin of a word is in question. This will minimize those arguments. 
I've used the define feature for years. But this addition makes every conversation I have that much more interesting. Keep up the good work, +Google.
I use define on google all the time. Like the improvements. 
So much information here and awful translations :P
PD: Great tool this one
Does this work with Google Now? I am too lazy (tired) to find out for myself. Zzz...
+Martin Larsen Didn't work at first for me on mobile. Then I went into Settings > Google > Search and then checked "Search on"

Worked a charm after that.
I ran into this awhile back.  Just intuitively using Google and tried synonym:word and it worked WOOT!!!  It was awesome.  You guys just never stop making things better.
Thanks for the tip +David Andrews , alas it doesnt seem to work even after ticking the search on domain, other solutions?
Google, why do you have to be so damn awesome, yet so damn corporate.
Now I like all the info it gives. Now ill have proof that a libation is hardly ever used in today's language... 
Hey Google, please give these features to people outside USA. 
Only thing wrong with Google, they are not truly global... Always US first.
+Damiano Venturin Most excellent idea. While you're at it, stop sending redwine and pasta too... Oh wait, it's the US, I meant pizza!
Great! Google is so much improved over time on both desktop and mobile... Thanks for continuing innovating 
It will take a bit of getting used to......hmmmmm
Yeah, I noticed it yesterday... Way to go Google
Ok, so you have to have the phones system language to US English, then it works
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Can you please fix this?
Interesting, this graphic looks like the graphics of the number of cases of cancer in the world...
Keep up the good stuff. I like your style. Gloria J.
Just got it, and immediately uninstalled the dictionary app. It is freaking awesome! 
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