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Since the summer of 2011, we’ve been on a mission to get America’s businesses online and growing. What would it look like if we lined up all these businesses that are new to the web? Turns out, they would stretch for 856 miles—nearly a third of the way across America. Think of it as America’s longest Main Street. Our goal is to get enough businesses online so that they stretch from coast to coast. Track our progress, check out businesses from your home state, and then help a business you know get online:
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Once coast to coast is achieved...
We will aim for the complete circumference ;)
the numbers seems to be meaningless because lack of proper definition. 
Interesting fact:  If you were to take all of Google's techiness and place it end-to-end, it would reach 3/4 of the distance to the moon.
Each business online will be one mile.
James R
To those complaining about how businesses do not equal miles or a physical distance: It's a metaphor. Relax.
119960 business / 856 miles = 140 business/miles --> 0.007 miles/business 
+James R the metaphor is 'bigger = more = longer', but this only works as long as you don't try to measure it. 
James R
+Johann Dirry  Per the definition of "metaphor", they're using a business to equal a distance. Which is not literally applicable. Therefore, a metaphor.

People are trying to be too literal on this.
J grace
It's right. Relax.
^  Babe is cute.
How does that translate to taxes over online sales?

I guess Google is gonna have a though time completing it's endeavour once sales over the Internet are taxed... Is not impossible... But it's gonna be more difficult... 
Sam F
Why didn't Google just explain how "long" an online business is in the post?
"Based on an average storefront size of 25 feet, we've calculated that 1 mile = 140 businesses" it's right there if you hover over the numbers on the site.
+Matthew Zhou when you see the next announcement of fiber to the east of Kansas, you will get the idea.
Their rate of adding businesses "on line" needs to be greater than the business attrition rate of 80% of businesses go out of business every 5 years.
Bring Google Fiber to Florida!!!!
Se imaginan una iniciativa así en America Latina? En 6 años nuestra competitividad e integración al mundo aumentaría enormemente.
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