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Today's doodle in Slovakia celebrates Anton Bernolák,the linguist and priest who wrote the first Slovak language standard. The doodle uses Bernolák's Slovak handwriting characters to spell something familiar... can you guess what?
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Google ;) I´m from Slovakia ;-) Thanks for great doodle ;-)
thank Google,make our life more meaningful!
Juraj S
The rule used in this case is based on phonetics i.e. "write as you hear". And yes, this is how we would transcribe Google back in 18th century.
Anton is also know for his precise spelling of any word in his dictionary. He achieved a much higher rating than any other popular linguist in terms of accuracy, efficiency and speed including Funk and Wagnu, Websters and the King James Dictionary of Precise English Biblical Phrases.
Big thanks from Slovakia!
Gùgl - google was not invented at that time (I think),
so what that means in slovakia, I have no idea.
"Horse" maybe? or "gurgle"
According to Juraj S comment earlier, it is from the 18th
century, how they would write it then, I just wondered,
what "Gugl" meant at that time? (in Slovakia)
这不就 谷歌 的汉语拼音 嘛
Gúgl, thanks from Slovaika. It's still google, but by our language. Love this. :) 
we are reading, like we are writing, But know we have so lot english words, fuuu . 
so gugl meant google in the 18th century in Slovakia,
you were way away before your time then!
I was hoping fore if there by a chance could be
some lucky funny double meaning in gùgl. :) 
Thank you! Google. I am from Slovakia. Great work!
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