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Today’s homepage celebrates the pop art of Keith Haring, 80’s creator and social activist. Keith drew his artistic inspiration from the raw graffiti throughout New York City—then traveled the world to share his version of public art in the form of chalk drawings, murals and paintings.
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The G looks unsettlingly like the Human Centipede...
i guess the 80's were still good for some! Either that or the 70's just did its toll and carried over to the 80s LOL
Am i the only one who thinks the "G" looks like The Human Centipede?
Yay! I was so pleased to see this today.
Saw his 2008 exhibit at the MAC in Lyon with a group of kids who found it so engaging. He predominantly uses primary colors and these augment the simplicity and action in his work.
This reminds me of a child's doctor's office I used to visit as a kid. These were all over the walls, that's all I can remember. Weird flashbacks!
He designed a couple of album covers, too didn't he? Anyone remember what they were?
Wow, I remember growing up and seeing his artwork all over New York...and then in other places as I traveled. It's always amazing to see something as an adult that you took for granted as a child and realized how it may have affected so many others in the world.
Thank you google:)) Thank you.....on behalf of the children of the WORLD:)) Teşekürler google bizlere böylesine önemli "Keit Hararing gibi değerleri hatırlattığın için!:))
Nice art but if I saw this image somewhere else without caption, I won't know its google.
First guy is coming out of some other guy's butt. Now that is weird...
I mainly know this from the background art in Clarissa Explains it All. Because I'm...not very smart or cultured.
i don't know what to say.... cool, awesome, neat, interesting.......... i just want to know more
no its creepy like why is the blue one on the left having someone come out of its mouth
Rest in eternal peace you wonderful artis Keith Haring we will never for get!
The first "G" is the Human Centipede
I love Keith haring more than anything in the world. YAY!
googlers are oly these are possible
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The design is rather odd , but cute and funny! :D
the red one dont look like an 0 at all, lol
Haring was the fishizzle when I was in college...oh wait, we didn't say that back then...
So happy that Google is representing Keith Haring. He was a great artist that the world lost too soon.
Awesome. Now how do I work this app what am
I supposed to do
I LOVE KEITH HARING he would have been 56 :(
I just love the stuff Google Plus comes up w\on ur home page it's GETS MORE AWSOME EVERYTIME
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i have desided to come out of the closet at say that i'm gay
+ZACHARY BROWN And? I am the father of a Gay son. When he came out to me several years ago my response was the same.
never mind, be happy! enjoy one each other, because the life is only one. xx
I remember seeing his pieces in the subways as a child. Was always fascinated by his art, even before I knew who he was.
u are awesome i say that game wene u dunked on that dude
i think it is really cute and artistic
I can't draw, but have a pot
That's the essence of the this art :)))
I've always really liked this mans artwork, Google is just amazing.
As much as I love Star Wars, I think they made the right choice here. :P
who the hell is this guy or girl that we are celebrating
+Tita Buds I think one we did was about Christmas. It us obviously Haring if you are old enough. Kinda also looks like those monkeys you hook together.
"He" did. Swype got me on my phone.
Muy interesante, hace que tengamos una vista muy amena o mensajes amenos, sobre todo si es en GOOGLE. FELICITACIONES ES UN GENIO.
Larry W
Can you say "Human Centipede!"
"Human Centipede" uuuuuummmmmmm Human centipede is grosssssssssss :X
Google, start the hype for your new Nexus phone please.
Went to school of visual arts with him its sad he's gone. The best part is his work will always be alive!
I remember studying Keith Haring in school. What an amazing artist.
He was great! I have a signed print of his from his first show in Soho!
i was wondering bout this... that's pretty neat
I luv we some pics like the at szhool grandma told me to keep my mouth shut if I had nothing positive to say...
im the blue guy with a guy in my head who also has a guy in his head ....figure out my code
Such an amazing and influential artist!
who r they?i mean what r they?
i have that picture at my house in paris
i love Keith Haring! We made pictures like Keith Haring's last year...
Never heard of this man...
Art is a good thing it makes people happy and it keeps your brain thinking art is wonderful keep it up
yeah, one dude gets a whole google decoration, but the troops and people who fight for our counntry on veterans day and memirial day only get a little flag >.< wtf is wrong with that picture?
+Bryanna Gauthreaux they fight for the military-industrial complex, who exploits me. Why would Google celebrate the exploitation of the common man through violence?
LOL the Human Centipede, first thing that came to my mind
Could you make a doodle about International Lifeguard Day? Please! For all those brave people who risk their life to rescue others.
¿Podrían hacer un doodle del Día Internacional del Socorrita? !Por favor! Por todas esas personas que arriesgan su vida para rescatar a otros. Sería una buena forma de agradecerle a estos heroes anónimos.
Q Bick
hey!! +Google love today's doodle google!! woohoo!!
they shufflin? Looks like theyre in a maze trying to die -_____-
Google, please modify your website info. Thanks
"Organizing, modifying and tailoring world's information and making it universally accessible and useful."
I see The Human Centipede over there to the left.
N Singh
When i seen this on my screen first feel about the theory of art which promote our actions and inventions in the life. I pray to God, help the team and grace them
may be, we are happy with e-friend, also e-0101place0101
well. that makes sense. this is sound reasoning a less threatening presentation that what occurred earlier.....or in earlier individual posts. screaming jumping up and down in print has gets very misinterpreted, ranging all the way from fear and fear of retaliation. it made me mark the mail as abusive. i am still new to google+ and have hard time finding the buttons for help. google+ still needs work just as you have found.
i sincerely hope google names the Persian Gulf appropriately.
our planet is under much stress and we her people are nervous and jittery. many of us want so much for all to be comfortable and happy. a lot needs to be done. be well be kind.
hola un saludo desde mexico sos muy hermosa
kinda reminds me of the movie "the centipede"!
Thank u  i like you friendship ok i am in Tirupathi.
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