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If you're part of the #Linsanity trend, you're not alone. New York Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin's star is rising faster than ever as searches for him peaked higher than other sports greats David Beckham, Kobe Bryant, Tom Brady and Tiger Woods in the past 30 days:

Searches for [jeremy lin nba] have increased 1,850% in the past 30 days, and the top three rising searches related to [nba] are about Jeremy Lin:

Talk about a #Linning streak!
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I wonder if Floyd Mayweather will join us? Probably not...
Lin was featured on BBC America tonight and China has moved to block you know he is "all the rage"
[lin nba] is up 2,000%

That's impressive!
Linsanity is everywhere! Interesting to see how much this trending.
Proud to say me and my IB Math class knew about Lin since last August.
There was a good article on lin about how he thrives in d'antoni's system but doesn't thrive in other offensive systems. It's like for a coach/player lol
Paul P
I hope Lin's success prompts basketball teams to scout Asian countries that have their own pro basketball teams, like the Philippines or China, for talent.
What i like about Lin is that he sounds humble during the interviews, and knows full well that his streaks are party because his teammates started to hit shots as well.

I'm rooting for the whole Knicks now to extend the Linsanity!
Can I have a -1 button? No one deserves this much hype...
No jeremy lin is good , for 1 for 2 he is doing stuff worth talking about and worth they hype..BUT , lebron james just drop 38 and 40 these past weeks and he got 2 seconds on ESPN , wtf is that?
+TIneo al Can't you see it? Lin came out of nowhere and is currently on a hot streak. Even nailing a game winning 3 point against the Raptors.

LeBron has been a good player for as long as he played in the NBA, and he had an insane amount of coverage during his move to Heat.
Excuse me while I say something irreverent.

Who gives a shit?
I hate the knicks
I hate the knicks
and the Kings are his next victims tonight.
searches of him are climbing because everybody keeps hearing his name and nobody knows who the ** he is
Lin is a good player, a good athletic point guard, who is also benefiting from weak competition. I haven't seen the Knicks schedule, but at some point they're going to have stretches where it's nothing but Bulls, Celts, Heat for a while, and Lin may not play well against some of those solid teams. But I think it is ludicrous to think they aren't better with Lin at the point, even when Carmelo Anthony returns. He had a stack of assists tonight, which is maybe the best thing a Knicks fan can hope for at this point.
But more on topic, the whole thing is pretty Lincredible!
lin+ incredible= lincredible. have any of u seen nigahigas videos? jeremy lin is his couisin
Jeremy Lin has shown the world that he has talent and good character. Of course this meteoric rise can only last for so long, but I hope that he is able have make a good career in the NBA and not become a flash in the pan.
me thought that it is speed graph
Lin is just unreal! I hope he is able to keep it up!
all i do is LIN LIN LIN no mata wat
Hot on google+ is very very VERY annoying. Do you have any idea that its taking the entire space in my google+ feed and there's no direct way to deactivate it? WTF was google even thinking??
Linsanity continues~~
Mobile app, hit menu, then circles, then uncheck what's hot.

Website, on the far left you see your stream, and lists of circles, click on what's hot, then the whole stream of the what's hot will pop up for viewing, once that's accessed, top right you'll see a slider bar, slide it to the left to not see any posts on ur stream
hmm that's what google+ is for :)
I don't know who Lin is, but skimming through the comments it seems she fights raptors. Awesome.
Who's he ? I guess I need to go do a search on Google. ;-)
you all are fake Jeremy lin fans. Its quite sad..
Ok but real fans would like him when he was on Harvard, Dallas, golden state and Knicks
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Thank you guy that i cannot pronounce your name.
Who? oh and while I'm at it...Why would i care?
Jeremy Lin niubility...
I dunno, what are you asking me for?
linsanity who saya asians cant drive
go jeremy lin! keep your work up! no doubt that you are the next yao ming (maybe even better!) note: i am still a 76ers fan!
some body in affiliate marketing should be targeting this niche!! Wish I had the time... I'd find some cool stuff on Amazon. That much traffic ... wow..
At Cornell University they have an incredible piece of scientific equipment known as the Tunneling Electron Microscope. Now, this microscope is so powerful that by firing electrons you can actually see images of the atom, the infinitesimally minute building blocks of our universe. If I were using that microscope right now, I still wouldn't be able to locate my interest in Jeremy Lin.
Lila M.
+Eli Jones I thought I was the only one who still quoted Frasier!
Lin is good, the talent was always there. But the searches are dramatically up because a month ago no one knew (or really even cared) who the heck he was.
yah cuz hes a boss!!!! all in favor for the yellow mamba!!!!
What folks love about Lin is that he reminds us that smart decent guys can also be great athletes. The NBA has so many thugs and head cases these days it is hard to find a worthy hero. I was a Knick fan in the '70's and Lin reminds me of the many bright classy guys we had back then like Bill Bradley, Walt Frazier, Jerry Lucas, Willis Reed, Phil Jackson, Dick Barnett etc. His infectious exuberance is a joy to watch.
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Jeremy Lin merits three full days of discussion. Maybe more.
I have to say I am part of this trending, but I also have to say it's for a worth search Linsanity is fun and better than most things willing to take a few of my minutes a day. I love the kid!!
It's a great story that's moved a lot of people, even those who don't normally watch basketball.
I read the paper tonight and couldn't get away from his name - on BOTH papers i purchased.
We've seen the same type of frenzy from the fans with his +Fathead quickly becoming our top seller. (He knocked Tebow out of the top position after he held it for months.)
I thought Linsanity would be .. about Linux..? Apparently this has something to do with sports....
... I remember the movie "Moneyball" where Brad pit hired this Yale statistics geek and was able to show data on how much a player is really worth. :)
Yay basketball, that will solve all our problems.
Insights for Search is an awesome tool! More people should use it!
Problem is Lin has only beat 1 team above 500 the Lakers and they are not the same team this yr. Its great but Plenty of bad teams have been hot for 2 weeks
Lin's team beat the 'Wolves, they're rising fast.
same you.lin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
It amazing to see such pure talent, Jeremy Lin rocks!
I am cool with linsanity. We talking Lindsay Lohan
+Eric Orme you mean the ones he won? If you play you know turn overs are a "thing" winning is not. Winning is a gift and it should never be over looked. Turnovers are forgotten the kid has SKILLZZZ! aka LinWin
The turnovers proves to show that teams are eying on him, and despite the TO, he's showing great results!
Turnover? The raw number is meaningless, it impresses the ladies but doesn't hold ground for a knowledgeable basketball fan. TO% and usage rate are what we need to look at. Lin averaged less TO per 100 possessions than many great PGs like jason kidd, steve nash etc while his usage rate being top 5 in the MBA among starters. TO? Couldnt care less
boo Jay
It's a worldwide Linvasion!
sorry having nothing with china of republic
LOL!!! who FUCKING cares china of republic ?LOLOL
Searches of him are climbing because everybody keeps hearing his name and nobody knows who the fuck he is , and he's trending in twitter now ! v
Am I the only one who doesn't give a flying toss about #JeremyLin? #Linsanity The kid can play ball. We get it!
Leo T
You are the only one Pui. #Linenvy
A couple of misses, and the hero will be back to zero. Fickle buggers sports fans......... ducks
everyone loves a cinderella story and Lin is an hidden gem of a player. Game winning 3 pointer with 0.05 seconds to go is Linsane.
Can't say that the Lin craze matters to me. He's another player playing well for a team I don't care about. If he were black or white it wouldn't matter to the media as much. Even if he were Hispanic it wouldn't matter. Hopefully this dispels some of the dumb assumptions and stuff like this won't surprise everyone.
Oh, this just in, White people can dance, play jazz music, jump and rap. Welcome to the nation built on equality, segragation and stereotypes. I like basketball, but the Lin story is a shame for the country. Let's love and respect everyone equally.
i agree (i think), but your sarcasm makes it unclear who you're mad at - lin or everyone else
may be thats why people often ask to sync files to the cloud.. so that any formatting can be easy on us
Mostly confused non-USAians trying to figure who or what the fuck Linsanity is. Now that we know, we continue not to care.
I'm confused about why you needed to invent "USAians".
not part of any insanity. Been there, done that. It was Tebow mania during football, Linsanity during basketball. I cannot imagine what we will have for baseball. Not Linsanity, just plain old insanity and it is no reflection on Jeremy. I am sure he some how wished all this Linsanity talk would go away so that he can just play basketball.
A Harvard kid doing it big in New York. ..I love it
+Morteza Bghle I think they're talking about a basketball player. Why this guy is important is beyond my understanding.
China and Taiwan searches 林书豪
+Al Christian E Well that definitely explains why I can't recognize names presented in sports news. As I don't follow sports lol.
Fang Xu
Is there any chinese?
hello chinese, how are you, nice time
People from Taiwan search 林書豪 instead. +陶旭 But anyway he's from US.
Jeremy Lin would not have played this good with the Rockets. He would be a third-string or fourth-string point guard and would rarely play. And, he wouldn't fit in with the Rockets' offence
jeremy lin is just like micky mantle they both got their chance to shine when a starter got injured. Mickey mantle became one of the greatest baseball players. Lin will do the same
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