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Next time you’re planning a brunch or a date night, check to make sure the menu has something to satisfy everyone in your group, without having to browse through several restaurants’ websites. Just search Google to show you the menu for the eatery you’re considering and you can see it right on the top of your search page—complete with tabs for different parts of the menu (like appetizers, brunch or dinner) and, often, prices—before you make your reservation. Menus are available in the U.S. only for now. Bon appétit!

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Erich W
i wish more places put menus online
Didn't work for my local Italian place.
Instant online carry-out orders from a Google search needs to be next... thanks.
Erich W
+Google how about adding grade letters and the report
Will this be available on the Mobile Maps and Places pages?
Bon appétit est Français ! Vite chez nous en France!
Just tried, doesn't work very well. I ask for menu and it gives me locations within12 miles 😔
+Peter Gomes how are you finding it? Have a note3 but looking to get a second phone
Fonda San Miguel is good. But Matt's Famous El Ranco is Always Good! #ATX  
Very cool feature, they just need to get more menu's on there
This must either be in an upcoming Google Search app update or limited to certain cities and restaurants within those cities. I am in Los Angeles and it doesn't work for me with multiple restaurant searches.
+Google How restaurant owners can manage the menus used by Google?
For example, how can they update their menu?
Jul ian
Where the fuck is "OK Google" for Germany? 
Plutôt sympa ! Maintenant faut que ça arrive en France !
I love how Austin is often the city that shows in these Google related posts; I love living here! 
I'm waiting for Portuguese support on Google now... There's a lot of people who speaks portuguese using your phones, Google, so, a little bit of your attention (and respect, off course) would be appreciate

Just a tip
And then, make those incredible features available world wide, since you sell your products world wide

By the way, I'm posting it from a Nexus 4
+Google This has not hit my phone yet. How does it work. Is a update on the way? 
This doesn't work for me yet, is this rolling out to people slowly?
Cool update. Will be better as more restaurants do it. Why more menus aren't easily accessible through Google Map is the fault of the restaurant.

When a restaurant makes me download a PDF to view their menu it makes me seriously reconsider even going there. Get it together!
Awesome new feature but limited on restaurants that it shows the menu for.
+1 for Fonda San Miguel and Austin love.
It's sad that it's only for US
Can you bring more usefull functions for germany?
I don't really understand the reason why Google doesn't let me use +Google Now... It was fine until you updated it and now it needs location history to work which by the way doesn't work in most countries including mine, Albania. 
Yes,I think you can.And I have a friend,his username is “李小龟",you can make friends.
Dear +Google and +Google+ Your Business please provide us with necessary details so we can assist our restaurant clients such as:
1. Who is the third party menu provider
2. How often are new menus retrieved/updated
3. How can we force a refresh if the restaurant publishes a new menu weekly or even daily
4. If we identify a definitive menu (or menu file PDF) in our structured data will this be shown instead of the scraped content
5. Why can't a claimed Google+ Local Page categorized as a restaurant be provided with the ability to either upload or link to their menu

Thank you!
OK googly. I have a challenge for you. Can you track my gasoline use based on the kilometers I make and tell me when to fill up the tank and show me the nearest gas station? Maybe add a function to choose what car you're driving.
Can I order from Google Search and have Google Shopping Express deliver it to my door?

In fact Google Now should know when I'm hungry and what I'm in the mood for and just have a robot bring it to me at exactly the right time.
Does anyone knows how to make a formal complaint about the nexus 5 not working with T-Mobile lte ? I wonder if there is a class action against them already
+Google Glass how long will it be before Glass users can access this? I have #CeliacDisease, and I'm interested in a creating a pathway for others who have severe food intolerances and sensitivities to get real-time reviewing and resourcing of restaurants that provide truly gluten free and safe meals. 
Güzel uygulama menüler biraz soğuk duruyor.
+Julian Traut you need to tone down your attitude. Sure, this is the internet, but who you are, is what you write. (Of F!@$#ing Google and calling people noons)
US only. Welcome to the future, an era where the frontiers have reached the internet
Now how exactly is reading a menu on a cellphone not reading a menu? doh
Nice idea,. Wonder how long it'll stay US Only? That's the problem with Google, its headquartered in the US, so when they come out with something new, they only share it in the US first. It could be years before we see this available internationally.
Really great feature. +Google never stop to give us a better service. Thank you.
How can i add my restaurant menu in these results? 
So cool! Wish I could do that! It makes life sooooooooooooo much easier!
+David Kutcher great questions. The problem is that the menus are taken from aggregators (at least some from single platform), and menus are not always up to date, and never complete (no wine lists, special event menus, etc.) because relatively few restaurants actively maintain menus with these aggregators - and some are quite expensive.
I can see why Google would want to access menus directly (avoiding the detour to a restaurant's website) but restaurants need to be given the opportunity to point to they menus they want to be shown, in the format they want to present, and Google should not take the easy path of pulling menus form just anywhere, regardless of quality.
This would benefit Google users and Google customers alike.
+Michael Madison and that's part of the travesty in my opinion, as that should be a fallback solution if the restaurant either hasn't declared a menu via microformatting or if Google+ Local Pages were not capable of having this ability.
yes, Google+ Local Pages should allow restaurants to set a menu for display, and that should flow through to all Google channels.
See Facebook (desktop): there are multiple options for displaying menus, some free, some paying, some simple, some complicated to use.
+Bryan Menell +David Kutcher  yes, up to date and complete is important - but this is an interesting manifestation where a wish ("I would like to see a restaurant's menus") needs first to be supported with a reality ("I actually know where to find them"), and the tools used or proposed need to work for the restaurants, be affordable, etc.
Being on the customer's side (i.e. restaurants) I think it has to start there.

Question: how does Google decide where to get the menus form? Is this a partnership, some deep integration as between Facebook and OpenTable for mobile, or are they going to where many menus sit or where many go to view menus?
+Bryan Menell +David Kutcher note also that the menu Google use in their example (Fonda San Miguel) is not in sync with the restaurant's own menu on their website… many prices are out of date.
Looking at their site also shows a problem with Google's desire to show menus in a standardized format: That is what data and information is about but not the experience of going to a restaurant.
That is one of the reasons restaurants like showing menus in their print format.
They can do that with a much better user experience than PDF behaving web masters build custom tools or by using online services (check out for example)
+Michael Madison I manage the websites for a dozen or so restaurants and am launching 6 more this month. I care about the end user, especially because they're the customer. I want them to see a menu, I just want them to see the right menu! google, in doing it this way, is potentially doing a disservice to the restaurant AND the user.
I would love to see a calorie tracker for food items..
+Indrit Zeneli search for "Google now on nexus 5" you'll find a method to unlock it in Google product support
Next features:
Make a reservation with google
Order with google
Pay with google
Can talk with the guest by google
Can eat my phone with google

Leave the phone at home and go out with your friends.
Google appears to be using several sources to pull in this data. Someone previously mentioned TripAdvisor and SinglePlatform, but I've also noticed that the menus displayed in SERPS match Yelp and their Locu powered menus to a T. 

To fight off disparity between the menu on your local business website and what's being displayed online, I would suggest partnering with a menu service such as Locu or SinglePlatform, especially with this Google update.
+David Kutcher I've been told the 2 aggregators Google is pulling from are SinglePlatform and Locu. However, even if you do actively maintain your menus through one of them, they are not currently prioritizing the maintained/verified menus over the other. Hopefully this will be a fix in the future and I agree a nice feature would be the ability to add it manually to your Google+ Local page.  One would hope Google wants to show the most accurate menu possible and should pull from owner-verified data first or at least allow owners to update/take down menus that are out-of-date. (It's currently showing menu items that have been obsolete for 12 years and prices that are 5 years out of date). This isn't a good experience for the user or the restaurateur.
+Courtney Boone Are you saying for small mom and pops restaurants, that having a non maintained/verified menu could possible hurt them for menu search?  Adding it to their Google+Local page would be great.  
+Brian Edwards that's why I believe this "feature" to be awful as currently describes.

Why is Google forcing restaurants to use some other 3rd party when that business is already maintaining their menu on their site or could be identifying or uploading it to their Google+ Local Page (as yet another reason for them to set one up and keep it up to date). Or hell, even OpenTable would be a better source!
I guess it only works for some restaurants.  I tried one of my favorite popular haunts and it gave me the general info. :(
From the Locu Patent issued Mar 14, 2013: The visual style may be a font name, font family, font weight, font size, text color, vertical alignment, horizontal alignment, text justification, text indentation, capitalization type, link type, amount of surrounding white space, or CSS class name. The style classifier does not have to classify any token based on a visual style that is not found in the input document. If the input document is an HTML page, the style classifier does not have to classify any token based on a relationship between HTML tags. Patent listed here,
+David Kutcher Even more important, how do you correct a menu.
The menu posted for the China Gourmet in Alameda is NOT  their menu.
Can't we use some Schema mark up, as Google promotes the use of this data. We are currently developing a Restaurant Menu Component for Joomla and would love to be able to have our clients menus dipslayed in this manner. Our roadmap includes automatically posting menus to Facebook, Twitter and Google + So +David Kutcher, your idea would fit in perfectly with our roadmap.
How does a restaurant update this info? Ours is seasonal and an old menu is listed and we keep getting calls. Who do we contact?
Does Google plan to create REST API for this too? When do they plan to launch that?
The menu issue is not fun. I worked on getting one corrected then all of a sudden it switched to locu
Does anyone know how to turn this off for a restaurant? It's silly to show the customers an outdated menu - Great idea but poorly executed

HELP! I represent a fine dining establish in a resort area - and google is showing FUNNEL CAKES AND HOT DOGS and other carnival food for $1 or $2 - this is absolutely NOT our menu and we are getting phone calls about it. What can we do? Any ideas?
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