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The holiday season has a way of flying by and it's all too easy to forget to mail your packages. To ensure your loved ones receive your gifts and cards in a timely fashion, try setting reminders for yourself using the Google Search app. Tap the microphone or say "Ok Google" then "Remind me to..." For example, "Remind me to mail my holiday cards Friday afternoon." A card will appear for you to confirm your reminder, where you can also modify the date or time. Once you've set your reminder, it will appear in Google Now. No longer need to be reminded? In the Google Search App, go to Settings > My stuff > Reminders and tap on a reminder to delete.

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This only works in English, does not it? I guess it does.
Well this is a lie. Everyone knows that you can't set a reminder with Google Search when you don't have an internet connection :P
+Sebastian Carewe Yes, but we are talking about the Google Search app. The interface is different when doing it via Keep, even though the results are similar.
I used it before it was amazing and helpful
Thanks...Nice one...:)
Please upgrade google tasks and integrate with reminders, so that Google offers a product that competes with and Wunderlist! 

I would prefere an integration of Keep, Tasks and Calendar
Nice. Does it sync with Google Calendar?
Que .hambre esperando por el locrio 
I keep working to get my books loaded and I hope this will be the day.
Google has been my favorite in all ways. A person hacked into my account and Google is very tight in security but I am getting closer. I have a meeting with ITune support on Monday then I hope I will know what happened and if I will get my books back. 
Very good idea contrived by google+ it will help one a lot..
+Google please support more languages with oice commands, also I would be happy if there was Polish offline speech recognition pack, as I keep data off to conserve battery as i work in area with por 3g reception and i have to turn it off for voice search (even when voice dialing etc.)
That awkward moment when Google is still on Jelly Bean. :P
Doesn't work on my HTC One S... language in Google Now is English (US), newest version installed.
Would be nice if Google now actually worked on my nexus5 
I just wanted you & me to have a great HOLIDAY 4 a change & not anyone getting hurt!! ( √)
Happy Holiday evening I dont have the shopping spirit because i just went back to work

Happy holiday to my friends and family

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