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Starting in a matter of minutes...the fastest man in the world, hanging out live with fans.  #askbolt  

via +London 2012 (note: updated link)
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I had to read that intro a couple of times.  I swore it read "fattest" and I was like, "Really?  He has fans?"
i can't believe i missed my favorite athlete ;(
+Bob MaGee I states that it will start in a short moment at me ? Or is that just a bad bug ?
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Benni Bennetsen i just noticed that
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you suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have a question that has been on the world's mind since the last Olympics: What would the world record be if Lightning didn't start showboating 2/3 of the way through the race? Could have have set a record that could never be broken?
Someone owes a crate of beer for all of us who have wasted our time here on a video that did not work... #googlefail  
Usain Bolt runs so fast, he suffers clipping issues in real life.
Silly questions from the englishmen. 
Not sure I follow you +Lucy Blackburn It's a genuine question. If he would have run 100% through the race he could have perhaps set a record that could NEVER been broken. He said himself on the hangout how he wanted a legacy and to be remembered in the sport. I would think that would be a way to do it!
Good luck and run fast ;)
joe's feeling this , HARD !
 but there are many who 
Make their efforts to win
Hard work to show their skills
There's a guy that plans on jumping out a plane from so high up, he'll break the sound barrier.  I think he wins the title of fastest man...
+Robert Le Blah Unless he's in a special capsule, there's no way because of terminal velocity.  Plus, astronauts go faster than any free-falling man.  That, and the fact that the title of "World's Fastest Man" have always been to the record holder of the 100m dash.
Cricket great sport seems like Bolt loves it. Good Luck To Bolt!
Google, am o idee si vreau sa v-o spun !
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