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Whether you’re destined for Daytona Beach or the Dominican Republic this spring break, you don’t want to waste any time waiting around in the airport because you didn’t know your flight was delayed. No worries—just pull out your phone, and Google Now will tell you if it’s on time. You’ll need to be on Android 4.1+ or iOS 5.0+ and have your flight confirmation in your Gmail. Happier trails!
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Why would Google forceclose when I tap the weather card
Kyla S
This was the neatest surprise last time I traveled! Did the same thing for hotel reservations! Very cool. 
Worked for me! I'm in the Dominican Republic Now. 😀
Google now keeps on getting better and better!
Daytona beach is so terrible
Loved this while traveling to Houston Texas. It let me know about every damn flight that was canceled along the way.
+Jacob Diaz why Puerto Rico when even Puerto Ricans come here to Dominican Republic because we have more, bigger and clearer beaches? ;-)
Andy L.
The fact that they said Dominican Republic makes me feel honored. 
This is not about What Country is Best or whatever. This is about Improving Technology and Information for on the go. Why do people always start crap like this for anything. No matter what country we should all be united. Agree +Alain J
The only lame ass here is you +Alain J I was joking and it seems you are so blind that you did not see the smile face I placed. I am half Puerto Rican you moron. My ancestors came from Puerto Rico at the end of the 19th century and part of my family went back to live there.

The hate you are talking about is the one caused by ignorants like you. Do you have any knowledge of History between Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic? Do you know their first flag was almost the same as ours, because they were inspired by us? Do you know of the massive migration of Puerto Ricans because the disastrous situation they had a century ago and then the massive migration of Dominicans to their island because our bad economic situation?
Do you know who Hostos was, why he came to Dominican Republic from Puerto Rico and what he means for both countries?

Do you know the origins of the so called hate you are mentioning? Because that hate you state might be originated in the streets of New York as one group went to take the space of the other. But there is no problems between real Dominicans and real Puerto Ricans, the ones living in our respectives countries.

There seems to be that what we Dominicans call "Dominicanyorks" have some kind of comprehension disorder. The original post stated "destined to Daytona Beach or the Dominican Republic", +Carlos Almonte suggested Dominican Republic, one of the two options and it was +Jacob Diaz who mentioned one destiny that it was not on the original options. I retorted in a funny manner with the reason Puerto Ricans come to visit Dominican Republic, and the two supposed Dominicans are the ones creating an storm in a glass.

This is f..king unbelivable.
+Alain J ¿tu saltas con palabras ofensivas hablando pendejadas y quieres que uno lo coja suave?
I didn't know there was hate between PR and the DR.....I'm Dominican and I'm thankful for what Puerto Ricans like Marc Anthony and Daddy Yankee are doing in the DR like creating homes for homeless children.....that is something that more Dominican millionaires should be doing......
Alain no nos pongas a los dominicanos a pasar vergüenza, piensa antes de disparar. Y el traguito será de Barcelo que es mejor.

Con que de Los Mina, pues me avisas cuando vuelvas para que hablemos personal, que yo vivo cerca.
Sport fishing Punta Cana, yes!
Wow 😕 thought the post was about something other than race or country or whatever. You people are getting worse than Facebook. SMDH
prossimamente anche in italia?
Not dear +Tonia Maitland, the same way it got hot, the same way it got cold. I might have a few beers with +Alain J when he comes back. You will not see the same in Facebook. ;-)
Such a shame these cards don't working for paying Google Apps users, only free ones. 
If I could get Google Now back, that'll be great!

Used to work perfectly fine on my phone but now it is "not available in my country"...

I wonder what my country did to you Google...
Google, I love you.  Lets go to the chapel and get married. 
The sad part is, if you are a Google apps customer none of this works. When are we getting this feature Google! We are paying for services!
How does this feature work? Is it already availabe? Can i add a flight manually if my wife booked our flights?
it's useless in China
Btw: +Google please work on spreading features for other countries too. Here in germany we are waiting for a lot of features: google play devices, features like flight info in google now, ...
The world is not only USA!
I cannot use Now in Croatia. Please enable it. My life would be hella simplier...
My flights from the UK generally appear once I've arrived. Still great, but not as slick outside the US. 
Unless you are using a Google Apps account, in which case Google Now Gmail cards will not work...
The other day I couldn't get it to stop showing me flight info for a flight I had cancelled! 
But, Google doesn't know whether the check-in counters closes on time even while the flight is delayed :(
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