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We're all excited for the next two weeks of awesome sporting achievements in London. What events are you most looking forward to watching?
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Ha ha! Notice that google is not allowed to say the word "olympics"
Tank Fox
QWOP championships! 
I can't wait to watch to QWOP events!

curse you, +Tank Fox for beating me to it! :)
Love the graphics you guys are doing at Google lately.  Gimme a job.
basket and 100 meters. 
Watching the #IOC  continue to pour its PR down the drain by suing anyone and everyone that uses the word "Olympic" or anything involving interlocking rings for copyright and trademark infringement. <rolls eyes>
Is there one that isn't dripping with nationalist and jingoistic self-love?
Track and Field, especially seeing Usain Bolt and Chen Yibing.
Awesome doodle. I am exited for all events. :-)
My 7y.o. wants to watch the indoor cycling, as that is what he wants to do when he is older (as well as being an artist!), and my 4 y.o. and I watched the Football/Soccer last night as "Team GB" is the only chance we are likely to see Welsh players at a global tournament!
Dear Google,

I found it a good idea to write you this letter to congratulate you on your endeavors. Your Chrome platform has become my default preferred choice for everything PC based. Even after downloading and installing Windows 8 Beta I find that I  really even use Microsofts tauted new and ‘game-changing’ software. 

My music, photos, documents, email and everything else I compile or regulate is also in your cloud and about your utilities.

I have also bought and am entirely happy with your Nexus 7 tablet which has also been (so far) a very pleasant experience.

At first, your simplistic design took a little while to get used to but, after much use, I have grown accustomed and prefer it compared to the ‘flash’ and ‘in-your-face’ experience of your competitors.

In short, I have become a Google enthusiast and will be purchasing a Chromebook, as I have no need for the limitations and forced aggregations of Microsoft and Apple. 

Thank you and, once again, kudos to your company, your design team and to your developers.


Daniel A. Newton
Congratulations +Glen Thomas ! I am going to see equitation- cross country on Monday 30th July and i can't wait!
+Google I like the effort put in this art.
& I want to watch the swimming portion of the Olympics.
oh and also the opening ceremony can't wait to try and spot my auntie!
Greg M
Olympics seemed to have become far too commercial lately. I may watch some of it but won't be going out of my way to watch the Canadian feeds which seem to be more variety of events.
Catamaran sailing. Oh wait...
Oly lifting! I want Klokov to beat out his fellow Russian.
I'm looking forward to watching soccer (football), archery, volleyball, and the bike races. 
ok i am also looking foward to watching the diving and the swimming
Track, swimming, triathlon in that order of preference.
Opening ceremony and swimming 
Gymnastics and swimming swimming SWIMMING!!!
I'll be watching weight lifting :-) Weightlifters are sexy :-) 
cant for Kenya to scope all the gold medals in all the long run races
kk hm
swim and gymnastics <3!
Can't wait for gymnastics,Soccer, and javelin
i wish they would show the lesser known sports like javelin fencing table tennis ect...
Brazilian soccer, swimming, diving, equestrian events, gymnastics (Did the Chinese bring their falsified birth certificates with them?) tennis, US men's basketball, fencing.. have I left anything off?
i wish when i open google front page i can watch the opening event for free
with ads ofcourse
Will someone at Google correct that they have United Kingdom listed in the medals table, when we are known as Great Britain at the Olympics?
i think its funny the soccer started before the opening ceremonies but i <3 it
it finishing. so I watch normal tele again. 
Opening ceremony, gymnastics, synchronized swimming, diving...
swimming and gymnastics! wooo i would be excited about soccer but none of the U.S.A's mens teams made it
just LeBro JUST USA
track and field!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
gymnastics, swimming, and diving, and hockey! :)
Gymnastics, swimming, diving, cycling, really all of it!
Volleyball and swimming!!!! Can't wait!!! ;)
gymnastics, track and field, swimming, diving, ... all of it!
Opening ceremony, swimming (which I am going to see), gymnastics (which I am also seeing), diving, weight lifting and cycling. 
Just looking for all the positive stuff that comes from the fantastic energy in london and the rest of GB right now
Track & Field, Soccer, Swimming and Field Hockey
Normally everything, but not all the time. Today for sure the opening Ceremony. Good Luck to everyone out there. 
london olympics toats
Looking forward to the Opening of the Olympics tonight :)
i cant believe its only yesterday we were celebrating london as hosting city of 2012 , and here you go tonight its actually here
Al Hunt
The upcoming Don't-Say-"Olympics"-Or-We'll-Be-Sued-By-The-IOC marathon.
if it means I have a break from having to listen to Mitt Romney say something stupid, I might even watch some of it.  (As a former adidas employee, you might say I've already had my fill of the Olympics!)
im gonna watch it at m friends house but we're really chatty so there wont be any "paying attention" going on
Swimming! Will anyone beat any of Phelp's world record? -will watch out!
Dream Spacewalk. Since I am an alien I am very good at it
soccer, basketball, swimming, tennis and some 100m dashes.
Sarah L
the 100m dashes
Womans Fencing Mariel Zagunis.  She is from the Northwest too and will be carrying the U.S. flag...can't wait ; )
why is there not a gymnast on there? hmmm?
Hope L
Synch swimming, both regular & rhythmic gymnastics, & the equestrian dressage.
Track & Field, Diving, Gymnastics, Swim....
Swimming FTw! " eat sleep swim"
gymnastics is the best one on there
please follow me, and share my posts! I will really appreciate it! 
Gymnastics, swimming and women soccer!
I agree! Gymnastics all the way! :~)
Gymnastics diving and ... Do they have cricket in the olympics???
Good idea:)   (Olympic)   
I like it. Its on google home page :)
               Good picture
Tennis, athletics and all the sports that you don't see a lot!! 
Frost angel your cat looks like mine
I love watching the Olympics!!!!  USA!
Coolio. Whatching the ceremony now and it's weird but soooooo amazing
You would never believe it.
Its like going through time. 
i wonder is it going to be as good as japan
As much of it as I can. Loving the opening ceremony!
I agree with Suzanne, HORSE POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Football (soccer) Go Canada!
Basketball!! 🏀🏀🏀🏀
Go Team USA!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Track and cross country, I love track and cross country! I run all the time haha
Womens beach volleyball!! NO not because of the bikinis.. lol  Want May/Welsh to do it again!!! 
am i witnessing the special olympics
Opening ceremony, Gymnastics, swimming, and track
Real life drama: this is reality TV at it's best!
Erin S
I'm looking forward for the gymnastics
Can't wait to watch the games
Really wanna see swimming 
Swimming and Diving for sure!
im looking for seeing my Country perform:) Palestine!!!:)))
Usain Bolt v Yohan Blake in 100m sprint.
Polly Y
Swimming,diving and gymnastics!
Main eveint now cool one off the best in owe time to date ..
Opening ceremony. So far very entertaining.
Sam Epp
Just watching opening ceremony :) So so long but awesome.
Swimming, Gymnastics and Track and Field!!!! Especially for my country JAMAICA!!!!!
There so many, all of them if possible!
I don't really watch sports but fencing will always be my preference :) i think it's one of the funnest sports x)
Basketball! USA!! Kevin Durant rocks 
Oh no she stabbed the "e"!!! x_x
Well, at least not that brainwash "music" from the opening ceremony... XP
Gallen Rupp in the 5,000 meters!!! Taking on the Kenyans.
GO USA! Defn watching swimming gymnastics and diving :)
Tennis. Although, very sad that Rafa will only be there in spirit supporting his compatriots. :(
Opening ceremony, swimming and athletics
I'm looking forward to the 100 meter citizen-rights violation and the anti-competitive biathlon. UK expected to win gold in both, with silver to be taken by the Olympics themselves.
Tiddlywinks and synchronised hopskotch. Oh and the closing ceremony. :-)

swimming track+field boxing water polo and gymnastics!!!!!!!GO JORDYN WIEBER! WIEBER FEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Google is so cool! and gymnastics and swimming
Jerum M
Basketball, swimming, and track.
The opening ceremony was epic

I am going to the Olympics I love swimming <3
The fastest of all running in the world!
100/200/4x100 meters/swimming/basketball/gymnastics...everything else just update me...
Im xcited..happy birthday wee,i love you..hmmp mwah.
Am I the only one who finds this doodle kind of disturbing?
Swimming!!!  Go Dana Vohlmer!!!!  Granbury Texas will be watching!!!
gymnastics and swimming
shooting ,swimming, archery and track and field 
Whatever I can get on the 24 channels offered by the BBC on digital satellite.
Badminton GO LEE CHONG WEI!!!
Swimming, Soccer and Gymnastics!!!!! :D
i wanna see the Philippines smash every event. Let's Go Team Philippines!!!
swimming. congratulations Rupert Grint (Ron Weasly) to be chosen as one of the torch bearer.
oh and soccer!!! love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
google internet is more faster than the man work.
Soccer!  I watched 7 games yesterday
No dubstep in the opening ceremony? Even when they showed the different styles of British music? Really?!?
Opening ceremony and gymnastics.
I hate any olympics and beauty contest shows.
Did anyone else notice that the soccer player in that graphic resembles humpty dumpty?
Sailing, its going to be great with a lot of very good athletes.
Q Bick
500Th comment! yay! happy Olympics!
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