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You can now start to have a conversation with search on all your devices—including your desktop or laptop. We’re rolling out the new conversational search functionality over the next few days in +Google Chrome, so you can ask Google about “Italian restaurants in San Francisco” and continue the conversation with “how about Chinese." Or find out “who is the prime minister of Australia” then ask “how old is she”—and Google will give you a spoken answer. Just click the mic in the Google search bar and speak up.  Also, be sure to have the volume up on your computer to hear your answer loud and clear.

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I am so excited for this <3

Scotty, prepare to beam us aboard :D
Think we could get a lil' bigger button to trigger the voice commands, +Google? The tiny microphone can be a bit hard to hit, especially since I consider voice search to be a "leanback" sort of interaction...
So no "OK Google" as the trigger, like in the I/O presentation?
Ben Smith
Not to be that guy, but how much longer until we can just say "Okay Google" at our computers and get the real Star Trek computer experience.

Also I've been playing around with it and it's really well done and works almost perfectly. Good job!
Waiting for "OK Google". In the mean time, much faster to just type my search into the url bar, if I'm going to have to go to the url bar to type "" and click the little microphone anyway.
When will we not have to click the microphone? 
How is this different from what we already have?
+Ben Smith I totally agree.  As soon as I updated, I was hoping that it was already out.  Hopefully soon i can just talk to my computer and have it do everything for me.
Fun and exciting technology. But, how realistic is this for a desktop/office environment? Love it on my Android!
+Ben Kalziqi In the Chrome browser, the new-tab-standard-page allows you to search directly from it
Good, now fix the damn scrollbars in g+
Nice. I'll have to give this a try
I'm also waiting for "OK Google", which is what I thought this was... but after saying OK Google to my computer a few times and nothing happening I guess I was wrong! lol
Too bad recent versions of Chrome on Ubuntu have a faulty rendering engine.  Page goes black nonstop.
Love this and the way it syncs with my other devices 
I can get it to search but not expand on the question or answer me. Am I missing something?
An excellent addition to ChromeOS would be to fire off the voice prompt when the Search button is long-held, as with Android. :-)
I'm sure that soon you'll be able to say "OK, Google" and search without clicking the button but they are still working on it I think :)
btw 'OK, Google" is way better than "XBox, go home" ;)
This is amazing...just thinking about how far we have come since late 2008 when chrome was introduced.
So, how do we know when we can start using "Ok Google"? What indicates when Chrome is listening?
I was hoping for the new android Maps update. Still waiting for it.
I don't see that function on my Mac.
Too many irons in the fire? Hope not. I'm still waiting for Google+ Hangouts to work in our school domain. It has been enabled but won't work.
Just tried it on my Mac Sovichea and it worked great....
I dont think it like my British accent ... and would it be too much to ask to have the machine say "Good Morning Dave" (or equivalent name) when you activate it? Actually this is only half joking! 
Fair enough, +Sean S. I saw them do it during the demo! But I'm sure they're still getting it sorted out. I'm just being impatient.
I want my apps to show up on new tabs :(
Sean S
I want to be able to train it.  On both the mobile and desktop versions, It can't recognize what I'm saying when I speak the city near me.  A "Ke___" becomes "Ca____".
+Sean S on mobile devices (except for Tablets I think) there's a setting in the Google Voice Search app to help it calibrate to your voice better. It just learns over time.

To get to it, go to Settings > Voice, then check the Personalized recognition option. Hopefully that helps!

I don't think there's a way to do it on desktop yet, but you're right it would be cool if there was!
Seems like they enjoy some "engineering in the field". If features/tools are short of final products, feedback from users can help tweek products based upon our exploration and comments.
Sean S
I really don't know how "Okay google" is going to work.  My desktop uses my webcam's mic so does it mean that my webcam will be on 24/7?  
When my webcam is activated, its blue light comes on and I don't want it on 24/7.  They did say though that it will probably only work when you go to Google search.  
+Sean S I read somewhere that it'll work kind of like it does on mobile. The microphone will passively record everything while you're in the app. It'll store every couple of seconds locally and delete it after a while so privacy issues won't be a huge deal.

Not sure about the blue light thing, though.
Sean S
Now if it would stop asking me "Allow" or "Deny" each time I click on the mic icon.
It only asked me that the first time I tried to use it.
+Sean S let's see if I can fix this one too! haha

like +Charlie Gerancher said, it only should ask you once. If you're using Chrome then Google should show up in chrome://settings/contentExceptions#media-stream

If it's not then I have no idea. If you're not using Chrome, then use Chrome.
Google's voice recognition just keeps getting better & better. Despite my Xhosa tone it manages to recognize more than 80% of my requests
Anyway to add the microphone to the toolbar?
Of course you have to use Chrome on a computer.
Tried it and it is amazing. Good job, Google...
Is this only on desktop or laptop! Is this available on mobile devices?
Same here but we are using Google Chrome for enterprise deployed via MSI 
I'm having a problem with my Android phone's Google Search voice rec, it doesn't seem to know when the question has ended...keeps listening too long afterwards.    Is anyone else seeing this?
It is amazing ,even though not perfect. 
But I don't want a conversation. I want to graphically define my search in terms of knowledge graph nodes, predicates, and criteria expressed in the form of sub-graphs.
David H
I see what you did there, you made sure people upgrade to the latest Chrome first? Anyway, like everyone's asking, where's "Okay Google"? I kept talking to Google but not getting any response. I'm too lazy to reach for my mouse!
It doesn't like context switches too well. "Who is the president of Japan" followed by "Where was he born" works well, but adding in "How far away is that" fails. 

I can't believe I would complain about such a thing given the accomplishment, and I'm sure it only gets better from here. Excellent work!
it dosent work as it should dosnet respond to ok google :(
Sean S
+1 if after you updated Chrome, you kept saying "okay Google" to your computer.  
Haven't appear in google australia yet?
Tried it few minutes ago, very exciting, great!!!
no more nights longing for a friend, lol jk XP
Would be really nice if the restaurants example could answer "which of them are open now?"
Any ideas why I can't get the microphone to show in the search bar? I am on build 27 and I have tried and .dk.

As long as I have to click the microphone button, it doesn't make much sense to me. When will this automatic listening feature  be rolled out? "Okay, Google..."
It hardly understands me and my Yorkshire accent. 
Works like charm with our Indian English accent..
+Dhruv Bhagat Siri copied from Google. Android Voice Actions were long, long before Siri. Don't mess up history.
damn, I haven't got a mic on my desktop. Is it available in the Netherlands?
When will the voice activation work ("okay google...")?
Joost, the graph search is not available in Dutch (yet?). So even though there is Dutch speech recognition, Google wouldn't know what to do with it, other than just plain searches. 
For those complaining about having to click the Microphone; you're doing it wrong.  
Scotty already showed us the right way to do it: YouTube>Hello Computer
Will this be available in Europese as well?
What about in Europen countries?
I just works! And it just works in Czech language! You are great! :-)
You can even ask Google "Who are you?". The way it answered made me smile :)
very good 
how come it can answer 3/2 but not 1+1
Very cool. Does the "G Brain" look at all the times a place was mentioned or get all the way down into the content of each post about a certain place to answer the example you gave (i.e. best Italian...)? Often when searching out so
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How do I turn on hot word detection?
just speak...and Google do the rest !!
My Canadian Moto RAZR still doesn't do this...
This is great and works fine though if I ask a question related to my previous one like "Who is Barack Obama?" and the "How old is he?" I only get links on the 2nd one. Any 1 else besides me with this problem?

PS: Hope you add voice output for German and "Ok, Google" soon. 

PPS: Also missing the calculator and support for "Will I need an umbrella tomorrow?" and others in the German version. 
A hot key to activate would be nice, for even when browser is not open. Similar to push to talk. Constant mic monitoring is a little scary for privacy reasons. Not to mention hardware resource tax. 
Realmente esto facilitará las búsquedas, pero no es lo que yo esperaba. Sin embargo es muy útil y espero que siga creciendo. 
Best voice recognition that I know of.
I keep trying say "Google glass" ,it keep response with " Google plus"
Can't wait for this feature and many others you guys have coming.
funniest thing happened if u ask whats my name
another old one is asking google, "I'm bored"
I didn't know what was missing. I have always enjoyed a good face to face conversation .This is all good.
Do we have any date where this will be working even outside US and in other languages?:)
Thank you Google I want this feature in my laptop and you have launched on time.
You are my technology teacher. You always help when I want help. I will meet you soon. 
Google Voice Search is really really good. I typed this whole response with the microphone button on my Nexus 7. What Google is doing with voice is really amazing. And I can't wait to see what Google has in store for me in the future.
It is really hard to finnd "suggest feature" to google, so somebody might find it here - while image or web searching, it would be nice to have "save to drive" feature, now i must first save it to PC, then to drive, then synchronize it and it could be simply much easier.
stop carsing plz im cristen god bless you
Google, definitely the best. 
Has there been any progress on how to stop chrom from asking to 'allow or deny' access to the mic yet???
This works perfectly fine on my laptop, put on my PC with the external webcam, everytime I click the mic, it ask persmission.
I have given permission on every criteria and it still keeps asking, even right after I have just used it.
Very annoying
+Google +Google Australia
+Google Help Center | Unofficial 
ঝিনাইদহ 01966793015 হলিধানী বাজার 
After Chromie looks something up for me and tells me the answer, I want to say "Thank you" and have her say "You're welcome" back.
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