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The new Google Translate for Android App is easier to use and now supports text to speech lookups for 40 languages, plus Esperanto translation:
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Proc vsichni jsou tak nadseni z poradi, ve kterem prispivaji? (I don't see the need to comment in English on post about translations)
Works really well
And again Google-app not optimized for tablets. Bad trend... And after all Google-ignoring of Android-tablets I not wonder that only one tablet in market - iPad.
but kindle fire runs android. You can get any android app on there.
Will not work well in China ,oh my God.
Yeah, I love the new look and feel ...
even we can't open the HTML,please.........
Thank you for this! I really need it with so many contacts from all over the world! Will share it.
kill me please...
Great! But when can I take a photo, open a document, or even a web page and have a one click option for translate? (To use Googles to translate documents that I photographed isn't logical)
I use this all the time! Have to with all the different languages used in posts on here!
+Sérgio Pereira Now that is what I'm waiting for. Sign me up.

The scene from The Last Starfighter comes to mind. Well, we don't have implants....

Not yet.....
Awesome work skynet I mean google lol
Japanese spoken translation was not very good. A fluent speaker says it sounded like a sales pitch when all I was saying was "We were leaving for a little while. Do you need anything?" I'm not convinced this is up to the task, but probably a step in the right direction.
This could be very helpful at school in a pinch when we don't have a translator
In the future, there will be auto translate +Blake Alsobrook. Every time you go to a website in a diff language, the browser will detect and work with Google Translate to translate the page.

That is, seeing that Google almost rules the world of technology, they have everything from G+ to Android Phones!...One day their gonna be making cars.
+Alexander Kuzmin While you're right we haven't built a UI specifically from our phone UI for tablet, there are optimizations in there for tablet – they are just more subtle in terms of font-sizes, button sizes, etc. Stay tuned though, we hope to in the future have a UI that is truly stunning for tablet as well.

+Sérgio Pereira While it may not be quite what you're asking for, you can Share with the Translate app from other Android apps that give you the option to share their content. I use this frequently in Gmail, where you can select text, and then Share with other apps (this at least works on ICS).
The new interface is pretty. But, I think it will be better for me if Translate can integrate the Dictionary, cause I need to refer to the details of one English word often. So for now, the scene is I installed the Dictionary app either.
I'm now using goldenDict on Android, the advantage is that I can use longman dictionary of contemporary English 5th edition
kt cool
 Google translation extension is not compatible with new fire fox.
The translate app...of the first Apps I ever got way back in the times of Android Donut...and online for long before...always helpful in a bing and looking pretty slick in its latest iteration.

P.S. Blake, you know it is, I like how you think
does it support offline translate?
There are still some issues.. I tried saying 'water'and it kept giving me 'what up' or 'what's up'. this continued for 30mins.. Maybe its having trouble with the local dialect..

But an excellent UI and great new features..
Very good app, I can't leave it. The new look is more intuitive and minimalist.
very2 good.. nice voice recognition.. will help me a lot with my travel
Pls make a g+ app for iPad!!! This iPhone app is awesome...but iPad app will rock!!!
jule sy
good job google i m oss happy for you............
voice translation now made easy and works like a charm! quite accurate, as long as you phrase it correctly... at least for English to Chinese....
jule sy
google is the best
Dont get mad at google if you have a tablet no one has heard of and you dont get support go buy a xoom and be happy :)
I want to be able to take a picture of some text and have it translated.
I really like all ICS design, thanks.
ICS designs are so elegant!!
saw the new icon on my home screen. got to love automatic updating.
Esperanto is not widely spoken I think, since it's a mix of Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, maybe Latin, German...
Esperanto can't be 'alive'. It's impossible. Something like 'Nowhere Land'.
Yes, I agree +Ivana Djordjevic , it is not even a real language. It looks like a secret language to me, that only a few people can speak and understand. Languages that have been there for thousands of years are the ones that should be protected and saved.
This tool helps me a lot when I am playing Draw Something :)
Super useful although not 100% accurate all the time.  I still use it pretty much every day.
nice, but the Android operating system needs to grow up a little. Updating needs to be easier, and it needs to be better-rounded. That's why I stick with apple products. However, when it comes to any kind of programming or hacking (no, not that kind) Android can't be beat.
Could you add 2 column view into lanscape mode on tablets? (like desktop browser version)
We need extention in android chrome to translate
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