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When you're deep into searching a particular topic, use Google's filters to help you search more efficiently by filtering the pages that you have and have not visited. For example, if you search [best skydiving locations new zealand] and want to see only pages that you haven't already researched, select "Not yet visited" on the left side under "Show Search Tools." Similarly, if you want to see the pages you've already looked at—maybe you remember one of them had an especially cool recommendation—choose "Visited pages" to instantly see every page you've visited so far related to your search term. This feature is only available if you're signed into your Google account.

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This will make me look like a search god at work.
Really nice. I've often needed just that.
I'll try it tomorrow...pls guys keep on with those stunning ideas that makes our surf through the web "smoothle".tks
Wa this is nice. Has this just been added recently?
I don't have these options in that drop down menu
So this means +Google tracks every single page you visit?
Or only pages viewed via Google Search? Or pages with AdSense/Analytics?
Oh my this will be fucking useful! Can't even begin to count how many times I've needed both of these features. Awesome! 
+Corentin Hatte They track both. Say you use Chrome ? Then they track all pages you visit. If you do not use Chrome and your just on Google Search they track all the pages you view via Google Search. Simply because nay link generated in search results is redirected through Google before your browser send you to the new page. :)
The people at Google must be really smarter than the rest of this planet. Well done!
Is there an operator for this setting that we can type in with the search query? The operators are what makes my Google-fu powerful.
+Amin Shakery
Well google was smart enough to keep us in the dark about their collusion with the NSA and giving up our data since 2009... so I guess they were smart in that way :-(
Diana Ross said the men blue are here to help us take care of ourselves. Thank you for your help
This is a really handy tip... never noticed it before... Will definitely use it next time in my search... :)
+Corentin Hatte for a long time now you've been able to go to and see and search your own search history. That page can be extremely useful when you know you found a useful page a few days ago but can't find it again.
Yes, Google save everything, but they're up-front [PRISM aside] about what they save and let you see it and benefit from it yourself. I find it a trade-off worth paying.
I wish you (Google) would find the roots again. KiSS was working for you, and related to search, I hate the fact, that you have made it, so that if I search for something I get different results, from what another person searching for exactly the same. Search should show the same results to all who search for something, and it should not be possible to buy a better position on your search engine!
Maybe you could change the link colour from blue to purple for links one has visited #retro. ;)  This is something I wish EBSCO would do.
I think this is a function introduced during 2009  and dropped but anyhow If you want people to use your filters , you shouldn't hide them
Nice, but I would rather appreciate if I could mute some pages forever, as they often make my search results unusable :-( (e.g. many servers offering very poor customer reviews (just saying "there is no review yet"..), pages that were "translated" automatically..etc.)
Damn cool, my wish as finally come to be. 
yea this will be very helpful thank you google
What happened, this feature is gone? (and I am signed into G+)
I can search "Visited Pages" by in Google search history! But I need "Not Yet Visited" in this instance :/
David B
This is great.
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